The “Food Shark”, Marfa.Tx

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

“When you get a chocolate ice cream cone, don’t look at the person next to you with a vanilla ice cream cone wishing that is what you had…”

I wake up this morning, the Sunshine again is ahead of me, it is becoming a daily occurrence now to sleep in later, the same as staying up into the new day every night. Night time has always been the quiet times for me, it is almost as I feel and sense everyone sleeping to allow me to stay up and occupy myself, lately with the Book version of this Journal, truly a monumental task. I know Christmas is around the corner, even if not looking at a Calendar I just know. Nothing is different, and yet it is. I don’t understand as I do not want to, only accept as I have been doing and going through passing through those doors always open of the School of Life. The past dark clouds have vanished away from my Soul after writing my Peace in my past chapter. It was as a cleansing process I have learned to go through when the occasion arises. Once again the riding has become lighter, the wind feels good, the pace is slower as every mile is as a miracle laid out ahead of me. The surface of the Earth here is of an amazing one, it is more, an astounding one when left wild and free as it should be.

Foos Shark Kitchen Foos Shark Kitchen
Food Shark  

I feel restless today, I feel so much awaits for us. I feel the staircase once again has moved closer challenging me with another step. There is no doubt I will land again on another level soon. I feel it as waves crashing on a deserted beach with no one to hear them but me. My thirst once more has made it’s appearance for the unknown and yet I cannot forget that winter “is”, as mild as it is here compared, as also the shorter days not allowing the greater distances ridden as in summer months. I walk outside, Spirit runs outside, I can scream as bursting from my seams as I know no one will hear me, only my kid up there, and here, and everywhere will smile at my sounds nurturing my days present till again we meet. It won’t be long as what is time but only our moments put together to no end as the links made of every breath we take keeping us closer than we can ever imagine. How can this be that my tears flow and yet my thirst of Life is so ever present. It is as an euphoria has taken over strongly with it’s forces unknown to me has drawn him right here as even my eyes open can see him as it use to be.

Food Shark Food Shark
Food Shark  

Waiting for the water to boil this morning… Coffee. It is 24 degrees, the skies already have their first coat of blue, clouds have not been painted yet, it is cold and yet much warmth within emanating. Must be the best coffee in the region. Such luxury. From all over the World the little beans have grown, been picked as I like to think one by one with little tweezers. They arrive still green, roasted to perfection here a couple times a week by this hot air gun powered by my faithful little generator, ground by hand every morning in this brass grinder my great grand mother used, dripped by water hauled from 60 miles away, how can all of this not become a ritual, my morning "look forward to” inner alarm wake up call. It is not the drive through and order yelling into that speaker box here. Spirit is curled up next to me, he does not budge yet, his eyes are closed, he knows it is still too cold to assume his clowning morning ritual. He is even snoring a bit. Looking at him I only want to pull the covers back up and myself close my eyes for a bit more sleep.

Food Shark  
Food Shark Food Shark

I just cannot however waste the day. It amazes me that still my past programming of ancient years likes to resurface often enough giving me the thoughts as there is something I must do now, which is not true. There is much to do, but all can always wait, must be all these years of 80 hours work weeks that will never leave their print on my own circuit boards. We also have a Friend rider stopping by. He is going West and is making the 120 mile detour to see us this morning. Mike. We last saw each other in 2000. The previous chapter of my Life. Lance was not sick yet, Spirit was not born yet, I was then also riding fast bikes. I don’t remember him, I know I will once I see him. I am wondering how much change he will see in me as those days, I call them "my fast days", are all now a bit of a blur.

Food Shark Food Shark
Food Shark Food Shark

Well, Mike has come and gone on his fast Motorcycle. I did not remember him, but sitting by the fire we had a nice talk and lunch. He wants to live on the road also, sort of, and he wanted some advice which I did not have really any. The physical aspect even, what kind of bike, how to go about it all as far as camping. How long? and where? Keep the house or sell it? Sometimes too many spend the present moments on trying to take a decision for tomorrow, tomorrow comes and still trying to make another decision for the next day. Suddenly the moments are gone, no decision has been taken as times has vanished for ever. The only advice was, just get on the road, time will make you take the right decision as we are here now and when you are there then that moment will let you know what you need and where you want to go. Go for a month and come back, see how you feel… then longer or shorter… Everything can be a bit easier when someone has the means to do it, or maybe that could be a handicap of having too many choices as us here, we don’t have much of a choice… and I like it that way, making the best of what we have.

Mike Mike
Mike Mike

It was a ride to Marfa yesterday as early as possible to catch the opening of my favorite eating establishment, Mediterranean fare. One of them anyhow! There are a couple more. “The Food Shark”. Pretty good name, has this “grab me” aspect in it’s name alone and so does from where it is served with it’s now new addition of the “dining bus” which I had never seen before. I had also never realized they had so many write ups in various Publications. Having been in the “business” in many years past myself, I am truly proud of them as I know how much perseverance and dedication it takes to reach the level they are now on. Consistency being the key. I know that every time I stop by, my Falafel is going to be just as good as the last one. It is my favorite the “Falafel”, as they call it the “Marfalafel”. And with their own rights, they could call it anything they want to.

Food Shark  
Food Shark Food Shark

Krista and Adam! Two hardworking Souls having fun in that van kitchen, calling the names to no end as everyone is so around there happy, specially when the blue skies prevail as it did that day. Many Dogs too, Spirit got meet a couple buddies of his, some long distant cousins also out for the day. They are all on a leash, all is so much more relax unlike my previous experience on the porch in Terlingua where one never knows if they are going to loose a chunk of their ankle from a Dog that might not have had their shots. The ride back was happy, the stomach was content and so was the senses after a nice lunch as so rare it is that I eat out. Needless to say, a must on anyone’s route to stop and enjoy if ever going through Marfa around the noon hours from Tuesday through Friday. Sounds like a commercial I just realize! It is not… just an honest truth of the matter.

Food Shark  
Food Shark Food Shark
Food Shark  

Till next time, you all be well, always, it is our best choice. “Happy Holidays” to you all just in case I don’t have a chance to come back here on time for the Best Wishes…

Ara & Spirit

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Food Shark  
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6 Responses to “The “Food Shark”, Marfa.Tx”

  1. mary aka Krashdragon Says:

    “He wants to live on the road also, sort of,”
    Hmmm… one either lives on the road, or uses “live on the road’ as an excuse to keep riding… but then going “home” after a while.
    If a person is not generally content where they are at the moment… “live on the road” doesn’t work.

    Marfa Food Shark… looks yummy!
    Take care…

  2. Adam Bork Says:

    Really nice ara. Thanks again for visiting us and making the cool video.
    Adam from Food Shark

  3. Zelda Says:

    Hi, Ara & Spirit, Ah, the joys of sleeping in for a little longer on a winter morning and then good food and good company at lunch – what more could one want?

  4. Lorena Says:

    Hey Ara and Spirit, somehow this post brings to mind a gravestone I saw when wondering around Winnemucca Nevada on foot on my way to Walmart. It was a grave of a woman and I guess the husband wrote the sentiment as I can’t find a reference to it anywhere. It said “The days I spent with you were like jewels on the necklace of time” We thought it was so beautiful, a truly loved and cherished person. Take care Lorena

  5. David Van Keuren Says:

    Ara, Your images and words are a welcome relief from the madness of Christmas in the city.

  6. chessie Says:

    Ara, what a novel idea with the bus. I like this…it would satisfy my need to cook, be on the road, and meet people all at the same time. I would find it a good life to simply pick up and move when the itch struck me…although I suppose there are all kinds of Permits and licenses…and God forbid, hoops to jump through for this idea to work for the gypsy…I wonder….MMMM

    Nice to read your thoughts…and see your day unfold a segment of it anyway.

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