One busy week!!! [Video / Shaffer Trail]

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

This video has become my favorite and so has the Music by “Kendra Springer” [Where Sky meet Sea]. The road is a bit of a rough one this year. All the dirt has been washed away from the winter storms and rocks are protruding everywhere. It is an ascent toward the Skies, the scenery and landscape being unequalled as the switchbacks, a thumbprint of a space borrowed by us. * I was told the Music stops at 2:50mn’s +/-. No ability for me now to re-download it to U Tube, will be a few days.


“ I would not know when I would be back, but I had sown seeds there, on from that time on, however far and long I wandered, I could never again be a stranger among the Cloud People, anymore than the farthest climbing tendril of a vine can detach itself from its roots in the Earth. That much I knew. What I could not know, or even dream, was what fruit those seeds would bear – or glad surprise or crushing tragedy, of wealth and loss, of joy and misery. It would be a long time before they all ripened in their turn, and one of those fruit I have not yet fed entirely to its bitter core. “ ~ Gary Jennings ~ [Aztec]

Potash Rd  
Flowers Flowers

Those words as I read them the other night reminded me of the “The Oasis”, a space constantly changing within my thoughts as the further I am away from it the more it’s pull becomes strong as it’s past serenity, calm and sense of belonging to hardens it’s grip on me. I can close my eyes and feel being transported as maybe the present at times become tumultuous, such exchange of thoughts calms me as I know that space will always be there for us, those sunrises, those sunsets, the coyote howling, the sight of Spirit engulfed in it’s outmost freedom as he also knows that it is his land always awaiting him as it does for me.

Potash Rd  

Stayed up late tonight, it is about 38 degrees and a fairly large crew is finishing up the stage. Quite an undertaking with the hope that they will not have to take it down for future year round Festivals. I am surrounded by youth, much pleasantness and of course I think of Lance a lot. I see his smile, I hear his voice, I have become part of the crew having been here for quite a few days now as every day the photos show the progress of it all and beyond those images a bond from many. Spirit is on first name basis, he has found a few buddies to play with. What an opposite situation from the upcoming BMW MOA National Rally taking place in July which we will not attend. This here is about the people, the dogs, the children, cats too maybe as I have not seen any yet. I forget that some events are only about the machines and the riders. Dry.

Spirit Potash Rd

We did manage to get away yesterday, just rode on Potash Road as I always wanted to stop below this hill and hike to the top as we did. I thought it would be the river beyond, but instead a large plateau, a perfect space most likely for a past Village with water near by and a stunning 360 degree view. We climbed, those are our best times when Spirit is off the leash, when instead of me keeping an eye on him, he is the one that does. It was the perfect setting away from it all for a few hours, time to lay down side by side taking a forward step to always being closer to each other.


Spectacular is everywhere. None has to be grandiose as it is all within. There was a good wind blowing, cool, just right, counter effecting the hot rays of the sun for that afternoon. Deep breath, just be, all goes away, goodness comes in as even light headed the moments seem as eternity had suddenly descended on us. I have been feeling such an incredible sense of freedom lately, the freedom of thinking and feeling as it was in near past. I have even stopped thinking at times as how can that be? liberating the mind to rest and meditate on just being. An act of luxury I consider nowadays.


These days are so different from the past times we have been on the road. It is as a halt, maybe an experiment of the pathway, maybe a quick peek into another dimension while surrounded by many. The culmination of it all starts tomorrow and yet as the Music will progress as mentioned in the already many conversations I have had, this is about people coming together, everyone for their own reason, however with a common denominator to give a bit of themselves, to give away their goodness, their feel good enhanced by such a beautiful surrounding penetrating everyone’s open arms for the moments spend here.


Be well, always. It is our choice.

Ara & Spirit

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5 Responses to “One busy week!!! [Video / Shaffer Trail]”

  1. D. Brent Miller Says:

    I’m going to have to find a CD by Kendra Springer–very nice. She reminds me a little of the style of George Winston and his piano solos. –Brent

  2. Bill Says:

    Hi Ara, Great video and Shaffer does look worse than when I was there in 2008. Did you return to the Potash Road via Pucker Pass or continue on the paved road from Canyonlands? Have you been on the Kane Creek Trail going along the south side of the Colorado River? It too is a great ride.

    Good luck and more good videos please!


  3. Mitch Says:

    nice video Ara. Spirit looks to be enjoying the ride as much as you. i really envy you for the places you get to. nothing much like that over here in England, although there is some lovely scenery, there aren’t that many trails or dirt roads.

  4. aladyslife Says:

    Space skies freedom dust
    lots to think about here.:)

  5. Glen Kaplan Says:

    Ara, I miss you dearly…would that I could have slowed down more…paid attention to…listened to…stopped the buzz! I cherish the fact that you are a part of our Desert Rocks family! I am honored that you chose to land there for a bit…

    This entry of yours actually calmed my youthful, thundering, bubbling maelstrom! I remember to breathe and I am reminded to relax.
    I miss you buddy…take care out there.

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