The road to Fish Lake… OR

Sunday, August 19th, 2007

There is a fire going on about 30 miles from here, near the town of Union, in Union County about 40 to 60 miles from here. Tonight it seems closer as the winds have turned eastward and have pushed the smoke over the last ridge separating us… ashes flying everywhere and difficulty breathing. Fine during the day, winds shifting at night is causing all this havoc here. (OK… it is not as dramatic as written J )

Trying to stay close without abusing my front shock, we went to Fish Lake yesterday, a bit over twenty miles of twisty rock and gravel roads, it could have been a few hundred mile ride, it still would have been worth the trip. It calmed me down a bit as I am so ready to bolt out of here and explore the many roads showing on the map…

And talking about being shown, Lisa, nicknamed “Team GS” with her husband Kirk and almost five year old daughter Brynne (yes, they all ride together…), happened to be in the same market as I was shopping, here in Halfway, and through an article in the BMWON Magazine recognized us. Born and raised here, an accomplished rider herself, she was kind enough today with the help of my maps to show me the roads awaiting for us… and they are so many! All this adding to my impatience…

Do you want quiet, solitude… beauty surrounding you, then Fish Lake is it! We stopped at their campground, a bit over 6000 feet, and what a magnificent area. Nice sites with picnic tables, many hiking trails… what would we do without the National Forests?… Live in condos probably!

The ride up was just as pleasant, slow going at times trying to nurse the front suspension with a bit of frustration! I would love to spend a few days up there soon, before the cold sets in… the campers are waking up already in the morning to 33 degree temps!

But we are back, here, down below where it is warmer! I went through the rig again today, checking all the bolts and nuts and you name it, we are taking off in the am for Oregon City about 400 miles from here. Spending the night at a rider’s house, Tom, (Road Rash) found through the wonderful thread on AdvRider called “the tent list”.

Since we are going to be here for a while, first time staying so long in one place, besides when in Big Bend, Texas, a while back, we are going to experience the local Rodeo Days, Sept 1st through the 3rd, happening on Labor Day weekend. This little town will be crowded… as I was told, cowboys and watchers… two distinct groups!


Should make for some interesting pictures, never been to a Rodeo before. Barn dances, pancake breakfasts, sounds like a colorful long weekend to me.

It will then be the slow descent down south! Still deciding where to spend most of the winter… Moab is out, cold as I understand… Santa Barbara? Would be good if I wanted to work a couple days a week I am sure with the wealth residing in that town, but what would be the quality of life for us? Lately I am thinking Big Bend and the little town of Terlingua! Close to my heart… we would never run out of exploring the area as even three weeks there over the last Holidays was never enough for us…

And then again, why such planning! The best times have been unplanned destinations… we just want a bit of warm weather throughout those few months, New Mexico… Arizona… anywhere south should do!

Well… all packed and ready to go… on to Portland! There will always be it seems like something to fix… but the ride should be nice along the Columbia River.

You be well… will be back Monday night…

Ara & Spirit


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Thank you…


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2 Responses to “The road to Fish Lake… OR”

  1. jerry Says:

    Ara & Spirit
    Sure looks like ya’ll having a good time.
    thanks for having this blog so ppl can go along with you 🙂
    very nice pics and maps also
    be save and careful

  2. joe Says:

    If you thought California was expensive, Santa Barbara puts it to shame. Very pretty place with great winter weather but very pricey. One problem with the ocean is that it takes away one whole side of the map for exploring, unless you have a boat.

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