Sneaking to the keyboard, Tx

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

Finally today I get to wear my coats. Of course I wish he would take on the effort to take them off at night instead of having to play Houdini for a while till they come off, and same thing every morning as he has to ask me “how did you do this?”. Dah! Redundant… Love is in the air for sure these past days since he feels better, and speaking about air, I finally don’t have to put up with this smoke that always for some unknown and mysterious reason came my way up my nostrils and ruined all the good smells I enjoy so much. Food, give me food. How can anyone be inhaling fire smoke! I waited so patiently when they took him away to the Hospital and they would not let me ride with the sirens. I knew he would come back, so when they left me with Paul and Voni, in a real house… with a real bed, I just had to take advantage of it. I did get caught, I know a picture was taken, but I faked it and did not even open my eyes. Paul is always so nice to me, I knew he would not budge me!

 Spirit sleeping a

So we had to go to Alpine today, it was a brisk 41 degrees when we left and I knew it would get colder when we go up that Mountain. I did not mind, being all dressed up, again, specially since it was a good cause about getting his medication for the coming month. I love my Life with him, I love to ride, I eat well and I get to clown around every morning just to please him with this stupid tennis ball I have to fake as loosing it sometimes, but bring it back just so I can get my early morning treats. Amazing how Humans can be so gullible. I just wish he would stop yelling “get the ball” about a hundred times. I am not stupid, I know about the ball. So of course sometimes I won’t bring it back just so he has to go and get it so I can take a breather. When I am full, I fake it and just lay down and breathe heavy, I am telling you… gullible.

spirit a  

spirit c  

A red coat covered with a purple coat, red goggles today and of course the one thing I hate the most, the stupid helmet. Specially since he added this sticker people think it is so funny that says “BITE ME”. It just gives me a bad aura as already looking like a clown going through town I have to put up with the gazillion people that want my picture. He has become wiser lately and just walks away letting me deal with it my own way. I have a good heart, so even if I am laying down I get up most of the time, after all I am the one they call “cute” and “good looking”, I know to his frustration as my poor buddy is never asked to be in the picture. So I don’t smile, I just don’t want him to know that I am glowing, he might get jealous after all. Only wish he would clean my goggles a bit more often, I cannot even see who’s up there half of the time, I can only figure them out by their smell and generally it is passable, not that often in the summer time. Maybe some day we will have a car like all my normal buddies.

spirit b


He has cut my windshield down for the summer, which is nice as it keeps me cooler. I just wonder always when we are going to go back to a winter windshield. My nose keeps running all the time when it is this cold and everything just slides up my lenses. Eventually he will get the message because I shake my head and take them off every time we stop. Us Dogs rule the World, we have our own ways to be silent and be waited on, but sometimes I really wonder if we should just take over, some things like this windshield are just not working out very well and it takes so long to get the message across.

spirit a  

Louisiana riders a

So we met some other riders and of course he has to stop and chat for hours. A couple of them are from Louisiana and one more is Will which we met a while back. He is from Chicago and now like us a transplant for the winter. Nice kid, already has a job in Terlingua, I just wished he would not be looking at me like he did specially that he did not have a camera. I almost growled “what are you looking at?”… No use though, I know we were parked for a while, eventually I knew I would get to see some brown dried up grass, a bit foul in the city but when you got to go one cannot be as choosy as when on “The Oasis” where I run free and never use the same spot.


This was almost like the other day when going to meet his Friends for dinner in Terlingua. We had to stop to only get some propane and fuel. I already don’t like to share the sidecar with a propane bottle, and the chat that day was unbelievable. Both errands at the same store, trying to cover 30 miles… it took us two and a half hours to finally get there so I could stretch and do my thing. Of course they never fed me, I do get sick on human food, his expression was so incredible the one morning after I did a while back. He really, and I mean really, did not have fun cleaning up after me.

Louisiana riders b

Now that he is feeling a bit better, he wants to go camping in a tent. Again, I don’t understand. We are nice and warm here, we are comfy, I have a nice bed with a nice blanket, but no… we have to go and rough it. We are only going next door to the Park which actually being lower elevation will probably be warmer. But then, just when I thought we were going to wait for May, I hear it will be on to Death Valley, a thousand miles away. Where is the logic in all of this? I might be able to run away and stay with Paul and Voni up the road, that bed sure felt nice all night.

spirit b

It was such a close call a month ago, when I saw him stand up and heard him mumble his good byes with his colors changing and a smell of ill fated future, that I try real hard to show him the positive path of my Life. Unencumbered, living for the moment, for now and that is it. Of course Human minds don’t work the same as ours, so complex and complicated like a tennis ball they just cannot leave alone. But he is getting around and there has been some improvements over the past. When obstacles arise, he does look at me and asks me what I would do? I never have anything to say because there really is nothing to do. I wait for the next meal, the next ride as he just also should do. The real pain is when he wakes me up in the evening or early morning insisting. So, okay, I have to turn my head around, give him a stare of understanding and if I get lucky try to find that same warm spot in my blanket before it looses its heat. He gets the message…

OK… it is late, I have to give the key board back before he wakes up, I also need my 12 hour sleep, I have no doubt I will have to again chase that stupid ball in the morning.

What’s that smell?… Spirit

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12 Responses to “Sneaking to the keyboard, Tx”

  1. James NomadRip Says:

    HA! Spirit, you should write a book about your travels! It would make an interesting perspective! You’re always welcome to stop by or stay a while if you come this way! With or without “what’s his name” 🙂

  2. Shawn K (St. George) Says:

    Great one. Very creative. I’m glad all is well. Spirit, thanks for taking care of Ara.

  3. joe Says:

    You live a good life, Spirit. I’ll be living the RV and riding life here in a few years and we’ll come down and see you one day. Until then, be well and continue to boost your caretaker’s, uh, spirits.

  4. Randy Reynolds Says:

    Just caught our pit Natasha reading the computer and she suddenly wanted me to take her outside with her ball. Only there are six inches of snow on the ground and it’s only 14. We got back inside and she said she finally read something that makes sense and why don’t I hook up the camper and take her south.

  5. texascindy Says:

    Spirit, you have such a great way with words! Ara has taught you well about many things but I know that you have been just as important a teacher to him…I’m very glad you two have each other!

  6. Genete & Jeff Says:

    LOVE the story from Spirit! It is nice to hear what he thinks. Glad all is well with you both.

  7. Froggi Donna Says:

    OMG…I laughed, I cried….once again what can I say….THANK YOU for being part of my life.

  8. Mark Says:

    Greetings Spirit, You sure have a way with words on how life is. I am looking forward to meeting you in the Tucson area (30 smiles south), so when your in town look me up. My master met you and your master in Torry Utah at the gas stop/Subway last summer.

    Happy Trails,

    Mya (Rott/Boxer)

  9. abraxas Says:

    It’s a dog’s life i tell ya …. 😀
    Had me giggling out loud at the office … have a great snooze 😉

  10. Richard van Zyl Says:

    Nice one.

    Fantasticly entertaining…once again….


  11. The Artful Adventurer Says:

    Spirit needs his own blog site…
    loved it.

  12. Belinda Salinas Says:

    jajajaja…you had me laughing up a storm Spirit. Glad to read things from your point of view, like one reader said you should consider writing a book with your take on your travels. I am glad Ara has you by his side, keep taking good care of him.


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