The Colors of Life, Texas ~ A Chicken and Feta recipe

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

 D of the D o

More photos of the "Day of the Dead" Celebration. The Gentleman on the left happens to be Randy, my Ambulance driver! Small World isn’t it?

So this has been my warning, one of the few I have received these past years, another dimension contributing to Life itself and its "Colors" experienced in such incredible array.I feel as being in the "hot seat" right now, not where I like to be. But it is a seat from which I have again felt and seen the source of such Human kindness surrounding me. How did all this come about I wonder so often. How did this Journal now two years old spanned through so many other’s minds? We were alone on the first day when Georgia saw us leave it’s land, I even remember getting lost being so, I guess the word would be "enthusiastic", embracing this new Life which was ahead of us. It was my choice, very simply to get lost within the physical boundaries of this country with my buddy Spirit. Nothing has much changed within us and yet so much has.

D of the D e

For the first time I stand speechless and wordless from the outpour of e mails, messages and comments regarding my health. None of us knew each other two years ago, and now, specially lately, I feel as we have bound a new community within these pages. There has been this incredible dimension that has lately emerged, it is called "Friends" and as much as I have known it to be always the ultimate "Color" of Life, well, it has become the brightest and shiniest of them all.

D of the D d

I never had this "Color" in mind a couple years ago, but it did not take that long for it to emerge from the first time we crashed in Louisiana where without Friends we would have not been able to continue this Journey. And then again when we broke down in Nevada, when we broke down in Utah, when we spend a week near Seattle because of Andy taking a vacation to redo the rig, this path never stopped, all the way to a couple weeks ago with Paul’s help and just now with all your’s help and support. You all have made this "seat" comfortable and added so much value to this amazing Journey we have been on and again a mere "Thank You" just does not seem to be enough. I read over and over all your comments and e mails, they are right now the strength that I need to get me through these times.

D of the D s

D of the D n  

We are back in Alpine right now, undergoing some tests this morning and find out when and where we will be in the hands of the Cardiologist. We might even have to move on to Odessa which will be fine, whatever needs to be done so we can put this behind us under control and embrace this winter coming up… of course already thinking about next spring! I cannot help it. I am on day 6 without cigarettes and already my internal gears seem to be running much smoother. It is so nice to be free of them even if yesterday I thought for a couple times about crawling out of my skin! I have no fear that I will stay on this path, I actually don’t have a choice, none really. From the e mails and comments I have read I think so many were smokers in years past and everyone has quit except me. I had for a while, seven whole years! And lately always noticing that I must have been the only one left! To the point even stepping next to another smoker when I met one… kind of funny I think as "I am so glad that I am not the only one". Stronger in numbers… truly only weaker.

D of the D r

Paul and Voni were Spirit’s caretakers while I was staying at Alpine’s Ritz Carlton. I saw the bill by the way today as I am applying for Health Care here since no one wants to insure me… I could have taken my Friends to Paris for a couple of days at the St George Hotel on the Champ Elysee, we could have dined at the "Tour d’Argent" and yet would have had some spare change left I think… $15,262! The upcoming Cardiologist? well, even before asking for my name I was "told" to have a minimum of $255 ready for my first visit. Nice… I love the personal touch. I have been thinking about flying or taking the train to Naples, Florida, where I qualify for free health care by Collier County. A thought. In the meantime again, many "Thank You’s" for those who have supported the site these past few days and enable me to at least get the minimum care that I need.

spirit waiting

To get back to Spirit, Paul took some pictures of him while I was not around. He was comfortably laying on a carpet the whole time while inside, did not move while Paul late at night turned the lights off, but as he had forgotten something he came back to the room, turned the lights back on and… surprise!

Spirit sleeping a  

No one around? Lets get up on the bed… do you see him move? or bothered by the light? What a Dog! I missed him so much while lounging on the hospital bed hoping that I will never have to leave him behind again.

chicken feta c 

chicken feta a  

This recipe was fun and tasty, made a few days ago. Basically a pasta with chicken and feta cheese. First step is the pasta and set aside drizzled with olive oil as to leave it moist. The next step is slicing some tomatoes, black olives, garlic, green onions, red bell pepper, parsley, a zucchini and an avocado. In the pan start sautéing some thin sliced boneless skinless breasts or tenderloins of chicken. Once that is going, throw in everything else except the avocado. Once the chicken is almost done add a crumbled package of Basil ~ Sun dried Tomato feta cheese. Of course you can make it yourself starting with plain feta.

chicken feta b

chicken feta d  

Continue stirring and dish over the pasta with one or two avocado slices. Enjoy…

chicken feta e

Again, as I am continuously moved by your words and gestures, "Thank You", hoping that some day our path will meet you all.

Help us keep the site alive. Please contribute… I use to ask if reading this site was worth 1$ a month, loose change truly. I do again. This site has been far from being a free Journal as it was at one time!

Two years of Photography is finally in order on SmugMug… In "Your Favorites", in "States", some labeled "first year" and second year", now also "Texas the third year". Feel free to browse, you can even use the slide show mode and have fun.

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Be well, always.   Ara & Spirit

D of the D m

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5 Responses to “The Colors of Life, Texas ~ A Chicken and Feta recipe”

  1. Rick Thomas Says:

    Hi Ara,
    Great pictures from Day of the Dead. Quitting smoking is one day at a time. I know because I did it and so can you. I see Spirit’s only concern is when is the next meal? I think there is much we can all learn from the way dogs live.

  2. conchscooter Says:

    Stay well ghets a whole new meaning. You look very….unusual getting into the ambulance with a wooly hat on!

  3. Maggie Says:

    Hi Ara,
    great food you have there..
    mommy and i love to see ur’s been full of bootiful pictures…
    me and mommy enjoy it so much…
    happy halloween..

    send my regards to spirit…

  4. dinezzz Says:

    hi, Ara…

    I catch you from AdvRider forum…

    it’s a tastynasty food, i thought. 😀

    nice to know you.

    /biker from Indonesia/

  5. dinezzz Says:


    what a wonderfull sky…!!!!!

    love it!
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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