Seasons Greetings and Reflection from Tucson. AZ

Saturday, December 25th, 2010
"Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared." ~ Buddha ~

A walk through Winterheaven-20

The traveler skidded sideways off the black top and on to the dirt in this turmoiled cloud of dust. As he pulled himself out of the car he threw his arms up in the air as if pointed to the skies in a total indignated manner, could not take a deep breath as his body was being shaken with every semi going by, fumes, smells and all. Freeways! Now that is creativity, what a concept, probably the best aspect in traveling to keep everyone in tight sequence when going from point A to point B in this fast and faster world of ours. This sure is keeping everyone off my favorite tracks we normally pursue to no end, have pursued these past years, he thought.. His gaze went into the horizon, “that space” he so much preferred to be at as he thought for a few seconds about abandoning it all and with his Dog start walking and walking some more till over that hill where all present would turn into a past and instant mirage, but, the fences were up, fences on this physical path as he thought again as often he has done, the physical translates too often into the mental aspect, and vice versa.

A walk through Winterheaven-11

A walk through Winterheaven-9

Was is it a moment of weakness? or only being part of this Human race we except so much of? The road is long, paved at time and at times left in the raw where the need to conquer will always be present. Physical, mental, all is an adventure as when refusing to be confined to our four walls which might provide the so false sense of security one might think present. None is. The only sense of security I have ever found has been within myself, containing the awful threat of the fear of the fear. Moving forward, the help of the vibes felt, lending of the constructive words of so many others, the hugs and the comfort of a Loved one, the smile of your dog, your pet, yes, that one, the one which lives on the stage of unconditional Love always giving day after day. Mother Nature’s Sun rays or for that matter her mood of the grandiose Life she projects to us, even when stormy only to remind us of our humbleness so we can when in need help each other and realize the futility of our own priorities.

A walk through Winterheaven-29

A walk through Winterheaven-21

Priorities, such a big word and meaning which so often escapes in this dead of winter. On the road when moving under fair weather they are more of physical ones. Where to set up a tent, plan B if suddenly the skies breaks down, looking out for our health, escape routes, the repeat after myself when the road through the canyon seems to be narrowing "U Turn…", the check list of spare parts, ingredients for food, water for the both of us and more water needed to make it back to get again the same more water, our safety net. The list it endless.

A walk through Winterheaven-31

A walk through Winterheaven-18

They are easy priorities, maybe not so for the inexperienced outdoor being, they are the fruit of the day in and day out on this path. There is no survival without them. Yet, the mental priorities are also always riding along as a permanent fixture regardless of the backdrop we are within. Experience helps, has as time has gone, yet the clarity of it all never compares to the solution of a rainy day or a broken part. The physical backdrop is a diversion, a beautiful diversion, the mental present is not a diversion as it is felt down to the core of this body filled with so much emotions and sensitivity.

A walk through Winterheaven-24

A walk through Winterheaven-13

Why have the mental priorities have always these past years taken the foreground of my nights and days? It all came upon the realization a bit over four years ago that I was going to surmount this tragedy when one looses their Child, their only Child. It all came upon me when I was trying, and still do, chipping one blow at the time at this granite path that was not going to budge as instead it all slowly formed into this image of Hope and Faith reading other’s words when within myself they also added the strength needed on the handle of these miraculous tool which appeared for me to use. Writing. The priorities went on and encrypted themselves ready for the taking, ready to be picked and used and re-used from within as needed for situations arising. Nothing else has mattered. Nothing. The inner wealth as a daily deposit in this account null at first has now grown into an astronomical sum and yet with it’s own rough spots, it’s own terrain sometimes so smooth when the speed is picked up and sometimes lined with the boulders of Life unable to surmount them alone, only traversed with the such words of others lining up these pages and personal letters. I am so thankful for them.

A walk through Winterheaven-5

A walk through Winterheaven-4

A walk through Winterheaven-32 A walk through Winterheaven-6

The priorities as such have shifted escaping the “me” into the “others”. Knowing that the path has itself enriched my Friends, maybe shown a passage at first foreign to many, maybe shedding a meaningful light that it is indeed possible to leave much of the material wealth behind and transform it into the wealth of the Heart with all the positive experiences Life has in store for us, finding the key to that door and with no hold bar opening it even if so blinded by the sparks awaiting on the other side of what I might have thought was another barrier to surmount, but was not. Erasing one’s self and transposing such priorities toward Friends placed ahead of the links we carry can only open their kindness and in turn their own shifting of their own priorities. The circle closes, it is then Peace all around and smiles are always so much more pleasant on this incoming mental Freeway…    

Wishing you all a Happy Holiday and “Thank You” for riding this Journal with us, the greatest Gift experienced.

A walk through Winterheaven

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Peace, Love, Courage

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2 Responses to “Seasons Greetings and Reflection from Tucson. AZ”

  1. Baron's Life Says:

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
    All the best for 2011

  2. Louise Says:

    Peace, love and joy be with you as this year turns into the next, my friend.

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