The “Black and White” Boogie Man. Tx

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

“Things are always different then what they might be” ~ Henry James

 to the swimming hole  

An aspect of Life I have been trying to surmount in these past times. The absence of the grays were too present. No “maybes” but only a “yes” or a “no”has become of ancient times. “Black and White” defies any understanding of others, of Life itself as none is. The true hues are of so many it encompasses all the emotions one can experience and the presence of suddenly many colors induces such a forward uplift, all moments become amazing observations I would so much like to call maturity. Is it reciprocal? At times yes, at times not, the ladder is of a tall one for all us to climb. “It’s all Good” however, it really is as the moments bring on the real stage we all are on, could even be a pass time of great interest, feelings emanating from experiencing neighbors and Friends and passer bys, unable however at times to look into their own path as the windows are too dark, are so often closed shut for such multitude of reasons which could be most appropriately of their own troubled past.

swimming hole  

We all have had troubled pasts and Life as forward we go seemingly is becoming shorter. What will be the final experiences, what step will we be on, how will we feel if not enabling ourselves to taste all the colors present? With those thoughts in mind we took a ride to again the swimming hole. It is always that magical space while admiring the Gallery of sculptures present, the ones that took the many years to carve for us to finally applaud. Colorful it is, I however wondered what different personality it would project in black and white, the same hues we at times have been locked on unfortunately. Same place, same space, different times as months had gone by and yet, colorless, they now have taken a different charisma, not letting out most of their beauty and projecting a stern being, one I would have wanted to get behind if I had not known in the past their true character.

swimming hole  
swimming hole  

“Black and White”… such a much simpler Life and yet had felt as no reward was awaiting day after day when with doors closed with no opening of the mind toward such others different than myself, others only “respect” on a mutual understanding could put me on their path and vice versa. It is as it has been a sudden liberation, opening my arms, my thoughts, embracing others opinions and making others known that it is as such. Oh! sometimes feeling as all is so complicated when it actually is only the simplicity which results in a harmony created amongst all of us, the “grand prize” always, the understanding of the reason of the many Ice Cream flavors.

swimming hole  
swimming hole  
swimming hole  

This time around the road leading has been washed away almost. One more rain and I think it will be parking for a hike instead of a ride. Amazing Spirit always finding the needed shade as a radar always on a constant search. Beyond looking I now see. It is a vast array but slowly the stage is broken down into the details forming it. Every rock as a miniature landscape of peaks and valleys has it’s own curtain of shadows by this afternoon. Even the “Mexican General” grasshopper does, and soon the same curtain is as slowly dropping bringing in more cooler moments and a darkness present as suddenly the creek is divided in half as day and night.

mexican general  
swimming hole  
swimming hole swimming hole

“Day and night”, “black and white”, “the healthy and the sick”, “peaks and valleys”… all so much makes me realize also learned not so long ago of Life being this eternal balance as we can only constantly sway with the hopes of standing tall. How could we ever understand the both extremes and all in between of what makes this Life if ourselves cannot open up and be filled with this appreciation of not only ourselves, but also of others we encounter, others we work with, call our Friends, not only the ones we Love and cherish, but “all” as I have also realized understanding the traces of all hues unexpectedly brings on the surprises of other Souls suddenly with an acceptance as never before. There is logic in all of this even if the Heart is at times not. I however feel it being beyond logic, a Human factor growing in importance as also “expanding” is so much the need of each other through our own Love and emotions.

swimming hole swimming hole
swimming hole  

Ara & Spirit

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to the swimming hole  
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5 Responses to “The “Black and White” Boogie Man. Tx”

  1. Judy LaParne Says:

    Oh, Ara… these shots are wonderful! Erie and strange and yet fabulous. You are the master, my friend. You make everything look good in any color.

  2. Judy LaParne Says:

    I was so taken by the photographs that I forgot to say that some of the things you said in this blog post gave me shivers. How do you always manage to do that?? ..she laughs…

  3. Randy Says:

    Thanks Ara, you are right, I need to enjoy each step, breathe deeply, taste, touch and see between.

  4. Bronco-Jim (Jim Wiley) Says:

    I like the B&W shots. I think you should further explore shapes you experience without color; specifically in the Winter. But don’t go all B&W with the sunsets. God continues to be the master artist with his sunsets.

  5. Lyle Says:

    My high school photography class (decades ago) was taught using black and white, partly because we could quickly and inexpensively develop the film and print the pics ourselves (advantages that digital photography brought to color photography), but also because it made it easier to isolate things like motion, design, pattern, contrast, outlines, etc., from the colors in a scene which are so often a glorious distraction.

    Your images on this page remind me of our work in that class and the work of Ansel Adams. Well done! Thanks, as always.

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