The Passion of the Road. TX

Saturday, January 5th, 2013

“Paragraphs of Daily thoughts, a bit of mental therapy, this and that, published weekly or so…”

New Year's Day by the Porch-23 xxx

New Year's Day by the Porch-28 xxx

“I am haunted by landscape, by the terrifying beauty of mountains, which I miss with the sort of internal, gaping, physical ache typically reserved for a lost beloved. I think best, and feel the most clarity, in the emotional and intellectual expansiveness of open sky.” 
~ Lee Ann Roripaugh ~

New Year's Day by the Porch-3 xxx

New Year's Day by the Porch-5 xxx

New Year's Day by the Porch-18 xxx

It is the beginning of another Year, obviously that is not news to me or Spirit. Just thoughts mingling as the stage remains and an increasing fervor of Freedom is taking place within. One would think after 6 Years the desire would dwindle down. It has not. Opposite. It is the Passion of being out with no walls surrounding us, the air fresh non polluted, the silence or the sounds when stormy and windy or when some creature passes by, flies by. It is that a bit different than most mode of transportation, on 3 wheels for us, yet similar to others on two wheels, sometimes though now with four wheels also. It is the time spend with my Buddy Spirit, 365/24/7. Cooking outdoor. In touch with true Friends. The senses have sharpened. Such a Luxury I can afford, the compromises do not phase me.

New Year's Day by the Porch-9 xxx

New Year's Day by the Porch-12 xxx

New Year's Day by the Porch-13 xxx

New Year's Day by the Porch-14 xxx

We have moved on, we have trekked again around another circle traced as when the past carrot was dangling it’s bright and strong call being an attraction as none before. It has wilted now, rotted, and the circle like what was a tight lasso is no more as gone and limp to the ground. Life is an amazing feat, the lessons never stop materializing. Some are free and some are costly. Some we have to attend it’s class again! Human Nature when we don’t learn their value the first time around. Eventually we do get there and the Diplomas add another notch to the stage of this physical and mental Freedom.

New Year's Day by the Porch-10 xxx

New Year's Day by the Porch-8 xxx

New Year's Day by the Porch-30 xxx

New Year's Day by the Porch-31 xxx

A short Music Jam

These days are grays mixed in with rain and a few flurries of snow. Snow in Big Bend. It happens once a year or two and I wish it would be more but it never lasts too long, maybe long enough for a quick photo. They are indoor days catching up on some e mails now a few weeks old as I try to stay ahead of them all to no avail. But, but New Year’s Day was uplifting and more while spending the afternoon in Terlingua at the Black Eye Pea Cook off by the Porch all mixed in with good Music and Friendly faces and Souls.

New Year's Day by the Porch-2 xxx

New Year's Day by the Porch-22 xxx

A longer Music Jam

My wish came through last night. Much snow, maybe 4 to 6 inches. It will be water for us soon. Late in the night on my last looking up the skies it was dark and silent. Without a flashlight I did not realize it was snowing and almost end up horizontal. I stayed out for quite a while as the snow deadened even deeper any resemblance of a noise with an incredible calming effect. I went to sleep looking forward to early morning. What a Present Mother Nature gave us overnight. It is rare here, this much for a fact. It did not take us long this morning to gear up and on we went for a ride as with two wheel drive "Crusty" was rolling without a single hesitation.

Snow-22 xxx

Snow-23 xxx

Snow-24 xxx

Snow-16 xxx

Spirit was calmer than usual, he was also wondering what was going on even though not his first time on snow. I think he took it all in as I did. More photos when we came back as all to the most minute details were suddenly of a different texture, shape and color. Nothing had changed and yet everything has. This day so unique when the colors have died and yet all is more brighter and colorful than ever. We are always feeling in each moment of every day of our lives. The awareness is heightened within for us toward such an unusual landscape, one so white, so desolate while merging with a sky of almost the same color.

Snow-25 xxx

Snow xxx

Snow-8 xxx

A short video of our morning ride.

More looking up the skies tonight and the grays of the day have switched to the dark blue night with stars so bright I now know that what we too often take for granted,  the Sun, will be up in the morning. I think and know already even with the cold but invigorating ride and play in the snow this morning, cabin fever was starting to set in. Just in time as on demand the rays are now melting it all as slowly erasing a masterpiece surrounding us. The browns of the Earth are coming through, the whites dissipating, the drawings changing by the minute. The dirt is even drying out here and there itself with deep contrast of still it’s wet counterpart. Drip, drip, a symphony of water drops each with their own notes sometimes in tune and sometimes not like an unrehearsed melody.

Snow-28 xxx

Snow-29 xxx

Snow-27 xxx

Snow-30 xxx

A bit of a change now within this context. Magazines are not too keen on my writing for them [I don’t blame them]. I decided to here and there write up a Product report sharing some of what we use, the ones that really "work" in the field we are in and some I know can also be used by anyone with their likings of the outdoors. Some will be about camping, some about riding, cooking and who knows what else. I am really looking forward to sharing as such in details and at the same time help out some of our so kind Sponsors. As always my writing upon them will be honest with their pros and cons, sometimes products are a bit of a compromise and the pros outweigh the decision using them. 

Snow-44 xxx

Snow-40 xxx

Snow-45 xxx

Snow-47 xxx

Snow-49 xxx

Our latest acquisition are riding boots. I am one that always tries to cross over needed products. Sometimes because of their costs, sometimes because I feel  such product can be used multi purposely. As a few examples I use "Pelican" cases for panniers. Brand names, mostly metal which will bend at first fall have a cost of around $1200 a pair with mounts. I have had these for around 12 years, before a sidecar was attached, many falls and their cost on sale was $90 for the pair. They are still waterproof. I use "drawer handle pulls" bolted on to attach bungees for our bags. My stainless steel nuts and bolts come from an Ace Hardware store at one tenth of their cost compared to a Motorcycle dealership. My rain gloves [orange and green!] are $9 rubber gloves used for chemical handling versus $100+ motorcycle gloves which actually are never quite waterproof. My cold weather riding suit is an "Arctic" Carthartt one piece suit. A fraction of the cost of a Motorcycle suit and warmer. These Boots I will write about in the next entry are designed for in the Field Firefighters. I knew they would be an incredible pair to have not only riding but also hiking. And they are. 


I have updated our Smugmug Galleries. Prints and Digital uploads.

Calendars are still available. Both Designs… LuLu Journal

Spirit Calendar

Calendar Nature

Stay well, Ara and Spirit

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13 Responses to “The Passion of the Road. TX”

  1. Bill McDonald Says:

    I was blown away by all the snow you received in Big Bend country and how you drove right through it on “Crusty!”

    I, for one, look forward to your commercial writing and think that it is a great way to keep the bills paid.

  2. texascindy Says:

    Snow!! We just missed it!! Oh well, some day…Glad you got enough to play in. Looks as if Spirit really enjoyed his snow day! Looking forward to your product reviews and more! Might see you in the Spring if all works out that way. Until then, hugs for you and scritches for Spirit.
    Safe travels,

  3. heyduke50 Says:

    the desert is beautiful wearing its white robe… I much prefer its more natural tones…

  4. Randy Says:

    What a wonderful treat this post is! Snow at the Oasia.

  5. Zelda Says:

    Dear Ara & Spirit,
    Thanks for sharing the wonderful New Year’s party, from us old folks who just stayed home instead of going out in the cold (temps in single digits degrees F as I remember). Then your photos of The Oasis & Crusty in the snow are eerie, haunting and beautiful. I am always intrigued by your daily experiences trying new and different products to keep yourself and Spirit fed to your standards and reasonably comfortable despite cold, wind, rain, snow, all of the above. These years of following your blog about your life under the stars and so much more are as fascinating at the beginning of this New Year as they were after we first met you by the Glen Canyon Dam in June 2008. What an adventure, and we send our best wishes for you and Spirit to continue your journey in good health and surrounded by the love of your many fans,

    Zelda, Randy & Natasha

  6. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thanks Bill. I don’t know if I would call it “commercial writing”? Maybe? Just a matter of in details sharing some of the products that we use. Such articles in Magazines seem to be so dry. Have a great one. Ara and Spirit.

  7. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Yes, it has been a while! Winters are starting to slow us down. Maybe a good thing to roam around here. So much space, there is no complains. Stay warm and always “Thank You” for your support. Ara and Spirit.

  8. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Well, for a couple days it was a real treat. Matter of taste maybe. Thanks. Ara and Spirit.

  9. scruffy Says:

    Wow! Absolutely beautiful~ Would love to have witnessed that first hand, snow magical in itself, but in Big Bend, that’s extra special. Looking forward to reading your “gear” reports, always an interesting subject.
    Stay warm~

  10. Claudio Del Luongo Says:

    Ara, I found your site some years ago through Jeoff, the Englishman with the strange big bike, because I like to ride my bike. You have been one of my inspirations to buy a (small) SLR. Pictures don’t sell easily nowadays, but if I manage to sell some, I’ll be happy to visit you and have a little feast together…
    Having a daughter myself I can only imagine what you have gone and are going through. It’s difficult to find words…
    I think we should try to be more like animals, living in the moment, not worrying too much about the past and the future. We humans are specialists in creating pain, sorrow and so on that truly exist only in our minds…
    Wandering through these enormous, vast and fascinating spaces out there, between billions of years old rocks, has reminded me of how insignificant we are in the end and how short our time on this planet is. I usually sleep in a jeep in national forests. I think you are nearer to the “truth” than most people out there.
    You are inspiring. Your son would be (or is, you never know…) proud of you, I think, he would want you to be as happy as possible despite having lost him PHYSICALLY (and what does that mean, after all?) and he would (or is) happy, each time you think of him (and that is almost all the time, I presume). See you somewhere in the future, I hope, I like your wide spaces out there and fly over the ocean almost every year, I think I’ll do that until I die…Ciao

  11. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Hi Claudio.
    Thanks for writing.I am still in touch with Jeoff here and there. I think he has now opened a Penny-Farting shop. We are indeed “odd” animals, complex and often self destructive. Alcohol, drugs, violence… you name it. Pretty hard to understand it all, that is how “we were made”, I imagine. So we go on having chosen this more isolated path free of much trouble.
    Let us know if ever near by… Campfire and some food!
    Stay well, stay in touch.
    Ara and Spirit

  12. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thanks Scruffy. Well, today is rain instead of more snow, just not cold enough. So now all will turn to mud.
    It has been a difficult aspect to write for Magazines! Not getting paid, complains… you name it. I think sharing here what we use, what works and does not work will be beneficial and fun to share.
    Stay well, Ara and Spirit

  13. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thanks Claudio. He is “present” for sure in my own World, this vast one that surrounds us with no walls, only horizons. Well, I hope you sell a lot of Photos and come to visit us wherever we will be. A treat. Stay well. Ara and Spirit.

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