Placercille…. CA

Monday, September 10th, 2007


A straight shot to Placerville on the map, not in reality. We are pretty exhausted tonight, not used to the heat, but we are camped on some beautiful land, the home of Kurt and Evie… This is twice in one month that I use the “tent space” from Adv’s Forum. I was going to bite the bullet and try a KOA, besides being $41 a night, they do not allow… Pit Bulls! Can you imagine the door slamming on this sweet buddy of mine named Spirit… Don’t get me started.

Thanks KOA!!!…


700 miles later we made it, took us two days. Took all the easy roads and one, 95, through Oregon and Nevada being the straightest road I have ever experienced. Music… comedy channel… all I could do to stay up and pay attention as also the scenery just kind of died down for a while. The truth is, it did not died down, I just wanted to ride those little dirt roads that seem to go to nowhere behind hills with signs such as Whitehorse, Canyon this or Canyon that! No sign of life whatsoever, but I knew that they were all leading somewhere that would be interesting. But I had to ignore them and just go on, making a mental note to come back to them some day.

Once in California, the steeps roads of Hwy 80, much broken up, took us though Tahoe’s National Forest. All had been quiet on the road and suddenly I felt like we were merging with one of those big arteries leading to some overpopulated area. From a little town of 350 to a high speed flow of gazillion cars and truck, not my favorite element, this also needs to be done.

We had left Halfway with a lot of emotions. Where else would you have the local hardware store attendant come out and hug you good bye! I felt as I had to change gear, as my own stage was changing its composure, I kept looking around me as no one else seemed undisturbed as it had been for these past three weeks. These are going to be some great memories. Backtracking Hwy 86 toward Baker City to catch Hwy 84, one more time I was glancing at my surrounding, the last time for now I was seeing this barn filled with hay, the last time I was looking at the creek lazily running down Hells Canyon, I know that all will be waiting for my next visit.

Many of the locals are ones that came to this town a few years back and never left! I always understood why. I always analyze myself as to why I cannot be one of those. I tried it when I was in Georgia, in Dawsonville to be more precise as it is of my favorite places to be, right at the foothills of the Georgia Mountains, great people and great riding. I tried for 16 months, rented a house, furnished it, painted… you name it. Beautiful place on 16 acres, isolated from neighbors. When it was all set and done, all I knew was that the time had come to move on and experience some new life, leave behind the comforts of a residence. Maybe some day… who knows… all is always a compromise.

Spirit has just been tagging along lately. He is tired also, I can see it in his eyes, these coming days are going to be busy knowing that Brian and I will be spending many hours on the computer for me to learn many new aspects of it. I try to spend much time with him also outdoor, playing, walking around, he is so patient with his eyes glued to me just about 24/7! Once in Texas, Terlingua to be more precise, we will have time for much hiking. As I intend to settle there a bit for the winter and explore every square inch of the park, he will experience his favorite outdoor times as I will. Big Bend is the biggest park in this country and also the least visited. Dogs are not allowed on the trails… I talked to many dog owners the last time I was there… we will manage as long as we move along with some common sense.

Brian was already here yesterday for my first lesson! It is so hard for me to comprehend what is going on… how things are done… But, he is a good teacher and started by explaining me the path of the behind the scenes. It is all slowly making much sense, practice will be interesting, I want so much to make the website easier to navigate, expend the culinary aspect of it and have more in depth information on areas visited in the form of pages separate from the Blog itself. I think it will be fun, informative, helpful to the many that will want to come and visit those areas.

Sunrises… sunsets have been beautiful around here, some of its contributor is the smoke from many fires still going on, all is so dry, still its beauty remains. On with the day, it is morning now… enjoy… and be well.


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Ara & Spirit

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2 Responses to “Placercille…. CA”

  1. conchscooter Says:

    I have often driven those main roads through the desert wondering where theside roads go…and perhaops next time you will find out for me. I look forward to a long winter of photographs and surrogate dog walks. Not difficult as I really enjkoy being settled in the keys.

  2. Marla Says:

    This is the first look at your adventures and I do have to say I am Aw…You are living a dream so many would never have the guts to do…I love your stories and your pictures..its way better than reality T.V.

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