Past…present and future, GA

Saturday, January 19th, 2008

Being here, where it all started, somehow has put me in touch with the core of our Journey. What has been enjoyable… not… accomplishments… destinations… who we have met… how and why? Some answers are missing, the "fashioned path" seemed to have deviated from the original course. There is an anchor that has kept us from further exploring in a way that I truly enjoy the best. I miss the old days of the "tent living", pitch it here or pitch it there, a quick meal followed by a nice fire and some reading with the help of a headlamp… a great night sleep under the stars, that nice and strong cup of coffee in the morning surrounded by the sounds of Nature. That anchor is the "Internet"… that anchor has been weighing heavier every month gone by, day trips are great but week long Journeys are so much better.


Do you think my friend John likes his buddy "Scooter"???…

The freedom to ride and park anywhere for the night and push on the next day, or just lounge around taking in the isolation of the moment has been missing. It has been on my mind for a while now to take week long excursions, at least a few days, with minimal gear… tent, camera, sleeping bag and basic cooking gear, like in the old times. We have all that gear… it has been packed for a while and it is time to use it once we reach Moab, on the way, sometime in March, weather permitting. No laptop, no air card and no Dish… Just Spirit and I and the gear needed… a couple change of clothes and everything else that always remains on the rig. First aid kit, tools, mini compressor, maps, yes… will take the cell phone. There will be lots to write and many pictures to go through and post upon each return… till we leave again, with the ability of the rig to ride on roads otherwise unable to reach. Just some thoughts… and more thoughts…

S   S 2  

S   S 1

That said, I am wondering, and maybe some of you can also voice their opinion, if dogs can really tell where they are… The reason I am asking is because since we have approached Atlanta, there has been a change in Spirit. He always talks with his eyes and his body. His eyebrows are up and his looks upon me have been constant. He was very badly abused before rescuing him, less than one hundred miles from here. He looks at me almost as saying… "you are not going to leave me here… are you?" He is just not very happy right now looking back compared to even last week in Booth, Tx, where he was, you saw the pictures, jumping, running a hundred miles an hour, being a clown. He is far from being a clown these past days… Or is he maybe picking up my own thoughts since having to acclimate myself to this month coming up?… Maybe I am myself since here, also much less than a clown. The definition always of our favorite "medium" where time has no bearing or meaning with the exception of sunrises and sunsets… crescent moon or full moon… has always been and will always be "the big and vast empty spaces"…

S   S 4  

S   S 3

In perfect harmony…

Ah! Memory lane… Mitchell Caverns campsite overlooking the Mojave Desert where the whole city of Los Angeles and more would fit in…

camp mitchell

Joshua Trees with its giant rocks where we would sit on top of them for hours at the time…

JT camping 1  


California Lost Coast where the horizon is as far as the eyes can see, enriched by those incredible sunsets we witnessed…



The forest at the Grand Canyon south rim where no souls ever passed by while camping… The BLM lands north of St George tucked behind the trees where we made home for a while…

Lake 10  

Utah CNY

Sotol Look Out in Big Bend where 13 miles away Santa Elena Canyon would stare at us while the storms where moving on and the sun was slowly quitting for the day…

HDR Sotol

Valley of Fire, a few miles east of Las Vegas where the red rocks would talk to us and take shapes of their own as the lights of the day would pass upon them…

dog night silh

Halfway, Oregon, where hours would go by through roads cutting into the mountains and forests, filled only by the sounds of the wildlife busy surviving the elements… Of course we miss it, how can we not! This here is a stop over, Karma has brought us back for I am sure many reasons, some already have made themselves known, some we will discover soon. This has been time to reminisce, time to look forward to the continuation of this path we have embraced.



There is good news today… "just in" as they say… after seeing my friend John… and Scooter, who is very familiar with the Savannah area. Instead of being in Savannah we are going to stay on Tybee Island which is only 15 miles or so away. I have been there many moons ago but do not remember a thing about it. With the Island, Savannah a few minutes away and many more Islands south of it, I think we will have much to explore and learn about the area, and eager for some photography… and for us at times riding. The sunrises should be awesome as long as I don’t run out of magenta. It is a part of the Georgia Coast filled with history, there will be no lack of it as I understand.

River 1

We are going to the International Motorcycle Show in Atlanta today… no more snow but much rain… The pictures gives us the boost and that incredible desire to continue searching for more of those "big and empty spaces"… finding more answers to our Journey… I thing we will find a few soon.

Are you holding off for the T Shirts and mouse pads? It will be another month before those two items are available… in the meantime…

"Spirited Doggie Treats" and "Art Cards"…. Dogs cannot live of Love and food alone… they need treats, they like treats… we know! Put Spirit to work!

We are always under deep appreciation toward the readers that have send in a contribution helping this website’s expenditures. For those who have not, continue enjoying the site, pictures, recipes, and if you feel it’s worth $1 a month, the contribution button is above, snail mail is below…

Ara Gureghian   853 Vanderbilt Beach Rd #245   Naples, Fl 34108

You be well…. Ara & Spirit

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5 Responses to “Past…present and future, GA”

  1. Ross Moorhouse Says:

    Maybe Spirit remembers the smells of the area? They would not be linked to good memories for him.

    You traveling, photographs and writing are a great inspiration.

  2. conchscooter Says:

    Come on down to Ramrod Key you can pitch a tent under the house or sleep in the spare room. This isn’t texas so accomodations are miniscule- but the natives can be friendly.

  3. admin Says:

    Sounds tempting to ride down… couple days to get there… couple days there… a couple more to get back… bake in the heat as I forgot what heat is!!!
    Ara & Spirit

  4. Linda Hunter Says:

    My dogs remember places we’ve been. Maybe by the smell. They get so excited if it’s a good place.
    Hope Spirit gets back to a good place for him soon.

    I received my photos of Spirit and loved them.

    I can’t wait till my husband, dogs and I get on the road in 5 months.

    You are an inspriation to me.

  5. missy Says:

    Spirit and Scooter ROCK!!!!

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