“The Point of my Balance”. Tx

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

“Each Moment in Life marks an invisible boundary between the past and the future. Any of those Moments can become a pivotal one that can change your Life.”
[Joseph Jenkins]


Enough is enough I thought. This morning I decided to remove any veil that has been enveloping me at times lately. I just have to try harder. Find the more intricate path of the one that has so far been guiding me to this very point. The roller coaster of emotions, winter, Holidays alone, all has been wearing me down too much even if at moments bursts of euphoria filled with energy has been momentarily pulling me up. It is eating up my days, my nights, the hours which at times passes by in a lethargic aspect, a facet that snow balls with too much harm. Enough is enough I keep repeating myself, I need to put some Joy present or hang it up which has never been an option. I have everything I need within me and even more around me. Today. Now. There is a new Chapter to start, the page is blank, I know what to do.


First thing to attend is Old Faithful that has been bandaged lately. She needs a new tire, a new right throttle body, a new speedometer cable, fresh oil all around, replace headlight bulb, a new belt  for her not so slim waist.. Amazingly all is here. I guess I have known it for a while but have not been attending to her needs So… What am I waiting for before heading out to my Friend Paul and use his nice cement covered work area? Right in between the Holidays hopefully. Then go… Just go only making sure we are back before the 21st for the final round of much fun since the Dentist wants to flap open those gums, as he expressed himself so well. Pick a warm spot… Maybe Southern California! New Mexico, Arizona… Maybe pick nothing as in the early years go with the wind as I have done so many times, as also the saying always “go West young man, go west”. Of course “the young man” part needs to be replaced as the years have passed by.


A Friend of mine aware of my doings wrote to me the other day as “when I am here, I want to go, when I am gone, I want to be here…”. And she is right I have to admit as also I do not have my own solution but only keep the scales balanced as well as possible. The fun is here sometimes I forget. I have to raise my head because it is present. Present when I have dinner with my neighbors Paul and Voni and and Doug, a funny man, a new Friend. Cozy in the tent, so was the grilling on the fire as the baked potatoes were kept warm till we started our little feast. The fun was when my bread in the Dutch Oven went from dough to frisbee and yet I was complimented on it and watched everyone eat it, even being told how healthy it was… a smile right here! Or maybe not since Doug himself was not.

Paul Voni Doug  
Fire Pits Grill

I think I forgot having fun, real “fun”. I know Lance would want me having fun, I know it is healthy and it spreads joy to others, to my Friends and even here, to you all. So many are and have extended and opened their arms embracing in more ways than one this path Spirit and I have been on. Sponsors have come forward for tires, oil, clothing, camera, photo gallery, and so much more. Fun is the new “key”, “The Point of my Balance”. It has become a pleasure lately to go to the Porch. I am feeling welcomed more than ever. Tomorrow we are returning for the Xmas dinner at the Community Center, even if it is Spirit getting all the attention from the pretty women wanting their photo with him… never have I been asked. Not once. Now, that is NOT fun! Spirit was not very happy by the way… looking the other way.

Spirit Spirit
little black dog Blair Pittman
Dr Doug  

Of course Dr Doug is always there, Blair Pittman also often, who has written so many Books and is always an interesting man to speak with. A photo journalist all his Life he was also instrumental throughout that magical weekend spend with the so many of his colleagues. It is also fun when riding through Terlingua and stopping unplanned when meeting some old Friends in town like Elza and Ed and… sorry, senior moment forgetting the name of the gentleman on the right. We must have talked standing there for over an hour, catching up on Life, past and present, never future.

Elza Ed ...  

It is entertaining to say the least when I see paw prints in the morning on Old Faithful’s saddle and a territorial gesture on her tire. I keep wondering “who”… “what” can that be. It is a fairly large size print. At the same time Spirit, as a hunting dog would, (???) has been going crazy tracking a scent all around here these past mornings. There are no stray dogs. Maybe a Coyote? Has to be… Maybe a big Cat?

paw print wheel

This is what moved me last evening however. All these above, all in one evening! Major Show. This is what dropped my jaws, froze me to the ground barely having the presence of mind to take it’s photos. This is what reminded me why I am here, why myself I am still alive receiving this incredible message from Mother Nature’s canvas. And it did not stop, it took my breath away, transfixed, immobile, barely present I felt suddenly I was myself being carried away into a different dimension as if this giant door had suddenly open to show a side street on this path I have been on. Time went on and on, I was almost wishing it would end as the pull was so strong it was as my own senses were leaving my body and my Soul and could not breath. It was miraculous, spectral, mythical, enchanting and fascinating all at the same time. It was then I understood that moment was “The Point of my Balance”.


I knew then, I know more now looking at the above picture as it is normally the other way around. The balance, the scales, dark and light with then myself in the middle of it all. These are our skies, the Big Bend valley skies unmatched and unseen before from this vista only a few feet away from Base Camp, within “The Oasis”. Magical.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. I normally would wish a Happy Holiday but today my Friend Ring thanked me when I wished him a “Merry Christmas” even if as he said so many are now finding it politically incorrect. He sells cactuses… he just received a shipment of Christmas Cactuses… they were labeled “Holiday Cactuses”…

Till next time, you all be well, always, it is our best choice.

Ara & Spirit

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10 Responses to ““The Point of my Balance”. Tx”

  1. Mike Says:

    O Ara you dear man…your Oasis, your Soul Of, your Spirit, your Travels, your Freedom, your Journey, your Art of lasso embracing Natures’ canvas, are such a gift, bring such JOY to me, to so many. In your current landscape I too learned that Mother Nature would always be there to bring me the Point of my Balance. You remind me, to find the memory, to be grateful, to invite JOY, to allow JOY,
    to embrace JOY!!!

    “You got to sing… like you don’t need the money;
    You got to Love… like you’ll never get hurt;
    You got to dance dance dance… like nobody’s watchin’;
    It’s gotta come from the heart… if you want it to work.”
    Clark, Susanna

  2. Mike Says:

    Come From The Heart by Kathy Mattea

    Play song from Lala.com
    Willow In The Wind – 1989 – 3:10
    Listen on: Lala – iLike – Rhapsody – Pandora

  3. jeff Says:

    Haven’t missed a post for a long time Ara. Thanks for all the great photos and words throughout the year. Have a great Holiday and may 2010 be a great one full of adventure.

  4. Bear Says:

    Ara, we met in Valley of the Gods back in the summer… Just wanted to Wish you and Spirit a warm and Merry Christmas….Be well my friend.

  5. Tom Says:

    Wishing you and Spirit a very merry Christmas Ara.
    -Tom and Archie (Barbara too.)

  6. Chris et Alain Says:

    Salut Ara,
    Ce simple petit message provenant du Kenya où notre voyage se poursuit, pour te souhaiter le meilleur Noël possible.
    Nous pensons à toi!

  7. TexasTreat Says:

    Wishing you and Spirit the most Joyful Christmas. Your pictures are always so magical to me. I don’t comment often but I thank you for sharing your journey in this lifetime as I find myself sitting and gazing for long periods of time at your pictures. I love how you have sneaked up on Mother Nature when She is not aware of it, captured Her in Her beauty, the small glimpses of Heaven that are captured by your eyes, your heart and your lens! I wish you the warmest of New Years – Give Spirit a mighty hug and maybe a nice soup bone too! LOL Take good care of yourself!~ Texas Sized Hugs, Ms. Tee

  8. john Says:

    Merry Christmas to you and Spirit. I have found a place to visit and enjoy , how to live in the moment, such beauty, words cannot express your Photography truely .You are a gift to us all Ara, thank you so much for sharing all with us . firedog.

  9. Allen Madding Says:

    Merry Christmas my two friends. I pray your days are filled with joy.

  10. Konrad Haskins Says:

    Ara and Spirit the coming year is the year we get to spend some quality time together. Your pictures of the sky remind me of my homeland South Africa. Be well, Konrad & Buddy Bear.

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