Much to be “Thankful” for. TX

Thursday, February 4th, 2010


“Of necessity I slowed my pace. I was often still. I scrutinized instead of scanning. When others hurried I waited. When others rushed, I moved with deliberation. I learned to differentiate between purposeful movement and mere motion, between action and mere activity. When others impatient saw a Village, I saw it’s People. Where others saw People I saw Persons.” ~ AZTEC ~ “Gary Jennings”

The Oasis after the rain  

Where else on Earth would so suddenly the skies thundering and crying, their tears flooding our grounds, would suddenly open up and lift their curtain in such contemplation of amazing and jaw dropping beauty. There is no doubt it probably happens elsewhere, but today, this is  now, this is where we are, this is where it is happening.  The gates ahead of us that would allow a  ride just did not open seemingly locked in a mind set of forever, but I know better. All  things must pass they say, and this also did. We both ran outside like two kids with their rewards awaiting to smell the fresher air, the wet ground, to be in stupor of the peaks surrounding us still covered by the low flying clouds playing hide and seek within  now this stage so clear one can see for miles. We splashed into the muddy waters, such simple pleasures they have become almost alarming!

The Oasis after the rain Spirit

The access was late into the day. We have not been able to go anywhere again but that break was just too inspiring to dwell on the moments past unfortunately closed in. The colors came and quickly left. It just did not last long enough and as usual as soon as over the horizon the sun set, the portal of the cold winds opened up I would say with an unexpected fury. Yes, it is spring in my mind, my Soul rejoices at the idea of it, but sometimes the reality of it all kicks me hard and have to bite my time for planned rides toward other Spaces. It has been in my mind to thank everyone contributing to this ongoing Journal, this Journey with it’s turns and twists with no end in sight, with every step shedding a light unseen before, new experiences… bad weather and good weather all included!

The Oasis  

When all gets to be too much, “Sotol Look Out” seems to be "the" get away destination. I call it "going and getting some good oxygen". We were able to get out today, my secret passage and a turn and another one avoiding the real deep muddy parts which will take days to dry. It feels good, it is the icing on the cake when being at The Oasis is just not enough. The clouds are still of many, hot and cold incessantly while sitting here. There is no care in the World amongst it all, yet so raw toward our own seemingly well done Life. It is incredibly magnificent here, therapeutic, speechless it leaves me time after time. There is no one here today besides a car or a truck that has come by, rolled down their window, took the photo and went on. Some came all the way from Alberta to not get out of their vehicle.

The Oasis after the rain  

Suddenly including “you”, there are so many to say “Thank You” as even those two words have not enough significance toward my feelings of gratitude. I am really not doing anything I always say. I just write my thoughts, it is always my therapy, I love photography for what it is worth “as it is” (one should see the photos of my Pro Friends!). The list amazingly has kept growing and I feel only right to express as I always do these incoming thoughts. The “main” person of it all through thick and thin has been my Friend Brian. I don’t know if I like to call him my “webmaster”, it for some reason just does not fit because of the Friendship we have, that word takes away it’s reality. I can only say regarding this Journal that it has only been possible for it to be here because of him. I can post, I can insert images, I can even change the rotating photos into the top banner, but, that is about where my knowledge and ability stops. He does as he has so generously donated his time “everything else” for all these past years with never a failure or a hitch.. He is the shepherd and I am the flock as he writes to me when needed much help so often. Both Spirit and I are still waiting for him to show up some day soon I hope on our “steps”.

The BB Park  

And without an order of importance as they all are, our Sponsors. “Joe” at “Rapid City Tires” with a knowledge and unparallel service as we roll on using so many tires, “Smugmug”, the most incredible Photo Gallery supporting any size of photos stored and videos, no limits with a “help” crew that is just unbelievable. Our faithful “SPOT” which lets everyone know where we are (sometimes when turned on!), but also providing such an inner assurance that help will always be so near at the push of a button. “Riders Discount”, anything and more than needed for riding, from helmets to gear. I love my new Arai XD helmet, the old one, seven years old finally had come apart. “U Ship” is a motorcycle shipping company that will actually allow many movers to bid on the transport needed, actually not only motorcycles, but everything else. Friends have used it with great service.

The BB Park  
The BB Park The BB Park

“Desert Rock Festival” happening Memorial Day weekend where I will be for a few days doing the photography and some videos. I don’t do crowds very well, but last year being present I never had such a good time amongst such good people, everyone with a big welcome on their faces with open arms. It is in Moab, near by, maybe we can see some of you there.  “Overland Journal”, the magazine one can turn its pages and dream of such expeditions being displayed, the “Overland Expo” mid April in Southern Arizona, Amado, where we will also be after taking part of an off-road expedition with 8 other vehicles is truly an event not to miss with more and more many on motorcycles adventurers being present. A dog friendly affair, finally. “Montana Canvas”, our main shelter, owners and sales people that will bent backwards to please you. They have just send me a heavier tent to put up as the “Reelite” material for long term was a bit too thin.

The BB Park  

“Motorcycle Helmet” on the great path of helmet awareness while riding. How much is your head worth? “Racer Parts Wholesale” which helps us out with our “Red Line” oil used in the engine, transmission and also final drive. With 222,000 miles and climbing I have not heard Old Faithful complain yet. Thank you “Jack”. They also carry so many other products. Roger at “Lens Rentals”. He is the reason why those photos are so sharp, and if not it is only operator error. I always wondered why “Lens Rentals” as they also rent cameras. Great event for a weekend or a vacation coming up, so much less expensive to rent than buying the best. We have great support from them. “Animoto” is my source for the photo~videos, they have a great referral program as they do not handle full sponsorship. A flawless still growing Company. And last but not least, my Friend Nicole, owner of “Rugged Rider” “Pay it forward” they say, I say, and experience it every day. I am helping her out letting everyone know of her products which will be of many soon. She has just started. Her Blog is very funny with great riding pointers.

Sotol Look Out  

I did not realize so many have been helping us, fully supporting us. The have found us… their reason? They like Spirit. It is as plain and simple, right? I am not a commercial entity, however, these are all good people. I would never have a Logo on this Journal otherwise as I have stayed away from Google ads and others like, even if their presence I know would have made this Journey financially much easier. It is a personal and esthetic choice.

The Oasis at Sunset after the rain  

How can also one “thank” neighbors such as Voni and Paul which also have always been there for us in so many more ways than I can elaborate. With a “chat”, getting us over the humps of Life, by being my mentor pointing me to much needed maintenance on “Old Faithful”, always lending a hand I feel as always so much I go on thinking “I owe… I owe…”.

Till next time, you be well, always, it is our best choice.

Ara & Spirit

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3 Responses to “Much to be “Thankful” for. TX”

  1. Vstromdek Says:

    What, no water tanks to fill? Just kidding; I’d be spending my time on local travel and adventure too, not gathering up muddy water!

  2. Marti Says:

    I always love reading your words about my favorite part of the country, Ara, and these are no different. Thank you for continuing to provide those of us who can’t be in the Big Bend area with you the inspiration to keep us coming back for a week or 10 days at the time each year.

    Spirit looks so happy romping in the water!!!

  3. chessie Says:

    Ara, you quoted from one of my favorite books, “Aztec”….

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