One Bad Day for all the Good Days. DV. CA.

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

“My  Personal Daily Therapy, published Weekly or so…”

“What Day is it?”… ‘TODAY’
”What Time is it?”… ‘NOW’
~ Spirit ~

DV-5 xxx

“Wasted Years”… ‘Van Morrison’ and ‘John Lee Hooker’, an unforgettable duo.


DV-6 xxx


“I gave my Life to You". I am listening to a song titled as such this morning. We are stopped at Daylight Pass. This "is" my Diary. Isn’t? What an irony. The "Pass" that is. I feel as it should be named the "Nighttime Pass". I sense the puppet within me being pulled every which way. A worthless figurine throughout these acres of desolation. One day sunny and one day stormy. It is tempestuous this morning. The storm is within. Tired. Lance is in front of me standing on this peak and the hug is not manifesting. I should be "happy", clouds are back, the skies are beautiful. But what is that word? "Happy"? A immutable tear is flowing down one cheek. I am wondering too much. I am inquisitive as to who really cares? If anyone. My Friends must be so tired of my own feelings. Maybe alone too much. So many maybes I just want to walk away and never come back. Death Valley has taken me back to my roots. They don’t feel so pretty. A bad morning. I loose the battle sometimes.

DV-19 xxx

DV-18 xxx

DV-21 xxx

Being "Human" is not easy. Of course and yet, I am surprised being so tired. I really just want to sleep. Maybe we have been riding too much. Maybe the past is too much. Maybe "too much" is "too much". I apperceive it is and there is nothing I can do about it. Right now anyhow, at this very moment. At the end of the day it is always the same. The morning comes and again it is also the same. Why did my Boy had to leave? Nothing fair about it all. No one said Life was going to be fair. I am well aware of it. Matters of the Heart. Painful and more. A daily struggle, never quits. Wish it would, just for a while. Endless road.

DV-2 xxx

DV-20 xxx

DV-44 xxx

Morning again did come and our Mistress did not give me any time to think or feel. Bad weather. Real bad winds, some clocked at 83 mph. Caught on “Warm Springs Road”. The sand blasted on the paths as giant snakes moving across from one shoulder to the other. Visibility came down to a few feet and my arms felt all torn up only a few miles into the ride trying to get to some elevation. It did not happen. I had to turn around off "West Side Rd" and fight back the miles to finally end up in Beatty and rent a room for the night. I am a bit unhappy with myself getting caught in such weather as I had total acknowledgment of it. In black and white it did say "winds up to 60 mph". Yet I looked at the map and the red flag warnings continued on all the way to Texas. For once, we had nowhere to hide. The wind was not the problem, the incoming cold front neither, the sand blasting was. These are the times the camera will not come out of the bag!

DV-42 xxx

I feel stagnant. I should just enjoy this austere and cold room while able to look at some photos taken in days past. The weather is a bit more on the positive side today. Should we try to get back into the Park or head to Texas? Or drop south a bit and then on head East. We need to be back by the end of the month. I am wondering how "The Oasis" is doing? How "Bird" is managing without those bread crumbs daily dropped on his ground we now share. I look at Spirit while he is sprawled on the bed since last night and I know too well I should follow his example. So much in the moment he is, so much he helps me. My "Rock"! My body feels broken from yesterday’s struggle. I am not old, yet, I am not young either. The toll is being felt stronger and stronger as the years go by.

DV-35 xxx

DV-48 xxx

DV-45 xxx

Death Valley pulled me right back in like an addiction penetrating my Soul. I could not turn around and head out East yet. Too much still to see and feel, knowing too well a Lifetime amongst these acres as the many other spaces we have at times taken roots will not be enough. Just a bit more of it’s taste I need while the winds died down and now again the blend blue skies at times harvested by some clouds have come back with a heat as never felt before this time of the year.

DV-28 xxx

DV-29 xxx

DV-30 xxx

Change of motion. On a mission suddenly. Yesterday end up being an all day affair in Lone Pine looking for a Clinic. A painful ear infection has been brewing. I understand now of my tiredness and lack of energy compounded by this past storm. A little Pharmacy had the medication needed written on those two scripts tagged by California prices with a 15% surcharge from the Dr’s visit because I am not a local resident. I was not going to argue. I just wanted the pain to go away and my body again falling back into it’s usual groove. The Pharmacist was kind. He changed the medication to a generic one saving me big time. Life on the road. The unexpected sometimes comes into a package deal! What to do but only go with the flow and let time move on toward a better mental and physical health.

DV-33 xxx

DV-26 xxx

Monday will be it. Death Valley has taken on a new image for me. It’s taste has been acquired as I look forward to coming back. I have learned of so many new doable roads, so much ground where one can erase themselves for a while, technically till water runs out which however amazingly is never too far. Death Valley has become a Friend demanding much respect and some serious planning when off the beaten track, specially alone which seems as we are the only ones moving along as such.

DV-40 xxx

The lines of reality have here become a blur. The world feels as all is only an illusion, a past stage where maybe all was just a bad dream. That is how today it feels. I don’t know if am ready for the return path wishing for this magic wand to instantly take us back to "The Oasis" where again my own reality will be present awaiting as it always has.


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Be well, always.

Ara and Spirit

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16 Responses to “One Bad Day for all the Good Days. DV. CA.”

  1. michael ultra Says:

    I haven’t told you, but C B Stubblefield, of Stubbs BBQ fame introduced me to John Lee Hooker. We has\d a conservation about the Blues. I will never forget it.

  2. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Hi Michael… That is unforgettable… Gives me goose bumps just thinking about it! Thanks for writing.

  3. scruffy Says:

    ah dear man, I hear you. Tired of your feelings? Never. Care? Oh you bet! I cheer you on Ara, and treasure every thought you share so boldly and bravely. You lift my spirits, touch my heart and cheer my soul……..and I am absolutely certain I am not alone in feeling these things. Be well, you are a gift to all of us~

  4. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thank You for your words “scruffy”. Peaks and valleys… Will make it for as long as we are allowed to do so. I appreciate your thoughts.

  5. Michelle Says:

    Finally after reading your words I come to an understanding. I think LOL God bless you on your voyage and you find your answer. There is nothing worst than a nagging earache to make you tired and very irritable!!!

  6. Jennifer Says:

    I look forward to reading your blog everyday. Know that I find you most inspiring even when you don’t feel it.

  7. texascindy Says:

    Peaks and valleys…the roller coaster ride of life. Can’t have the mountains tops without those deep valleys. We wouldn’t know we were happy if we had never known sadness. You break my heart sometimes, Ara. Not becuase of the things you say but because I don’t know how to make you feel better about life. I know that times change and soon you will have reached another peak. Know that this “Reader” cares. Safe travels, dear friend. The Oasis awaits your return.

  8. Dee Says:

    Beautiful photos! Pay attention, here – February was Blue Funk month, and you missed it! So perk up there, enjoy that hat, and the time spent with your “rock” who loves you beyond comparison . Friends who really care – we never tire of your feelings. On top of it all an earache is never a good thing and always ask for generic drugs! (: So, go like the wind back to your Oasis and Bird. Sunshine will follow – I promise! xo to Spirit who always looks forward with excitement! We should all take his advice!

  9. starr gajdosova Says:

    I would never believe you to be stagnant. It is a person that continues to grow who does what you do. You are a seeker, and even during times you may feel nothing is found, it finds a way for you to carry it. You might not realise it at first. It is a sudden realization for me to visit my own father, who has so much-yet only speaks of what he has lost, who it is that has wronged him, and now my visits generally consist of me saying very little. The only thing he said to me when I stayed 2 days was “you are too skinny.” and then “goodbye”…this is aside from the mumbling drunken annoyances he wants us to hear but not comment on. I know he loves me, but I also come to learn that there are varying levels of love, and respect. It’s extremely hard to admit that he has learned nothing, and has ceased to grow as a person.
    I could not imagine my life without my dear children in it. And I worry too much, having been raised with the knowledge that my eldest sister died of a heart condition. At night, I panic and break into a sweat when a voice enters my head that tells me “you cannot all be together forever.” we are a pure union, my husband, my 6 year old and my toddler. How could I be me without a piece of this puzzle?…i was lulled back to sleep with more positive thoughts about love and doing what I can to simply be present and connected, aware.
    perhaps we never really die though. We merely split and divide.
    your son lives in you, and always will.

  10. Randy Says:

    Wonderful seeing Death Valley through your eyes. I worked at NOTS on assignment many times over 40 years and would often drive through the valley mesmerized at its odd beauty. It’s been a long if not unpleasant Winter on the prairie and your travels and photos fuel
    my dreams. I’m mounting our truck camper tomorrow. Time for a road trip. Thanks!

  11. cring Says:

    Next time you are near the border, you should cross into Mexico and pick up yourself some antibiotics for different types of infections. They are very cheap and a lifesaver to have on hand.

  12. Ara & Spirit Says:

    That is a very good idea. My Dr in Alpine, Texas, also normally gives me a couple extra Rx’s and I have them filled at Costco for $4. This time around… well, it must have escaped me. Thanks for the reminder.

  13. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thank You for writing so openly as I myself do… “One Face” you know…
    Yes, maybe we split and divide and some day reunite. Maybe… In the meantime the valleys and the peaks are always present. There is a reason why a scar is called a scar…
    Live the moment… sleep well… don’t let “these times” escape from all of you. They are all we have… Everything else is so unimportant.
    Stay in touch, and again “Thank You”. Ara and Spirit

  14. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Ah! my Dear Friend Dee… Always present. We should be back soon, a couple of days and will talk again… Will be nice to see your face.

  15. Ara & Spirit Says:

    I know you care Cindy, I know you both do. Just tribulations I have to go through… Writing helps me and so does Friends such as you two. Death Valley was raw… it emanates such feelings, takes one back to their true self. Thank You… Talk soon. Ara and Spirit

  16. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thank You… I appreciate your words.

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