Riding Joshua Tree NP, CA.

Friday, February 9th, 2007






I have my own rock for a few days it seems like, lucky to pull in “Belle” campground off the main road that crosses Joshua Tree. This is where you want to camp when you arrive here. A 2 T shirt day, liner if riding and a bit cloudy, tough on pictures. How can this country have such a variety of geographical sceneries? The question actually, as “dhu”, we all know the answer… should be… how lucky can we be? Just a few miles south is Anza Borrego and so different, just a few miles north is Mojave Preserve and again comes across as another region.

I figured, instead of explaining this region’s scenery, I would post this explanation that says it all! The two rocks touching without ever blending are all over this Park surrounded by the Joshua Trees.

There are actually two types of desert within this Park. The Mojave and the Colorado, making it a transition Park, and three quarters of this Park are off limits, designated for permanent protection as wilderness… and of course, one can only imagine the wildlife in that particular region where no one is allowed!

We have taken comfort in no time, the Dish is up, still a foreign aspect of this Journey for me!

There is no phone, no power (we run the generator when needed) and no water… but… here is an Internet connection, and a good one I must say.

There is a sense of, hate to use the word, laziness here, the scenery is so different and so peaceful that I just want to sit… and do nothing and feel good about it. This has been the quietest camping I have done since we have left… and again… if I want to continue posting here, the Dish is allowing me to do so, without being restricted to an area or having to run to town when needed.

And I remember, as you might also, having doubt about this whole process…

We left the campground this morning, due north on Pinto Basin Road, just a few miles only with a left turn which took us passed many other campgrounds and also Old Mine Road… an easy dirt road. There is no in between in this Park, as far as the dirt roads goes, they are easy or… real rough, totally non maintained requiring a much higher clearance that I do not have… reason most likely for not seeing any bikes around, dual sport bikes anyhow.

Quite a change from the sand in Anza Borrego… Back on the black top, another left took us to Keys View, again as I mentioned, a tough day for pictures… The quality of the roads are awesome, clean, smooth in most part, only the last part to the top of the hill of Keys View was a bit rough. You can see Salton Sea in the background if you squint a bit!… and of course Indio in the picture below to the right… a bit of geography here!


I honestly kept thinking about the campground we were in! It is so unlike other places, so comfortable… my nice Kermit chair and a book… life could just go one forever here! I think that is what we will do tomorrow… lounge around… many trails around also… It feels like we are camping on top of the World! And by the way… we do lounge around a lot, I just don’t write about it!… not much to say regarding that subject… right?

*2 climbers 

We end up checking out all the other campgrounds, they all have been designed around the big rocks, a nice touch, and we came across many rock climbers in Hidden Valley, which is a bit more south into the Park. There was actually what I consider quite a crowd, Los Angeles is not far… this has to be a prime area for rock climbers. We got back early today… we did nap… yes, Spirit naps also! He is just too great lately, our relationship keeps getting better and better and he is only around three years old!

There will be more tomorrow… I think I took too many pictures today… each rock has a face and just the thought that it has always been there is a miracle of Mother Nature. I hope you do not get tired of seeing rocks… that is all there is here besides the trees… I will try to keep it interesting for you… as it is for us…

The skull???

I already know that the next stop, very short one… will be the city of Indio… Pharmacy, will try to get a tire there… errands… the must to do stuff! But I will try to stretch it here as much as possible… before going back to Mojave Preserve which besides Mitchell Caverns have not seen much of it..

You be well… and… I received an e mail today, reminding me to keep an eye on the Space riders that might descent on us… since I have now a Dish… they are probably reading this too…

A favor to ask you all… could you please pick your ten favorite pictures for the past three months or so… you can post them as your favorites in comments or e mail directly to me. By day of the Blog and number in descending order, as for example the first… second or so on. 10 days for the results?… If ten are too much even one would be nice… a few better!


A picture that you would like to see often… for a T Shirt, a Mug Maybe… a Beer Stein, a mouse pad… you tell me! Even a poster… and I will have a calendar next year…

 Thank you… and be well.

Ara and Spirit (UralGrowl)


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3 Responses to “Riding Joshua Tree NP, CA.”

  1. vic Says:

    cool stuff

  2. David Says:

    It was very nice meeting you in Joshua Tree on Saturday, you have some excellent photos here considering the skies that day. And you are spot on about that campsite, what a most enjoyable corner of the planet.
    Safe riding to ya,
    David (with the green Jeep 4 door)

  3. Jeff Says:

    Thanks for sharing! Favorite Photos? Scrap in the sidecar at the Dog Bakery, Scrap in the Natural Bridge, Skull Rock.

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