The last days on Tybee… GA

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

This morning has been as coming out of a tunnel, as daylight suddenly has brightened up my moments as soon as I woke up. This body of ours, this delicate vehicle of the mind seemed to have taken a beating these past few days, maybe weeks as the infection was progressing. Sick to the stomach also from the antibiotics it has been like a double whammie through my awaken moments and I don’t do well being inactive or even slowing down by a foreign force. Not totally over, I still have 6 days of medicine taking, but what an improvement! The days past have been a reminder to enjoy the moment while one can, how quickly can we take for granted good health and  functioning body. The brighter and darker sides of Life are always only separated by such a thin line and the scale can tilt either way so quickly, so often without even realizing the slow sinking feeling. All is falling in place as we will be packing up in about 48 hours.


This will be our route, loosely planned that is! A bit of Georgia Mountain riding this coming weekend, our old stumping grounds, and Barber Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham. Memphis? Just thought about it yesterday… Elvis! I like Elvis… I see him as a unique individual with such a full Life, charisma destroyed by too much fame maybe… but I am looking forward to it. Also visiting some friends never met before near Oklahoma City… For reasons you will find out soon I would like us to be in Moab by March the 10th… where we will set up camp for maybe 3 months?… I am excited about the photography in Moab and surrounding areas, I know that there are thousands of others with the same thought, but I am curious to see what my own take will be. I am having the camera cleaned in Atlanta this week! Have not graduated to the self cleaning one yet!!! Wish us some good weather as it is still early in the year…

Bridge 2  

Bridge 1

We took this bridge the other day, it separates Georgia and South Carolina right over the Savannah banks, the destination was the Savannah Wildlife Refuge on Highway 17. We had stopped at City Market again earlier feeling the incredible difference between a week day and the weekend filled with passer by’s, eating, sightseeing, walking their dogs… I normally take pictures of our surroundings, it rarely has been of people, but having lunch with my mother I got a kick out of photographing people without their knowledge. Sometimes not a good thing… they can get upset about it as I can see it in their faces… I guess it was just a game that day… pointed somewhere else but them, and quickly bringing them in focus and snapping the shot! I really like this first one… I think they caught me!

couple 1  


Weekday versus weekend…

Vinnie VanGoGo's 2  

Van GoGo's Sat

The Refuge is located in the heart of what they call here the "Lowcountry" and occupies 29,000 acres of freshwater marshes which were rice fields in the past, tidal rivers and creeks with beautiful canopies of southern oaks and bottomland hardwoods. I read somewhere that "without a doubt a visit to this pristine environment is better for the soul than a trip to Tibet"… close enough!

ducks 1

Sorry that I don’t know my birds… I can only call them birds and ducks… I do know they are wood Ducks however as I learned it in Mississippi, the greatest recipe only one link away. The entrance is free and the ride is four miles long with a 20mph speed limit and I bet that you will not go over 5 mph, with many stops, that is if you are not parking and hiking the many dikes open to foot travel.

Bird 1  

birds 2

With the company of my mother and the fact that dogs are not allowed outside of vehicles we did not spend as much as time as I would have liked to. And that is alright, we have many more places to go where we will be able to… even to sit in one place all day if we so desire. As our month is coming to an end, the object of it was to spend some quality time together, away from it all, the sightseeing was just an extra bonus and she has been kind enough to let us at times go on our own to recharge our batteries while riding.

oak trees 1  

Park 1

As we will be mainly west for a long time, I think we will meet closer to the desert next time as dry weather does her good. The ultimate would of course be to take a Cargo ship, Spirit and rig and all and ride through Europe. It is more a matter of quarantine for dogs than anything else, which by the way they do not have entering Germany. Maybe some day… I could not leave Spirit behind for a month and go by myself, it is a responsibility that I just could not pass on.

park 5  

park 4

This Wildlife Refuge was truly a gem, just a few cars… a few alligators as I was taking some shots, wondering why since I had only seen a zillion of them in Florida! Only a few miles from Savannah this could be the quick getaway for the locals searching for quiet, peace and serenity. As the sun will rise and set I know that the scenery would be a constant change from what we saw, so close to the Ocean and yet seemingly so far.

alligator 1  
park 3  

I don’t think we missed much of this area, it has been a peaceful time, it has been nice to have the great company of my mother, I think she is coming around a bit as she really liked all the images of the Journey we went through. It brought me also some fond memories realizing suddenly that we have been many places, some I would love to go back again… after the many places we yet have to discover.


I could not help this one! Was worth the U turn…

Till next time…

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