The Gold Mine town of Coloma… CA

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

As I sit here this morning, watching a last sunrise through the smoke filled mountain tops of California, I cannot help feeling anxious to distance myself from this overpopulated and congested area. I was telling my friend Brian yesterday that my eyes do not even need to be open to feel the tightness of this region, the hustle and bustle, the traffic often at a stand still, that good carbon monoxide lingering mixed with the fire smoke making its way with each breath into my lungs.

And this is with no offense to anyone living in cities… I know… you have to do what you have to do sometimes in life, as I need to do myself… it just blows me away to have spend such great time in vast empty spaces and suddenly witness everyone living on top of each other. How healthy can that be?… Not only physically by mentally…

We went out for dinner last night with Wendy and Brian, great food by the way, I will need to get the name of this Restaurant near Placerville, “Rose Bud” I think, and we talked about all this. She is a teacher… he owns his own Software Design company, three children from 11 to 14 to 21… A huge responsibility toward their future, what else to do but embrace the busy life to produce those green bills needed on a daily basis!

As I leave here, my grey matter has been enriched and filled with so much knowledge thanks to the great tutoring from Brian. Having first explained the chemistry and physics of web pages, websites and how the Internet really works, it has slowly sank in and the images blurry at first have been more defined filled with a better logic and know how than a few days ago!

You can actually click on two new links! It is work in progress… not much there yet, I prefer to have the progress right into the open, versus spending months putting it together and only then publishing it. The first link is the Index for the recipes, with so far one recipe page published, and that will be modified also as already someone yesterday asked me… at what temperature is it served? Obviously I forgot that detail! I am open to suggestions…

The next link are to individual links that will take you throughout this Journey with dates and locations! With about 170 Blogs it might take a bit for me to go back to each of them and link them individually. In the same link I will start writing about different subjects also, more in depth information on places visited, on Spirit, whatever will not fit into the Blog… I call it “My first hundred years”, a “Magazine”. I am designing my own pages… hummmm.

As winter approaches with shorter days, this will be a great project for me, without say also, you will get to know the Big Bend area, Texas, as well as I hope a Park Ranger!!! We are headed that way… Brian and I found the time yesterday to ride to the small and old town of Coloma. A gold mine town with a Chinese influence, with an old reconstructed saw mill…

A volunteer blacksmith was even working on a skill that has been long lost, the cage is a jail cell… I tested it, no escape from those bars… the custom Essay Office is where the gold was weighted sometimes twice a day… It was interesting to see how they lived here way back in the early 1800’s. It was a quick tour, much computer work was still waiting for us… but we are done now! I have no doubt that, without Brian around, suddenly on my own, many questions will arise… telephone and e mail will have to do!

We are headed south… till next time, you all be well.


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