Regrouping here at “The Oasis”. TX

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

“Some Daily thoughts, a bit of mental therapy, published weekly or so…”

"For a transitory enchanted moment man must have held his breath in the presence of this continent, compelled into an aesthetic contemplation he neither understood nor desired, face to face for the last time in history with something commensurate to his capacity for wonder." 
~ F. Scott Fitzgerald ~

Crusty-4 xxx

And some Music… Such a Classic, “Love will keep us Alive” by “The Eagles”. I sure hope it does.


Paul and Voni xxx

Paul and Voni-2 xxx

Meeting my wonderful Friends and Neighbors Paul and Voni Glaves is always a treat. Of course, who gets the attention?

Regrouping I am finding is kind of fun. It is as floating in between the present reality and the future one knowing very well it will not quite exactly happen as planned! Of course not.

We are closing on 6 years being wanderers throughout this Country. Have I learned a lot? Yes.
Has it changed me mentally and physically? Yes.
Have I come to terms loosing my only Child and Best Friend "Lance"? No.
"Some", as I use that term loosely, consider since eight years have passed, that I should be over it. Those "some", please keep those opinions for yourselves. You are anyhow cowardly always using fake e mail addresses! There is no worse aspect to be preached by "some" who have never been in contemplation of such situation. And please, leave my Mother out of it! That is below the belt. I feel sorry for your mind. What are you doing here reading this anyhow? Please get some help. Mental help.
Have I learned to live with it? I have learned that writing and taking my Son with me on a Tour of "Our Own Backyard" has been the best therapy ever. Yes.

 camper xxx

We are in Terlingua after all!

Would or could this be the end of the road for us? No. I feel as we have just began. It truly feels as such. Specially when here at "The Oasis" trying to regroup for these winter months awaiting parts and some needed items. When I do a Presentation, the sub title is always "Your own Backyard…". I would have loved going back to Europe with the hack and Spirit, push on to China, India, Mongolia and come back years later after closing the physical gap and shout real loud "We have been around the World". It was always a thought and who knows, maybe some day in our non planned Life it might happen. Not right now.

Dinner-3 xxx

A simple dinner. Basmati rice with sautéed vegetables, grilled chicken topped with Cheddar cheese and sprinkled with Cilantro. There is not even the need for a recipe here.  

As yes, we live in such an incredible Country, so huge and vast and diverse that a Lifetime will not be enough to conquer it’s visual and spiritual aspects. Another reality is the fact that how many have truly the time off and the funds to go around the World, a World today which has changed so much, a boiling pot within those Countries I frequented so innocently in my youth while hitchhiking or other modes of transportation. Those days I am afraid are a bit over. Looking over my shoulder does not provide me with any joy and is not a path I care to take for us. 

Ara and Spirit-2 xxx

Spirit-3 xxx

I have a tendency to not write much about the spaces we take on roots for a while, only too often maybe just posting the photos while there. I myself never want to know too much about an area beforehand. I like the surprise element. While there, exploring, feeling, reading about it, it’s past as also it’s present. Stopping with the locals to find some gems never advertised as was the case with "Recaptured Pocket" in Utah. As I feel now a new beginning, another page turning, maybe the path of this Journal might change a bit as I know so many would like to know more about "their own backyard". The drivers, the riders, the ones with limited funds and limited time. India or China or Russia, none are on their routes. Our Path is.

Primus Bag also holding the Slat Grill xxx Slat Grill_ xxx

Primus Titanium Ti5 Stove with Slat Grill all fitting in one bag.

Slat Grill_-9 xxx Slat Grill_-3 xxx

Slat Grill used with wood or stove! 

Slat Grill_-10 xxx

He is patiently waiting.

Camping gear has also changed much throughout these past years, much of it geared toward being minimalist and more competent toward a certain comfort and toughness enabling to withstand Mother Nature’s capricious moods. Items are made smaller and lighter. My own kitchen has shrank by I would say 300%! So much we truly do not need while on the road. I would like to take the path sharing those items we use a bit more in the sense of helping others and at the same time get into more details about our own whereabouts. 

Bucket - Light - Shower xxx

The quarter gives an idea of this shower, bucket and night light which does provide a slight heat. From “Sea to Summit”. Unfolded below.

Bucket - Light - Shower-6 Bucket - Light - Shower-5
Bucket - Light - Shower-3 Bucket - Light - Shower-4 xxx

Multimat xxx

Pad-3 xxx

Ever needed an all purpose mat? Strong foam on one side and fast drying ripstop nylon on the other side? No shoes allowed!

Sleeping Pad - Chair xxx

Sleeping Pad - Chair-2 xxx

This sleeping pad is the SIM  Comfort 10 with a –54F [R 9.5] value, 10cm of height. It also doubles as a chair, from Exped, just as the pad. The ultimate warmth, comfort and convenience.

Sleeping Pad - Chair-3 xxx Sleeping Pad - Chair-4 xxx

Sleeping Bag Liner_-2 xx

Crusty-4 xxx (2)

The first chair in over twenty years more comfortable than my Kermit chair, and adjustable!

My Kitchen has shrank…


Kitchen-2 xxx

Only what is really needed and still having the ability for the “One~Pan” recipes.

Kitchen-6 xxx

This will give us 6G of water including a similar one in the nose of the sidecar.[Fuel 7.5G]

Kitchen-5 xxx

An Ortlieb Bag, 100% waterproof as all our bags are to store our winter heated gear and rain gear, all easily accessible with it’s wide opening mouth.

This little bag is a sleeping bag liner and will add another 25 degrees of warmth to our existing –10 degree sleeping bag!

Sleeping Bag Liner_

We cannot end without a Sunset… can we? Magic always here at “The Oasis”. Dedicated to all our kind Sponsors that enable us to go on with such great products.


In my effort to stay on the road “we” now have a T Shirt and Merchandise store. I think you will like it: “Spirited Oasis”
“Smugmug” for Photos and Digital downloads.
The recipes are on the “One~Pan Recipe”
section. You asked for them. They are templates. 25 of them can make hundreds of different dishes.
Needing a great Webmaster?
Follow the link. Justin is truly the one that allows you to enjoy this Journal and it’s peripheral pages.
We both appreciate your support and hoping we are giving something back.

Ural after market muffler-9 xxx

Stay well… Always.

Ara and Spirit

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12 Responses to “Regrouping here at “The Oasis”. TX”

  1. Randy Says:

    Welcome home to the Oasis. Great picture of you, spirit and “The Hat” love it! You’ve learned that the internet is full of Trolls too. Zelda and I just got back from a Ara inspired three week Nothwest and West Amtrak trip. Glad to find you home and thinking of the next adventure. It helps me through the Iowa Winter months.

  2. Ian Fox Says:

    Greetings from the wide brown land dowunder Australia. I read your posts on and navigated to your site. Awesome adventure, I dream of such freedom to explore, my Oasis Australia. There is plenty of the country to see and like you commented lots of great people to meet. I’m sorry to learn of your loss everybody must heal in their own way in their own time.
    I will not be able to relate to the places you visit as they are on the other side of the world for me but I feel a connection with your sense of adventure and steely resolve to press on. My hearty congrats and please send me posts from time to time, I’d love to share this experience with u albeit over the Internet on the other side of the planet. Go figure!
    Regards Ian

  3. Curtis Says:

    In Lubbock stop in and say hello to Smoky at Wildfire MC. He is the Ural dealer up here. If you are passing through Seminole or Andrews give me a shout Eight 0 six four three 8 four 8 four 2

  4. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Hi Curtis… He is the one that will fit our Givi case. We should be there by noon. Will try to call on the way back. Thanks.

  5. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thanks for your comment… Yes, you have a big Country there! Maybe we should move! Let us know if ever on this side of the World.

  6. Pam (formerly of Show Low, AZ) Says:

    Hi Ara! Hi Spirit!! I love this post!! You are still the master of the camera and the quintessential chef (not necessarily in that order). When Dean and I moved to Copperhill, Tennessee, we brought your pictures with us (that we were holding for you at our house in Show Low). The new home is 2 levels. Upstairs (main living quarters) proudly boasts three of of the photographs you so generously gave us. We hung the 4th picture is downstairs in the guest quarters. Such amazing pictures – you are truly an artist in the way you capture the parts of nature most of us take for granted. Thank you for that.

    You and Spirit both look fabulously happy and healthy. Please, if you are travelling east, make our new home a destination spot. We would very much enjoy your company – which always includes Spirit – for however long the two of you can stay. There is a relatively famous apple orchard closeby called “Mercier Orchards” where they are famous for everything related to apples (and peaches when in season). I plan to go there and get some apples for a variety of things; eating, baking, etc. I would love to make a pie for you, so, see? You must visit!! I don’t know what I could make for Spirit, though . . . but I do have a tasty recipe for doggie biscuits . . . at least the pups that eat them seem to enjoy!!

    Thank you for your thoughts, your recipes and your pictures that you share with the world on your blog.

    Pam (and Dean)

  7. Jan Barhite Says:

    Have followed your travels and trials for about 3 years. I dated a man that also lost his son. When his son was 12 he acidentally shot and killed his best friend and was a very sensite boy and never recovered emotionally in spite of oll the help he received. The son shot himself and died when he was 21. His father took it very hard. On the various aniversaries connected with his son, he would go off on his own, not wanting to be around others. When you write of your pain, I can feel the pain that Jim felt with the loss of his son. I don’t think anyone can judge others if they have not walked in your shoes. My best friend Jim died from cancer 6 1/2 years ago and I still miss him. Namatase

  8. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thanks for writing Jan. You have been also a witness of much emotions as here. Thank You for understanding. One day at the time… right? Stay in touch and be well. Ara and Spirit.

  9. Susan Says:

    Hi Ara and Spirit, hope you are both well. Yummo, delicious dinner, beautiful sunset…simply perfect, and good looking…hat:)

  10. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thank You Susan. Stay well…

  11. markhas Says:

    Hi Ara, I come here every so often just to check on you. Good to see you’ve move up the the 2WD Ural. I’ll bet it helps especially out there in the desert. I am well and getting ready to go back on the road with my 06″ Tourist as soon as I finish installing my newly purchesed aluminum rims.

    Stay well give spirit a caress for me.


  12. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Al. rims is what the Gear Up comes with. “Old Faithful’s” chair is not and I need to sand the rust and paint! Spirit says “Thank You”… spoiled he is.
    Stop by Big Bend sometime…

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