The Chapters of Life needed a cover and a title. Oregon Coast

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

“Faith is daring the soul to go beyond what the eyes can see” ~ William Newton Clark ~

Whalen Island  

 Another day. The blue skies won today, only a few bursts of clouds, a northerly wind, sunshine present, a beautiful painting. Mother Nature just does not quit, does not know how. How lucky we all are. Time escaped me today. The sun moved on quickly after breakfast and the thought of a nap was just too inviting to avoid it. Spirit and I went on to spend most of the afternoon on the beach, him running like a crazy dog, much needed, and myself taking photos. Vast in front of me the Ocean throwing it’s mist and it’s salty taste. An inviting log and below I tried to put some of my thoughts together.

Whalen Island  
Whalen Island  

I have had much time to give some serious thoughts about a subject which goes hand in hand with my spirituality, my belief in Karma, the path designed, human principles, every motion of the steps one by one taken by design of the mind. It is one word that can and does circle all of the above. It is a word I only these days learned of it’s true definition, or more truly, besides it’s definition, be the word I did not know would apply to this inner and outer Journey. The word is "Faith".

Whalen Island  
Whalen Island  

It is all at the same time simple and complex, the latter if one misunderstands as I have it’s meaning. I am not on the path of any certain denomination, my beliefs in themselves, however common with many, do stand out on their own, have a substance never unseen on this stage, they encompass the trials and errors of my days, they are my "Faith", I do have Faith and that simple realization has brought in a concrete slab solidly added to my foundation.

Whalen Island  
Whalen Island  

I am very aware what has brought this on. New met Friends this past weekend, a new Friend met here while camping, souls as such lately encountered freely exchanging words of their own hardship. Do names matter? They are themselves proud of it as again, such as I, a choice was there in all our own recent past. Life deals many cards without discrimination. Judy lost a daughter a few years back. Tracy has a terminal medical term that is slowly taking her away at such a young age. Richard had an aneurism at 18. He has not been able to work since. We are however all of us, as the list of names is truly longer, all proud Humans because we had a choice, because we chose the upper path, the one our Faith in our beliefs took us on to it.

Whalen Island  
Whalen Island  

I know Faith in Life had been infiltrating slowly into my Life. It is as my beliefs and all of the above where loose chapters at first in the raw only slowly with time polished and yet have not attained the luster they will have some day, I hope. They are now as being, receiving a hard cover, they are being bonded with a clean seam and a title as a common denominator encompassing it all denoting this vast stage I move on. It adds an order, a meaning to it all, “hope” and yet never promising the solvency of more hardships ahead as it will not halt Life from showing it’s both shiny and dark side. The word and belief of Faith adds a brand that has been missing these past years when emotions passed on through the doors of anger, guilt and finally acceptance.

Whalen Island  

Be well… there is always someone worse off than you are.

Ara & Spirit

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4 Responses to “The Chapters of Life needed a cover and a title. Oregon Coast”

  1. Bill Mcdonald Says:

    A wonderful post with great photography and real spiritual insights.

    Thank you for this gift to us.

    I too feel that faith may be coming into my heart, starting out as a tiny shoot sprouting.

    Thursday I hiked down a desert canyon in 100 degree heat( this is in my most recent blog entry), almost out of water,
    hot as the blazes, no breeze, no shade around, and as I walked around the dogleg, there in the distance was an old, gnarled
    cottonwood tree, and I could see all the leaves moving in a breeze.

    I was too foot sore to run to it, what a great tree, what a time to come across it, as I blogged, if I had died then, it would have
    been a good place for that most private of acts.

    I thanked God for that tree. And a little while later, when some irresponsible target shooter, fired a round which went by my head,
    I thanked him again for the miss.

  2. shadowmoss Says:

    Thank you. Reading this today I felt a bit of solid rock slide securely into my own foundation.

  3. texascindy Says:

    “Faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things unseen.” Hebrews 11:1

    No one can tell you what to have faith in. It is something each of us have to discover on our own.
    I always have you in my prayers, Ara.
    Take care.

  4. The Box Canyon Blogger Says:

    Philosopher Ara… you are tugging at my soul again.

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