The Main Ingredients, Tx

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

fire dancers h 

I forgot what the main ingredients were in the City, but I sure know what they are here, taking over our daily Life, as the Fire Dance show reminded me of last night in Terlingua. We are still here, the planned short trip to Chinati Hot Springs has been halted by, not one, but two packages containing the wrong items destined for others… not us! A camera part and a bike part! The senders sure seemed relieved that I was not upset about it, they have zillions of packages going out right now and I was actually happy for them in these rough times. Of course now we wait for receiving “return tickets” and the proper items hopefully this time reaching us. I keep thinking “Karma” just did not want us to leave for now and I will accept that. What matters of such small inconveniences in the big scheme of things!


mess kit  

Wood, fire, water, sun and rocks. I am finding myself cooking on fire now most of the time. A good fire to start with and some coals fed often, nothing like it! Keeps us warm, good exercise carrying the bag to gather up some kindling while Spirit runs, positive all around as we also save much on propane. My Friend Walt gave me this mess kit over two years ago that we have been carrying stored away. I always liked mess kits and this is the real thing for four people, too large for being on the bike and truly never thought I would use it. Well, here it is! It was just waiting for its time. With hanging handle and I actually did not burn my stew this time! I was never a believer in canned food, I am slowly changing my mind for the reason of simplicity it provides! If my past clients could only see me now! As long as I have a can of Rotel or something a bit spicy to mix in, I am literally throwing everything and anything in the pot, a couple bouillon cubes, some water and a few hours later enough food for days!


dog house

solar panel  

Spirit received a dog house the other day from Paul and Voni who themselves inherited it from Kathy! Pass it on. The real thing, incredibly well built and now also the support of our third solar panel on the ground. Sun! So incredible that by around 11 am the batteries are fully charged and all day it is free power never depleting them. Real close on cloudy days also, have not heard the generator in weeks! The wood, the fire, the sun, it is all in the balance Mother Nature gives us free to the taking with also rocks that I am finding using a lot! To protect a phone/DSL line(still amazed at that fact here in the middle of nowhere!), an electrical one, a natural resting surface for the blackened pots or to prevent the wind from blowing them away… same with a big log to prevent anyone, including myself to run into the phone jack!

pots rock pile c
rock pile a rock pile b

I have camped for many years all my Life, but never appreciated to this extend the use of the natural ingredients available. I will definitely apply all this knowledge and more as we will learn I am sure, to the months ahead when we switch our habitat to being on the road full time again and our tent as our shelter.

rock pile d  

La Kiva a

There was an Art Show last night at La Kiva, it was advertised as a “Sign Art Show”, I think… more of an occasion it turned out to see some old familiar faces, specially since I had worked there a bit last winter. The main attraction however was an advertised Fire Dance that would take place a few hours into the night.

La Kiva d

La KIva b  
fire dancer a  

A Fire Dancer…

Worth  the wait as this year a third member also performed, I understand that she herself was part of a true Fire Dance team. Many hours of practice made out this incredible show, backed by the sound of drums and music.

fire dancers f

fire dancers g  

It was a fine time, it felt good riding back late at night and the cold making its way through my jacket while climbing a bit to our higher elevation. We are waiting for a cold snap supposedly coming in tomorrow. Not much worth mentioning really, high of 61… low of 27! It is 84 right now outside… I think we have done right choosing this space to linger throughout a bit of this winter.

fire dancers a

Like a “Spirit” in the night, only the flames remain to be seen…

fire dancers c  

fire dancers e

We are itching to take off!!! If the mail does its thing probably we might be able to get on the road right after Christmas, maybe even on Christmas day and of course miss this space of ours we call “The Oasis” as it happens all the time even when we are just away for one day! There is also many riders Friends coming by, they will be staying in Terlingua… I am sure we have some exciting days ahead of us while we put some faces on some names we have never met.

Till next time…



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Be well, always.   Ara & Spirit

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7 Responses to “The Main Ingredients, Tx”

  1. John Wells Says:

    Hey brother! Excellent fire dancing photos!!!!!! Knew I didn’t have to actually be there because your blog would provide all the info. Unfortunately, now I wished I made the trip – it looked so good.

  2. tim Says:

    Ara, I was wondering what the coil springs on top of the dog box are for. As always, an enjoyable read. Glad you and Spirit are doing well!

  3. admin Says:

    I have to reply to you Tim as a few asked me the same question! Can I call it my space shocks… so we don’t bounce too hard off the sky?
    Truly, they are my old springs before the sidecar. They were too light as 60% of the sidecar tongue weight in on the bike. I thought they would look good there… too heavy for the wind to blow them… kind of give the dog house some ears… I really don’t know! Art? Is the desert getting to me???
    Be well… Ara & Spirit

  4. my68flh Says:

    As usual your site warms my soul, especially on a cold winters night. Love the fire danc’n pic’s.

  5. Belinda Salinas Says:

    Hi Ara, beautiful pictures as always!! The fire circle is looking great with all the new decorative rocks. I am glad you clarified what those orange springs were as I was also wondering myself.

    I too am amazed that you have a DSL line in the desert and my mom can’t get DSL in Del Rio…go figure!! You and Spirit have a safe trip.

  6. PAPADUC Says:

    Ara, your images are fantastic. Enjoy your time in the South and be sure you let us know when you head to the Northwest again.


  7. joe Says:

    Don’t forget to run your generator at least once a month for an hour or two. Everywhere I’ve read on genny’s says to run them so they stay healthy.

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