Riding with Pots and Pans…

Thursday, December 21st, 2006

And yes… more shots were send to me by the San Antonio Riders, only to prove that I am only the "chauffeur" these days… Dogs rule the World I think… actually I am pretty sure of it!


It was a great day around camp yesterday, even doing laundry was a pleasure as I met a Forest Service Ranger from Utah and had an interesting conversation, Jonathan. A must I concluded from our conversation, was to visit the Big Basin in Nevada when the weather warms up… Again one area I have no knowledge about!… I have definitely explored the Northern States too much I think… and I am excited now to be South. And here I thought… what will I do all winter in the South!

The day went by too fast… with the obligatory "siesta"… I am not going to lie here… I love this life, even if we are bracing for some cold weather around the corner.

Once in a while I will write about what I cook… Generally one pan meal, minor preparation, but tasty… you can try it at home… you can try it as you yourself get on the road… or prepare it at home and cook it on the road! This will happen specially if the local fare is in full bloom… sorry… not here however… not right now… I have not mastered the "cactus" option yet…

With some pictures on SmugMug and some hints…

Set the "style" on "JOURNAL"… and it will be all yours!


Ara and the very content Spirit!

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