The Chinati Hot Springs. TX

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

I can’t say, over the miles, that I had learned what I had wanted to know because I hadn’t known what I wanted to know. But I did learn what I didn’t know I wanted to know ~ William Least Heat-Moon [ Blue Highways ]

Chinati Hot Springs  

Random thoughts, not in that order.

Chinati Hot Springs. I’ll say it now and be done with it, it is an amazing and incredible Space and destination which included David’s and Jemima’s warm welcome. The Journey here was in itself perplexing considering after of course a not so quick lunch at the Food Shark, nothing to do with the preparation of the food but Spirit’s chatting, Pinto Canyon Rd being truly of a challenging one this time. So much so that I will not take it again till repaired, specially fully loaded as we were. We scrapped often, stalled a couple times, it is a hack, it is a different animal when it comes to rough roads, even downhill. They were a few close calls but no photos. I have been using a Go Pro HD Wide video camera, mounted on the nose of the sidecar, courtesy of Motorcycle Riders Discount, tonight I realize it always works better with it’s memory card inserted. Footage lost for sure. Such is Life as they say. We are not coming down that road again. I have been told the county will be starting it’s much needed maintenance Monday and the locals themselves have stopped using it. I should have asked.


We made it and have not suffered any damage. We have the place to ourselves. That might change Friday night, in the meantime the kitchen is all mine. A strange concept I have to admit as all is here to be used including spices and condiments (dated) left by past visitors.

Chinati Hot Springs  

The tent is up, we are back to the smaller one of all three, she has always served us well. The cot is here. “ The wanderer’s danger is to find comfort”. Almost left it behind considering it being a little on the heavy side. But, it is opulence and much storage underneath. The awning that attaches to the tent is also here, used rarely, nice to have it when camping in one spot more than a couple nights, a great weather shelter.

Chinati Hot Springs  
Chinati Hot Springs  

I always thought of “The Oasis” being quiet. It is here quieter. Or is it maybe I am noisier back there. My ears are ringing, I think Spirit’s are also. It’s time to fix dinner now. I am sure something will magically appears all cooked and ready to be eaten. Besides it all, my thoughts are empty, we are just here enjoying the moment. This one. The power went out. No cooking unless I unpack my stove. I have some grilled chicken from the night before, that will do with some chocolate chip cookies and water, my headlamp and a good book, "Blue Highways" again.

Porch Spirit and Jemima
Jemima waiting for Spirit  

My coffee is good this morning as the power is back. It was a great night of sleep, we were both beat up by the past road filled with rock shelves, loose ones almost the size of boulders and craters leaning sideways, all as a giant puzzle laid out ahead of us. Spirit again has a new girl friend. They played last night like there was no end to it. Jemima. This morning as he is still in the tent while coffee lubricates these old gears of mine, she is patiently waiting for him to rise for the day. What a lucky guy! She finally decides to come up and sit by me imploring with those sad eyes to let Spirit out of the tent.

eggs eggd and cheese
breakfast Gear!

We are not even going to start Old Faithful today. The power is on and off again. I managed to bring some eggs without breaking a single one. It was the first item I unpacked. I will cook breakfast soon, hike a little through the near by Canyons, take a nap, photos and mainly soak in the Hot Springs. There is a big tub with it’s temperature right around 95 which is just my speed. Will reminisce on Life as I so often escape unwillingly from my present back into the past recent years of our Journey thinking of the words written and faces met.

Chinati Hot Springs  

I just realized what is so different here this morning. There is a symphony playing of the multi instruments the birds have taken on. There has to be a dozen different sounds all in always harmony surrounding me from this front row seat. Some are even coming to see me as making sure I am listening and not just hearing this live concert so sweet to 
my ears. It is my morning welcome to this Space laid out with arms open as the sound fluttering of the wings at times as on queue are flying by. It is magic.

Chinati Hot Springs  
Chinati Hot Springs  

There is no Internet here, the cell phones do not work and right now that is the beauty of it all. Today is my Mother’s Birthday, she is 83. They loaned me a phone to wish her a Happy Birthday. 83! Hard to believe. What happened? At almost 62 myself I feel young in comparison, I feel as maybe some hope is here to climb more steps of Life which maybe will give me that much seeked opportunity, the yet unknown one. She lives in Munich and has had a rough winter. I so much would like her to move here but she will not hear me. She thinks it will be a "home" as she is so adamant about taking care of herself. Explaining and more explaining about how a non health care residence works, calling it a sort of hotel even has led to nowhere. The outcome weighs heavily, leaving Spirit behind for a while has it’s difficult logistics, but soon will need to fly over. One can only wish, speak their mind and await for the outcome of a wise decision.

Chinati Hot Springs  
Chinati Hot Springs  

Discoveries such as being here, even if not our first time, is what keeps me going. Setting up this tent on this loaned for the moment piece of land allowing to seek shelter a bit and explore an area is as a fantasy so needed to the senses not allowing them to go on stale for too long. It is as the reel of the images should never stop, it is food, energy, even health never ceasing to come forward as if it ever stopped seemingly in unison the dark clouds will reappear unwelcomed throughout these present times. I have no choice and the choice is good.

Chinati Hot Springs  
Chinati Hot Springs  

The Hot Springs are also of magic, surreal as my body and head under water I am back in my womb emerged from years ago. It’s warmth and lightness I know is what was a common space with Lance. Years apart maybe, but we both have heard the sounds of our own heartbeat as I do now. Everything is a miracle surrounding me. Every leaf, every growth, this water perpetually running, Spirit laying here his eyes filled themselves with contemplation, my Friends sending their kinds words, all truly, as I wonder when Life within this Space ends, does it really end. Would that be it? No more? And if so how can anyone be keeping their own Lives cluttered with senseless mental and physical artifacts without shedding them to join the core of Life itself. The sound of the water drooling upon me does not stop, as myself will not stop seeking a certain path of realism into this passage surrounding me with chaos and noise and greed and such adversity of Life it makes me only want to hide from it all waiting to again hug the one and only I miss so much in such times as now striped from any possible and imaginable layers most seem to be wearing in colors of dim glitter.


How strange to finally be able to be here and be filled with those interminable thoughts. As at The Oasis, as at Valley of the Gods and a few other Spaces that have opened up their arms to us, here also is as such. Maybe I was not ready as we did try in the past. We were here through a ride one afternoon, the next time was fully booked to a 
group (I learned to call since), I forgot my tent poles the next time, and yesterday seeing a powerful forced fire on the Mexican side which had actually jumped the Rio Grande to Ruidoso almost did us in again if it was not for the winds blowing it all away from us. The weather cooperating will see us more on the road than throughout this winter a bit uncooperative to say the least.


Till next time, you be well, always, it is our best choice.

Ara & Spirit

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7 Responses to “The Chinati Hot Springs. TX”

  1. Torch Says:

    As always, great photos & thanks for sharing your life.

    Ride on,

  2. texascindy Says:

    The birds’ songs, the movement of the water, the smell of the fire’s smoke, the feel of the warm water enveloping …I was almost there….
    Thank you for that moment of peaceful solitude…

  3. Louise Says:

    This is one of my favorite posts, ever. You sound so relaxed and happy, and I am a teensy bit jealous!

  4. Kelly Says:

    Dear Ara and Spirit,
    Thanks for the message on the Doggie Bloggie. It really is a small world, isn’t it? My Grandfather lived for many years in Naples, FL. It seems that we share many of the same passions. Thanks for sharing your journey.
    Kelly, Jasper & Toki

  5. Ginny Says:

    The springs look very inviting. I visited some natural hot springs in New Mexico a few years back. It is called Ten Thousand Waves and I highly recommend it. Spirit looks happy and his girlfriend is sure cute! 🙂

  6. jeff Says:

    This was a great one Ara, love the camping and dog pictures. You need one of these for your eggs.

  7. Kevin Clark Says:

    I like your last picture its like the road to nowhere and the road to everywhere….

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