On to the Gold Country of CA.

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

Yesterday was much rest needed time!… I almost got bored at some point but forced myself to just stay still for a while. And, with the company of my antibiotics, all is settling down and I think this pair of kidneys are going to be happy campers again! So we packed this morning, meaning “I packed” and headed North to Sopiago Springs resort where many riders from the Pashnit Forum will gather starting Thursday. Yes, I am the only one here… being close to Lake Tahoe, Mono Lake and many other attractions, this will give me a chance to explore the area… the weather is great… I feel good… my rear tire is on its last… oh! maybe three to four hundred miles… (new ones coming Friday…), but, they will make it.

Yesterday finally all the campers left… I am not being unsociable, but the campground got crowded over the weekend… kids screaming, loud music… it was not for a while my kind of place… but it changed last night, no one around and Spirit and I tool a long walk along the Lake… It was a great sunset… perfect cool temperature… the relaxation needed in preparation of today.

Half of the ride, well, not much to talk about, “99” being a Highway, but soon we branched out and took “59” north. Nice roads with very little traffic, rolling hills with a few farms and small towns along every few miles. Maybe I had a total misconception regarding California’s countryside… I am enjoying it to the fullest!

The roads starting winding more and more after Jamestown, I have been used to passes which climb at 7000+ feet and come down in the span of quite a few miles. Today was different, fairly steep uphills followed by the same in downhills!

We stopped in Angels Camp where they have an annual frog jumping contest, had a hard time taking this picture of the frog on the road… I was not tall enough!… We were on “49” by that time… we unfortunately took all the bypasses versus the historical routes going through the old part of the towns. But will go back, the roads are narrow, windy, and much green… very luscious green everywhere…

Hanging clothes downtown?… will have to find out why?

On to Jackson, eastbound on “88” to finally arrive here at an elevation of about 4300 feet…

Nice piece of land, I believe 160 acres +/-, a perfect motorcycle campground, off the beaten path, much dirt to ride I was told and much black top to roll on. I feel fortunate being allowed to come here early, having the chance to stay in one place for a while… of course that never lasts too long with us!

I feel bad having missed Yosemite this year, having missed parts of Sequoia we did not have a chance to ride in. First it was the bad weather at higher elevation, and as that changed, the first clear day… a health problem. Next year… the year after… will have to keep in mind also for a better timing for when the passes will not be closed.

I am still far from San Francisco where I am thinking about spending some time. I never ask of favors, but maybe this time I will… trying to find a spot closer where I can park my caravan and use it as a home base to go back and forth. Hard to do near the big cities, but San Francisco will be an exception. It will be a hard go as my son lived there… many memories… I would like to see some of his friends, some of my own. It has been a hard decision to take wether to go in or not… as I have been getting closer and closer the emotions have been rising as never before.

Strength is always of essence, a hill to climb and discover the true feelings moving one’s self.

Getting around the bend where darkness can reside and try to lighten it up by truly looking into the mirror. It is just that some facts are so hard to handle, at the same time it harshness can make someone only stronger even if that bridge being crossed does not allow for much balance.

Till next time… and a few more new roads?

Be well…

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Ara & Spirit

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3 Responses to “On to the Gold Country of CA.”

  1. Joe Says:

    There’s not many choices to “camp” in the SF Area. I cannot offer you a place as I live in a townhouse complex and the city of Clayton has turned anti-RV of late. One place I do like to camp is Sandy Beach in Rio Vista. Makes for a long drive into the City, but is very quiet during the week. The Delta is a great place to explore. I took a ride not too long ago and put a bunch of pics on my blog. Remember the traffic is horrific anywhere in the Bay Area. E-mail me when you get closer with what your plans are, perhaps if the stars align themselves we can meet and shake hands and I can pet Spirit. Oh, and taking the pics for both your blog and mine.

  2. Joe Says:

    And one more thing. Heading east on SH-88 over the Sierra’s is a nice ride, nicer than US-50 or I-80. Actually, SH-4 is a better riding road than any of them, but I don’t think its plowed quite yet. SH-108 is also an adventure as its got a very steep descent on the east side of the hill. SH-88 may be your best bet if you’re going that way.

  3. Linda Says:

    Lovely pictures, reminds me of a comfy couch and a slower life. Ara, hope your feeling better.

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