“Onward” to Bisbee. AZ

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

“Bear in mind what the humble humorist James Thurber said when asked why he wrote: “I don’t know what I think until I read what I have to say”. It is the process of writing a letter or in a Journal that leads us to the truth of our evolving Journey. Very often, the simpler and the slower, the better”. ~ “The Art of Pilgrimage ~ [Phil Cousineau]


I am packing and more today. I can’t say "we" because obviously Spirit’s help is absent. Working on his tan and napping as usual when I am busy. What a Life. He will raise his head at times probably to make sure I am not leaving without him, his eyes will follow me for a minute if that long, a big sigh and back down almost as mocking me. I don’t mind, I mock him too. We will be leaving early. The photos are actually from today, would be tomorrow from what I have written… meaning ‘confused’. The show never stops, every sunrise, every sunset is the fingerprint given for that day to come and has past. Magnificent. There will not be much time for more photos, we are seemingly already so slow, afternoons roll by and we generally only have gone a hundred miles. I often wonder what happened!

oil change  
oil change  

Oil change, that good synthetic Red Line, tire pressure brought up for black top riding. Batteries for the cameras are charged up again, a long list I have to follow. Not a bad looking garage! We will be traveling. About 500 miles each way, unfortunately some Freeway before getting to El Paso where we will spend the night near by at a Motel 6. I still have to call and make a reservation. All this so out of the ordinary for us. So planned with such lack of adventure on a route we have taken quite a few times.


The adventure will be I know in Bisbee. I am getting kind of excited about it all as it was at Kiowa Gallery in Alpine a couple years ago. I do hope they are well received, the photos that is, Chuck at Panterra Gallery has done a lot of Media and local exposure. Besides it all I look forward throughout the Reception meeting nice people and talking about the Photos, the Journey as of course also Spirit will be present. Maybe I should give him a bath this afternoon? Might not be a bad idea!


My hope is the Photos will become permanent on the walls as other Photographers are, this is after they will come down a month in a month to make room for Chuck’s own Show which will also last a month. Oh! more confusion I read. Faith dictates. In the meantime the weather has turned perfect, the clouds are keeping it all cool, it even rained a few minutes while I stood under it all looking up and getting a little soaked and cooled of. Mother Nature does such a great job.


Tonight is more grilled chicken legs. Thighs or legs. Inexpensive even being organic and so much tastier than the rest. Each leg has enough meat for a couple tacos with the same Mango Salsa which now has come to an end of it’s era. I eat a little bit in a strange manner. I will eat the same thing as above for days and days till I put an end to it with it’s taste becoming redundant. This is it! Will have to think about something else, but I love little tacos with plenty of cilantro and lime juice. Maybe a different salsa will do… I am ready for something with a bite.


This evening while taking a break from packing I tried to not get too philosophical about all of this, meaning the Show. But the mind works in this Space away from it all on the undisturbed path of a Soul at rest. I cannot help thinking if Lance had lived all this would have not happened. None of it. I would have still been in Naples, FL, catering to my wealthy, often too wealthy clients, and Life, which was not a bad one and yet not as rich, would have just moved on as it always did. Did he give it all up for me? for Spirit to also be rescued and for us to be enriched by my own words written sometimes wondering myself of their own sources, heighten by the thousands of photographs taken, the roads discovered always meaning more than a path, wealthy from all the wonderful other human beings we have met and yet have to meet. What Love he must have for me, it is such a humbling thought toward the ultimate sacrifice, his own, when his last words leaving it all behind were "it’s all good". There are these times a such that it all mystifies me.

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5 Responses to ““Onward” to Bisbee. AZ”

  1. john Says:

    I hope that you have no pictures on the wall at the end of the day… hoping they are all sold and ready to make room for more… best of luck in Bisbee!

  2. Shawn Says:

    Ara, bike and gear packed. Getting ready to head out of here for the show after I take care of a few emails. Look forward to seeing your work and catching up with you. Should be in Bisbee sometime tomorrow afternoon, if I don’t get too distracted along the way. Shiny objects and the color red makes me forget what I was doing (ha). See you and Spirit tomorrow evening.


  3. shadowmoss Says:

    I’m thinking of the two of you today. Enjoy the show.

  4. Lyle Says:

    Above, Ara mentions “One Dollar a Month goes a long way with us.”

    So, here’s a link to donate a dollar a month to Ara and Spirit’s Paypal account (also accessible above). Imagine the good we would do if we all signed up! A dollar a month? You’d never feel it! But Ara and Spirit would.

  5. Suzanne Says:

    Don’t sell them ALL this weekend! Save some for the unfortunate ones like myself who can’t make it this weekend. I really wanted to meet you and Spirit this weekend but work and family dictate. Will definately be there one weekend this month….I have to have one of your incredible sunsets. Good luck on your show!!!!!!

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