Thanking my present Destiny… TX

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.”        ~ Thornton Wilder ~

In the Park-14

It has been an incredible week in more ways than one. I have changed the title of this entry so many times, being “thankful” I felt is the right one. Life is always exceptional when the good rides on many paths to culminate within an indescribable feeling. As much as precious every moment present has been and is, the confidence and comfort of a future ahead is a gratification I can only see as a Gift slowly being wrapped, to then only be in slow motion unwrapped while in constant celebration of such forthcoming moments being carried over as Life itself is only the fruit of such junctures.

In the Park-2

In the Park

In the Park-6

Spirit and I sit here now, we are alone. I thought we lived in total silence, I really did not realize how much. The space is deserted more than ever. It is as last Saturday was only minutes away when in the usual clouds of dust off this destined dirt road, Robin, Audrey and Miss Lovey arrived. Yet as myself in constant motion toward higher grounds, the five of us also these past days also leaped onto some steps forward, some tall ones, ones only kindred spirits together can take. We are alone indeed, the physical presence has now taken the road back to Tucson, yet, we will never again be alone as between us there is, has been, again inexplicable, this connection that is and has been always a kindred messenger on the go, never stopping it’s own motion for us to feel each other regardless of any distance present.

In the Park-4

In the Park-3

In the Park-5

And now what? I am thinking. The scales of this ever present balance are leveled. The road calls as neither of us will let the other down within their own needs and desires to continue the Life we have chosen. So strange that all my Life I have only heard this saying “You cannot have your cake and eat it too”, as today we both have come to the conclusion that indeed “We can have our cake and eat it also”. How many times have I heard in times past from other riders when planning a short Journey “let me see if I can get a pass for this weekend…” or better yet, as throughout a day ride in the midst of a great afternoon “I have to get back to my chores I was asked to do… otherwise… ”. I have found a kindred spirit that amazed me while in this environment harsh of nature with lack of city comfort. It has been as every situation had this solution for the five of us to live such joyful and fun and loving days.

In the Park-12

In the Park-8

In the Park-11 In the Park-9

In the Park-13

And yes this Journey will continue, Spirit and I at times, the five of us at other times, so much to look forward to. So much so I have to get busy here preparing for our departure very soon. Suddenly so much to do as also slowly this body of mine is healing from the recent surgery, not as fast as I would have wanted, acceptance however is always the only solution. Cameras to be send out to be cleaned, oil change, sorting much in this “giant green” shipping container of ours trying to sell some items such as a couple tents not used anymore and who knows what else. Packing for the months ahead embracing the simple Life as it is always when being on our path for Spring, Summer and Fall while again zigzagging the country to witness this beauty ever lasting Mother Nature Nature never stops offering us. 

In the Park-15

"I have had a great deal of interest in my photography over the years, for which I am grateful. Their sales are of much importance funding this Journey. I have been adding some photos lately, there will be more as I sift through about 100,000 of them. My “Zen Gallery” is an easy one to navigate on. Please take a look. For merchandise also SmugMug stands for quality. For contributions to defer the always rising Internet costs please use the toolbar above.”

*All the Photos within the context have been taken by Robin.

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Ara & Spirit

Be Safe and well
Peace, Love, Courage

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2 Responses to “Thanking my present Destiny… TX”

  1. heyduke50 Says:

    thanks for sharing the picture of “Mule Ears” with us… many fond memories of the hikes near there…

  2. Mihai Says:

    Ara, Spirit, thank you…

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