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Wednesday, December 9th, 2009


Whoever you are: in the evening step out of your room, where you know everything; yours is the last house before the far-off: whoever you are. With your eyes, which in their weariness barely free themselves from the worn-out threshold, you lift very slowly one black tree and place it against the sky: slender, alone. And you have made the world. And it is huge and like a word which grows ripe in silence. And as yours will seize on its meaning, tenderly your eyes let it go. . .     [Rainer Maria Rilke]

The Oasis  

Today was an all day listening to the Desert talking to us. There are a few birds now visiting since I have been laying out seeds. I learned to scatter them far a bit from here as a few took a bit of liking to the tent’s chimney and pooped all over it. There is one in particular that lets me get very close, he likes it here. I talk to him. Listening to the little red potatoes bake in the amber coals letting out their steam while wrapped in foil with the forever chicken on the menu, in addition to some coconut bread, coconut only because it was here waiting to be used. Might even satisfy my sweet late night tooth since the Pecan Pies and Cheesecake are now only memories replaced by some extra weight around my waist. Those are our noises here, they are now familiar as the urban pandemonium has been unfamiliar and annoying. My efforts to smoke meat without a smoker yet built are paying off. A bit of coals, a smoldering piece of pecan, and the flavor is still the best I have ever had. I smile to myself when thinking about my past cooking with the fancy sauces and much dollars spend by the many clients I catered to. Sure I would again maybe go there and be the first one to be delighted, but this flavor of cooking and simplicity cannot be matched.

Fire ring  

16 degrees a couple mornings ago, this afternoon was time for a sun shower as nearing 80. The cold is a reminder to appreciate days as now, to go on and do as much possible outdoor, catch up on this and that, run Spirit till he is exhausted and finds himself a piece of shade to lay on. This is when the batteries again show as us a 100% charge, we are back to ground zero again. Plenty of food for a couple days, will be time to ride tomorrow wherever the wind takes us. And wind we are going to experience some in a few hours as I read on NOOA’s forecast. Contemplating gusts of 50 to 60mph, a bit north of us amazingly the predictions are of Hurricane force up to gusts of 100mph. All is calm right now, the skies are blue, pure, quiet, serene, and the mind is playing tricks only because of what I have read, making me savor these moments even more if this afternoon’s forecast is going to be a reality.

Coconut Bread  
Chicken Potatoes

Well, it was not all that bad, a bit of rocking and rolling with some good gusts as Mother Nature must like at times to let out her steam. Everything winded down right before sunset, the horizon still had a shadowy curtain of dust resting in the air, it was time for Spirit and I to take our daily walk within this space that surrounds us which never cease to amaze me.  How fortunate we are to be here. The years have passed I was thinking as I look at ourselves feeling the changes that have gradually rippled into our Lives. So together Spirit and I are these days as I watch him watch me watch him. I find myself very protective of him as 24/7 he is near by.

The Oasis  

I find myself as such as often Friends might have in good faith some ideas toward us as I hear “he will be fine” in some given situations. I never take a chance or at least always try to reduce it of anything happening to him. While in Booth a while ago he took off on the road with a neighbor’s dog and of course I was right there in such little time to retrieve him. I was not told there was a hole in the fence. Even hearing “he will be back” did not satisfy me. I do not listen. I wear my own shoes and no one can understand what Spirit means to me as I am sure what Life together means to him. I have to disregard anyone’s says so and do what I feel will keep him in the safety of “us”. I could not bear the thought of anything happening to him, that is the point I think not many understand as also I do not expect. 

The Oasis The Oasis
The Oasis  

Yesterday we took a ride to Terlingua and end up by the Porch, on the Porch again. Nothing will ever change with the many dogs loose running around and chasing cars or… motorcycles. I was only a few feet away from the one that bit me not too long ago. There is no awareness in some owners space between the ears, but I had my bear spray ready for this dog if even his head would just slightly be pointed at us. I kind of wish his owner would trade place with him and he would be the one trying to bite, maybe it would then be a lesson learned before the expiration on the bear spray can would come to term. It will never happen.

The Porch  
Mercer Ring and Mercer

I never realized we  knew so many people. It was a Monday night, it is 2 hamburgers for the price of one at The Starlight. It is a Friendly crowd, it is a unique crowd in a unique town that faces the Mountains showing off their hues of reds and pinks when the sun goes away. I don’t know if I have changed over time or others have with years past, but everyone seemed so much mellower. Probably the years going by. Tomorrow again we are leaving. It is on to Midland to receive part of my Christmas present in the form of sitting in the Periodontist’s chair two days back to back. Could be gum surgery, could not be. The next  installment will be back to the previous Dentist in Valentine.

The Oasis  
The Oasis The Oasis

We are in Alpine tonight, and already the noises are getting to me. As a Friend wrote to me the other day, I need to do a lot of “Oooommmmmmm’s”. I had a few titles for this particular chapter as it happens to be the 500th one. One was “Does it really matter…” as I am not into numbers, volume, physical distance covered, only the quality of the present moments. So it really does not matter, it only awakens me about the mental distance we have both covered these past years. It is a good time to send out a big “Thank You” which in it’s words will never be in itself enough, to all the ones that have supported us in more ways than one, support through words, actions and contributions to try to cover the constant costs of letting these chapters out. I am also always thankful to the Sponsors that have found us with also the hope that many will support them in return as they are indeed here on this page because of their quality of service and merchandise.


Till next time, you all be well, always, it is our best choice.

Ara & Spirit

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3 Responses to “Ooommmmmmmm… TX”

  1. Joseph Schmoe Says:

    The nature of my relationship with Bus, Syd and Mols is a bit different than yours with Spirit. We share a life with other people around all of the time, the noise of a neighborhood and absences from each other as we two legged family members leave the house while the four legged members stay behind.

    Yet, the guilt I would feel if something happened to one of them through my inattention would likely devastate me. They have been loaned to me to take care of them, to feed them, house them and to keep them safe despite their canine tendencies.

    I, like you, take this responsibility seriously. They are more than property, they are beings, ones that I care for deeply.

    Thanks for your words and for your images. Pat spirit for me.

  2. Mike Says:

    Gooday Ara, I suspect you paint those sunsets…the Big Bend is a bowl full of extraordinary gifts…and now YOU & Spirit…are another!!! Safe journey this day and every…

  3. Lorena Says:

    Dear Ara Thank you for not dying along with the dead. Some people lose more than the dead, they lose the living too

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