"Spirited Road", Texas

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

tractor a

Funny as just the other day while riding some unpaved roads in the middle of nowhere, leading to nowhere, I was wondering "who"… "when" and "how" the very first person passing through ever decided to turn here or there and "make" that road. Why here? why the curve? Was there a reason or was it just "because" it looked like the best way to go from point "A" to point "B". So yesterday with Rob’s help and this tractor, we went on to make us a living "space". Had not thought about it too much and as the tractor was unloaded the question was asked… "where would you like the road?". I don’t think it is a daily event in anyone’s Life to decide about such a task. So I walked around, again, one more time with Spirit as we had done the past days, and taking in consideration the vegetation and some ground which looked like it might had stagnant water in rainy season, I picked an area not too far off the road (that congested road!) as that would be it… it would be the center of our Oasis.

tractor b

tractor c  

We took advantage of a break in the road already there and tractor purring behind me while walking ahead, the first run of the first path was drawn on this ground welcoming us. Avoiding dense vegetation, the beautiful cactuses and some other purple and red seeded plants of names yet unknown, that was it… not a straight road, but a nice curvy one, one that looks like the entrance of a multi million dollar Estate, as it is one. The brushes dictated its path, I wanted a minimum impact on this land leaving as much as possible of an undisturbed space.

road a

road b  

We circled an area which is flat and with the least amount of plants needing to be pulled out, something I did by hand and a pick as to not disturb the soil. No U turn will be needed, just smooth curves leading back to the entrance road, a circle. What a plan! We did open up another path off the circle leading to a big area where I think, if needed, tents can be set up for my traveler Friends. This of course has brought up a lot of thoughts on how we are going to live for the time while here and roaming Texas and the near by States till April, when we will take off again, tent and all, "White Elephant" staying put, to roam the country with thoughts next year of riding Labrador with a group of other sidecarists.

road c  

road d

There are many ways to go about this. A water trailer with a pump and fill it a few miles up the road from a Mine that sells it, not potable that is. Drinking water from town. Water and emptying the septic tank are the main concerns. Most likely till those steps are taken, all costly for now, we will just drive "White Elephant" to Terlingua about twice a month and also always have a couple or more empty water jugs in the rig  to fill when riding around. It will all work out, I like to keep it simple…

road e  

road f  

So we are done… that is it, all is ready! What more can we ask for? I cannot deviate from the "camping" term, that is what I like doing, the way I like living, there is no need for anything else but a space to park ourselves on. We also cut a path all around the square property, a path wide enough to walk the four sides of it, 660 feet four times… half a mile. It is a lot of land… to me anyhow. My big surprise is Spirit! Off the leash he does not wander and actually stays near by very close and I can tell he feels free as ever roaming around with me. We actually finished early, Spirit and Rob started playing while I was trying to capture it all on camera. Spirit has taken a real liking to Rob… dogs know so well "good people".

spirit b 

spirit a  

Spirit the Clown… a never boring show!!! No… this is not "Photoshop" as I see it all over photo galleries… as in copy and paste!

spirit c  

spirit e

And when there is no effort on our part to scratch his back, Spirit can take care of it himself as he often does. There is not a day that goes by thinking how fortunate I am of his company… even if I have to "chauffeur" him around!

spirit f

I found out that I can now also have an address, meaning a mail box on the main road, 1 1/4 mile away! Cell phones of course have no reception but I also found out as seeing a phone box 1/2 mile away that the phone company will pull a line with also a DSL Internet connection. Might be able to do away with my Hughes Internet Dish… All this just sounds so "residential"! All the comforts of Life…


On another front, the Mustang Shelby’s have been in town this weekend between Lajitas, Terlingua, Alpine and Ft Davis. Displayed "toys" and other means of transportation as above which led me to think… there is my living budget for truly a Lifetime considering how many millions this plane costs! The car? That is at least five years on the road I imagine. I did however had a chance to meet Carroll Shelby last night, a real nice and very pleasant man who autographed my riding jacket… E Bay? Maybe…

Carroll Sheby 

signature jacket  

I love the picture of Carroll Shelby with a young admirer! I did not realize till I saw this picture how much gray my hair had turned! It was truly a double take… so now I am "old"… the proof is in front of me. Funny. There will be more about the Mustangs next time, their procession at… "low speed" (right!) down the highway and some games they played on the Airport tarmac of Lajitas. In the meantime a couple more days in Alpine, this is not somewhere we will run up for a jug of milk, being 55 miles away, of course there will always be Terlingua 23 miles away.

cars k


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Be well, always. Ara & Spirit

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7 Responses to “"Spirited Road", Texas”

  1. judy Says:

    Still following your journey.
    Here’s something you could build slowly http://cobinbaja.blogspot.com/
    If you did an outdoor composting toilet (very easy, sawdust and a 5 gallon bucket) you wouldn’t need as much water or to dump quite so often.

  2. Dee Says:

    Ara,your home! How does it feel? When you go to town go to the library and check out a magazine called Mother Earth News. It it full of plans and ideas for being selfsufficient on your land. Good luck and have fun! Dee

  3. Tim Says:

    Ara, Cool diggs! I hope you enjoy your new place!

  4. Ring Huggins Says:

    Happy to see you back.

    Ring and daughter Spirit…yep…same name as the doggie!

  5. jeff Says:

    I cant wait to see some good campsite pictures once you get all settled in at that spot. Its nice to see how you get all set up. Great stuff here Ara.

  6. abraxas Says:

    “Wherever he laid his hat was him home” 😉

    Looks like a fine home to me 😀

  7. Jack Hettrick Says:

    Ara – Congratulations on your new home base. I’m a great believer that when something’s supposed to be, things go smoothly. Seems like that’s what is happening here for you. I’m looking forward to our adventure together next summer.

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