Slicing the Silence of Time, TX

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

"There is a theory which states that if ever anybody discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory which states that this has already happened."— Douglas Adams


So many aspects of Life are lately jumping up high, they are making faces, some are smiling and some are not, as always those are ones I wish I could with the cup of my hands nurture my own way. The calendar, the clock, those arms which incessantly will not stop or slow down are of my worries, not as much for myself but for the too many others caught in a whirlpool of only blur moments. I “thank” these days the ones that have taken the "time" to write. I honestly try to reply. I thank the ones even engaging in conversations as two having "that time" now, without being past or future. I am learning to listen as others do with respect as even a pause in between exchanges of words can deepen the thoughts which might have been otherwise maybe shallow or overrated. I do all this because we make our own time and my own past was always ahead of it, only because this mainstream we have lived in demanded it.

Horse riding group-4  

One can feel one another throughout such conversations. A look up or down or away, absent gaze, fidgety body language or a reply even before one’s sentence is over. And of course… “I am running late”, the classic, not escape but highway to a faster inner Life. It is so often as an eight course meal inhaled even while burning hot to only… why? It is not of obligations we should set aside, but a taste of each others soul and mind otherwise unavailable over one’s head it flies and never reappears. Time is what money cannot buy, neither can we borrow it, less rent it. Why not make the best of it as sometimes I know that is all we have. I am very aware how Spirit and I live. I have been 
calling it the 50% Life with a 100% return. The dividends are all within, it is becoming an inner wealth as there not much to show for on the outer or even needed when the basic needs are covered. And again it goes back to time, as I more and more I find my richness reading and hearing of other’s words, knowing as I do here extend a count of value to reach and communicate.

Horse riding group Horse riding group-3

So now feeling balanced, my seemingly ongoing juggling act through constant present moments, tonight after reading a few other’s adventures on the road, well, I feel stale. Dr tomorrow in Alpine, Dentist Monday in Valentine and this weekend actually "hired" as a Photographer. It is as where did this come from? A gentleman from San Antonio is trying to set up bicycle tours for athletes in the area and would like some of their photos while riding, also images of the landscape for his website. It will be River Rd on Saturday and near by Marfa on Sunday morning. I need to consider these days as mini adventures! Beyond all this the coast is clear, let’s avoid I was thinking last season’s Death Valley almost disastrous adventure.The eternal call for on the road. I just came across a website with just about all the Ghost Towns of Texas. It is though to find them as I really like Ghost Towns and their history. It will be a matter to be in their vicinity and get directions from locals, near by still alive towns. Most are not on the map, directions are hazy, all parts and aspects of it will be of the challenge.

Old Faithful-3 Old Faithful-6
Old Faithful-4 Old Faithful-5

Suddenly it is Saturday night. The photo shoot was fun as it lasted till mid afternoon. More tomorrow ending with a real Texas BBQ in Marfa! What more can I ask for. We met in Fort Leaton and four riders pedaled the 60 miles to the Ghost Town followed by a support vehicle. I was behind, I was ahead, I was everywhere waiting to take the photos as I had already ridden it very early this morning going the other way and took advantage of the better light for the landscape shots. Up and down the hills they went, 4 riders, 2 couples united most likely by the love of bicycling. I was tired just watching them pedal to no end with only a lunch break halfway. I will have photos next time as today I felt that “Old Faithful”, this old girl born in 1996 with now 217,000 miles deserved her own page. Even her own video. ANIMOTO is so easy to use. She knows about “time”. She “slices” through it day after day… and never washes. She sure has her own smells now, a bit of fuel fume and a bit too much of that grayish smoke at times, sometimes even a bit of oil aroma floats up in the air here and there. “Mister Litigator” also sure was due to make an appearance. He is from Naples, Florida, an escaped obviously Attorney, he has been hanging on to that mirror for all these miles now, through thick and thin. He does not bathe either.

Old Faithful-20  
Old Faithful-11 Old Faithful-12
Old Faithful Old Faithful-22
Old Faithful-9  

I have not been this busy in such a long time. I enjoyed the day, except for the fact that I could not stop and chat with others on the way. I had even once the need to say “I am working”, as they looked at me kind of strange wanting to know what I could be doing working while riding around on this so beautiful and perfect day.

Old Faithful-25  
Old Faithful-17  

Till next time, you all be well, always, it is our best choice.

Ara & Spirit (who did nothing today but pose himself for others cameras…)

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3 Responses to “Slicing the Silence of Time, TX”

  1. Louise Says:

    What a treat to see so many photos of “Old Faithful”! I love to see vehicles with many miles on them. If a machine had a soul, it would be fulfilled through work, through use. Otherwise, the engineering and craftsmanship of good design is wasted. Some say we abuse our bus by taking it off road and into the desert, but they don’t know the joy of an engine under load. It sings!

    And I know the bicycle tour people will be delighted with your photos. I am looking forward to seeing some of those.

  2. BoB Says:

    WoW…Just reading your blog here and you were right out in front of me on River Road!!! We are camped along the river. We would have loved to meet you two! Maybe are “timing” wasn’t rite? Till we meet my friend…Happy Travels 😉

  3. Randy Says:

    “Old Faithful’s” good vibes made it all the way to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We had fabulous riding weather the past two days. My V-Strom 1000 just would not sit still. Now I know why she made me ride all afternoon. With only 2,200 miles on the odometer we’ve a long way to catch up.

    I look forward to every one of your posts. Each or your pictures trasports me to its place.

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