Our 400th entry, 900 or so days later, From Texas.

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

A bigger  than big “Thank You” to my Friend Brian for his relentless total unselfish help maintaining this site and the incredible donation of his time. The photos are an attempt to catch a glance at the local wildflowers yesterday. A bit early yet…


“Why is it called “Free time” when it is the most valuable thing we have?” quote “Michael”

This is my 400th entry today. I don’t know why I even mention it, numbers are so unimportant. But it does have an overall meaning, there is so much of it I have learned within that number. It feels like a symbol, but it is more than the representation of so many days on the road. Roughly 900 days… of free time, which has been far however from being free. We have survived! Month after months, when least expected, the path has widened and allowed us to go on, and on. We have seen much and yet have seen nothing. We have felt much and yet so much more to feel. The steps are endless, I can only see the next one, all above is a blur as it’s sharpness is of no need for my vision.


Spirit has been fed all those days… I have also, more often than none. He has been hugged and Loved all those times as he has done for me unconditionally. We have watched 900 sunrises and sunsets together… have slept maybe a few nights less than the days… and the soul has risen to an unexpected level never imagined, yet, a long road awaits it’s maturity as still the complexity of the human mind battles it’s direction on a daily basis. This little personal Journal has had it’s ups and down only because of my own. I feel successful for the fashion that I have been able to continue of it being my own personal thoughts, a mirror of my emotions, an honest reflection of my days past in these ways so personal to me and not projected as entertainment, even if many have seen and continue seeing it that way. Those days worded have been scripted permanently, they have been my therapy, but yet the cure I realize will not be found till the end.


It has been a ride report, a panorama of photos of some of the most beautiful parts of this country I call our backyard, a bit of culinary has been mixed it, remains of my past Life, and sometimes not often enough present, an array of personal thoughts, always updated words about Spirit’s doings and I cannot ever forget or ever set aside the more incredible often profound words left in the comments section. It is always for me as being locked into my own space while writing, detached from it all, and yet I turn the door knob to be lifted by other’s words left, giving my thoughts and inspirations a direction toward this time spend, these luxurious moments of my Life within the depth of my thoughts. There is always something I want to write as the mind never rests.


I can be set in my own ways, I am. My ways that have become my conduct in Life, and so often I want to scream for all to join the path, these peaks protruding passed the clouds holding back so many. I know so many want to, so many have that desire and yet it is I find would be unfair on my part as so many within their logistics alone see it as an impossible expression of their own Lives. Even believing in the balance of it all, days in and days out, family, work, responsibilities, all dry out any of sometimes ability to do so. They are the compromises of Life, they are however the happy compromises as for myself it is the only entity I would trade today this path for another one called Family, even though I have said before that I would not trade my present moments for any other ones. I would however shield those compromises from today’s deepening aspects society presents that have taken so many away from the core of it all living on the surface instead of seeing the reality that such logistics could actually provide within a true happiness lived. 


We have met many people, here on those pages, on the roads and their shoulders, in cities and desolate spaces and sometimes on the path of our own step right here. So many themselves have met each other through us, through my own representation of their presence, except when unable to write about them due to respect of their own private lives, lives of their own sometimes so unbalanced but always with my pursued wishes of them finding their own happier path. It hurts me to see others hurt. Not the kind of a broken leg or sickness even thought it does also, but the hurt of seeing and witnessing other’s wasted path pursuing the finish line represented in their eyes and desires by this materialism of endless wishes. If Life could only be so simple! I know it is not, even my own path is not. The struggle is incessant and I can only imagine other’s surrounded by their inner and outer darts pointed at themselves.


We all learn from our wrongdoings, I hope we all do. The absence of good traits exposes the ultimate flaws in our nature. What is not good for us is always testing us and sometimes we fall into that darkness of wrong doings. Sometimes, should be “always”, that darkness of the path of mistakes I feel is only there to motivate us to better our world, the world itself, through ourselves giving us the ability to measure our own advancements. A Buddhist Teacher once said “Life is offered as a mean of self-expression, only giving us what we seek when we listen to the heart”. The highest forms of this expression are the acts of kindness. I have always thought that our Journey is a collective one as we should all bear responsibility in the evolution of a higher consciousness for ourselves and others in Life.


I feel myself at times as such an imperfect being who exists in both spiritual and material world. I shuffle, have shuffled in the past much more, between those two spaces through time trying to built some awareness as to which one is more important and valuable making me a better human being while also acquiring the knowledge needed. I know today which space I belong within. It takes patience and determination, it takes for me being on the road. It has been the only way to be present with it all, to be one. Pain has surfaced those years back and dwindling through my times has blocked for at times my healing path. Today I realize that every trial has a reason for being, as hard as it can be, as great as it is to endure, each day brings me closer to it’s acceptance, my only choice.


Twenty nine months of Photography is finally in order on SmugMug… In “Your Favorites”, in “States”, some labeled “first year” and second year”, now also “Texas the third year”. Feel free to browse, you can even use the slide show mode and have fun.

Merchandise is also available through SmugMug. If you like to order a print all sizes are available as I store the originals myself considering the huge bandwidth needed to upload on the Gallery.

Help us keep the site alive. Please contribute… The logistics of it have become costly. It is an open book, its pages for the taking with always the hope that you will support their presence.

Be well…

Ara & Spirit

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7 Responses to “Our 400th entry, 900 or so days later, From Texas.”

  1. Torch Says:

    Natures beauty can be found anywhere on the planet if you take the time to look close enough.

    Ride on,

  2. Muddy1 Says:

    Suweeet Ara!! Your artists eye has magnificently captured those gorgeous yellow blossoms
    bringing unstoppable life to the jumble of acutely angular rocks.
    That is one incredible photo that can be seen as paralleling life in many ways.
    Big Hugs to you Ara. We’ll meet again soon I hope.

  3. admin Says:

    A comment from Demi Moore

    ArawithSpirit love it thank you

  4. M1tch Says:

    i take a few of flower photo’s myself. very difficult to do outdoors because the lightest of breezes can test the patience.
    Great photos as usual Ara

  5. Marshall Oatman Says:

    I wanna be there! That looks like a cool dog….

  6. Bill Says:

    The past month, I have been glued to your website. I’ve read every single blog posted and have become consumed by your travels, Spirit and your photography.
    What you are doing is an inspiration to all those who want to “let go” but can’t due to their own personal reasons/commitments.
    Thank you Ara for inspiring me. Thank you for sharing your travels and thank you for allowing those who read your blog the help us “let go” through your eyes.

  7. Rob Wooster Says:

    I found great solitude in your words just now. Peace of mind and spirit are often the work of a lifetime. I do find some peace, ever it be so faint. I finally again spoke with my oldest son on Tuesday, after 5 years. I see you when you return to The Oasis.. Rob

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