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Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

Hues of my Vision Final FB [original]

An important announcement… a change in the ordering!

Finally the heat of this Desert is upon us and so has been our Kickstarter Campaign. I don’t like to use the word defeat, I will instead use "naiveté". It is a failure due to my poor thinking that 1000 books could be pre-ordered in a month’s time. I realized today that it is not going to happen and honestly I feel really bad about all of yous that have pledged. At the same time it has been a good run and the sale of the Photo Book has now moved on to Blurb. I don’t think it was truly the number, it has been the time as books are not gadgets, impulse purchases… They are books and even 60 days would have maybe saved the day but I was not allowed to change.

My naiveté came from while we are almost reaching 5 million visitors on these, thousands of Friends on Facebook, Instagram also which automatically posts on Twitter from our account.  

The upside is the fact that it is now available also in e Book and PDF downloads. I must say that it looks really good on a tablet, a bit small on a phone! It can also be downloaded with i Tunes but the i Book itself is under Apple’s revision which could take about two weeks. Yes, the hard copy has jumped in price. I could have cut back quite a bit with a spiral bound and regular paper, smaller size versus the present 11 x 13, but, I really wanted a quality Photo Coffee Table Book.

I have learned a lot from Kickstarter, the fact that many prepare with interminable hours on the Internet for generally six months before launching a campaign. I am not ready to do that but found a couple projects very doable for next winter when we slow down our pace.

Again, I so sincerely apologize and still hope that I can share with you this Photo Book through Blurb which is a great companion to our other Book from last year "Freedom on Both Ends of the Leash".


Please read below about rates for International Shipping and outside the 48 States
The flat shipping rate for outside the 48 States or International is $15. Please e-mail me [“e-mail me” link above or here ] for those orders as you will have to get directly into our PayPal account bypassing the normal procedure. I will send you a bill to facilitate the transaction.

“Freedom on Both Ends of the Leash”, our written Book, is available autographed through us for $24.99 [$19.99 + $5 S&H, Continental 48 States] by clicking the photo links on top of this page. [PayPal accepting all cards]. It is also available through Amazon in paperback or as a Kindle download. All other electronic formats are also available.
You can also order from any Bookstore and Beemerboneyard.
If ordering more than one copy through us you will need to place each order separately or e-mail me.

Stay well.
               Ara and Spirit

                                                      Spirit in full gear PCTB 25

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