Part of Society, part of the Journey. MT

Friday, August 7th, 2009

A bit far from here, about 1400 miles south of us, in Texas, awaits “The Oasis”. It has become our “sanctuary”, our “retreat”, a Space unlike any, even if today I am in admiration of the Masterpieces seen unfolding around us. Today has been a day of “thoughts”, one of those I am sure not the only one going through when sometimes the Stars are just not aligned quite properly. Even Mother Nature unleashed bigger than golf size ball hail, a strange sight and noise I have to say. If my words following below are comprehensible to many, then I feel very fortunate as they are so clear to me and only express what I feel with no hold bar. It is after all a title of this Journal that I chose with much thought called “The Oasis of my Soul”. I don’t know if I have ever posted the photos below, they are a few that truly move me as they have from the day my senses fell upon them.

sunset at The Oasis  

“Any change, any loss, does not make us victims. Others can shake you, surprise you, disappoint you, but they can’t prevent you from acting, from taking the situation you’re presented with and moving on. No matter where you are in Life, no matter what your situation, you can always do something. You always have a choice and the choice can be power”. Blaine Lee

another morning fog, Valley of the Gods  

As much as I would like to believe we ourselves live “isolated”, “detached”, “off the beaten track” from today’s society, there are times when staring at the horizon which calmly settles into my mind, questions and apprehension fills me up with no replies that could ever satisfy me. I don’t ever plunge into Politics, deep rooted Religions, I don’t like violence or confrontations but only discussions, I do not use profanities, but I will be blunt and say my Peace as it should be, with no intention of harming my neighbor but to voice my own outlook of my thoughts only with the hope that it is received with respect as much as I respect others. I voice the hypothesis of my sentiments also because I read others deeply, I construe the so many agendas that maybe the reality of their own words hide in contrast with mine, which I take pleasure in showing and making understand their real full value, in contrast of games played instead. 

Death Valley Dunes

I feel so often let down by the flow of what others are into, submerged sinking deep in what I feel are such superficial pathways of a Life just not so real as floating into a space without ever touching the core that makes us who we should be. It saddens me when I hear of others taking other’s Lives, it discourages me when I witness a parent swearing at their Child in ways more profound it will most likely be affecting such Child for Life, it disheartens me when I hear of relationships between adults turning into a wish of ownership ensuing with a turmoil destroying their “now moments” and each other for years to come. It distresses me when I read about the wars in the name of the 20,000 Gods we today worship when only greed is the basis of it all. It weakens me to no end knowing that the simple and humanitarian aspect of having Health Care is replaced by millions of dollars costing airplanes which daily inflicting so much sorrow to families loosing their own loved ones at only the push of a button.


I cannot hide. I sometime try. I try to take that path off the beaten track, sometimes physically impossible even if morally possible. But the pages keep coming back, they keep showing their black and white fonts to let me know too well the reality we live in. I feel so much there is no willing comprehension toward so many with incomprehension. Deep rooted unawareness, so deep that the twisted reality has become the normal path of it all. “Wake up” I might say, don’t speak this way, lift only your arms to hug and not to harm, soften your vision to embrace one another and not glare as if one is your enemy instead when he or she is your loved one. Open the door to let go of that other if you yourself cannot, or is not ready to grasp that this entity standing in front of you is actually what we call a “human being”.

sunset bb

My own sorrow is deep. I fall often into this dark chamber which shows no mercy of it’s lightness and no bottom so often to hold me back. I have however become familiar with this alcove that awaits for me in times the least expected as I enter it and endure my time, my affliction it is. But the light comes back on and I accept this cycle that I am destined to endure for the years to come. I just cannot imagine why others, when with less misfortune, have to in the name of selfishness create the injustices that so much prevails within this “entourage” of ours.

sunset at The Oasis

I look at Spirit, three years on the road, my Buddy has not yet had a sigh of discontent. He has only given me some of those “looks” often enough when it has been too hot or too cold as “can you please get me out of here!”. And yet, so often, we all have heard someone exclaim themselves in the words “you behave like an animal…”. I can only wish that is all it would be. I find the puzzle just impossible to put together. The kind hearted ones we meet daily as it makes me wonder where are they all, the others we read about adorned with so much negative sensationalism… maybe keeping their affairs sadly enough behind closed doors. How could we ever create such awareness to once for all come to the realization that “each other is all we have left”. Irreplaceable we are, unlike everything surrounding us, but also in contrast with Mother Nature who takes care of the growth of her own forests and lands after even a fire or a mass destruction. 

Sunset in Death Valley

Is there another one of me? Is there another Lance awaiting my embrace, my hugs and affection and Love? I know “not so”. Such a short Journey we are here on, it tears me apart when I hear of the wasted years of so many, it rejoices me when when I hear of families so together and so bonded, and oh! such happiness when I meet the grand parents that could live their Lifelong Dream full time on the road as we do, but their faces are radiant with joy when they tell me they will go home again for a few months to see the grand children. I wish so much both sides of the coin would be a bit more alike and not so different, knowing that maybe they will never join together, at least not in my own Lifetime.

Sunset in Death Valley 

I see and feel and witness such beauty with every outing we take, with every new road we discover away from this all. They are all on these pages preceding this one and will be I can only hope on the incoming ones. I myself go back to them, they are a treat to me, they bring back the memories of my own past moments when at Peace within those Spaces. They are the times when I ran out of words to describe such instants, as truly they are feels acquired through my vision, hearing, smelling, touching and this invisible aura that floats around, untouchable but known of our presence. And the road as so often takes me back to this different reality where within suddenly lays another definition of Life. I just wonder why? Where did it all go wrong and is it ever going to be right?

fire ring blog 

You be well, always.

Ara & Spirit

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8 Responses to “Part of Society, part of the Journey. MT”

  1. LaPettitte Says:

    WOW is an understatement. I can’t come up with a better word to describe my feelings right now. I’m in awe.

  2. Edward Tennyson Truan Says:

    Hey Buddy’s

    This is the best post yet!

    Eddie T (Lone Crow)

  3. Michael Says:

    Great photographs Ara, Thanks…

  4. Dave Howe in Texas Says:

    Ara, your words & images make me think, feel, wonder & consider possibilities I thought were gone or just not there at all.
    Sometimes it is good to be wrong…

  5. Andre Shoumatoff Says:

    Wonderful Ara… wonderful…

  6. Bob Says:

    What a thoughtful, sweet post. Thank you! (And your rich photos offer an evocative explanation point to your comments…thanks)

  7. Ron Says:

    Beautiful series of photos Ara ! Thanks so much for posting them..


  8. Randy Says:

    Profound. Thank you.

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