Mother in Atlanta

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

Yesterday was the day we were waiting for. Actually not only for my Mother to arrive from Germany, but also to go through a complete physical given by my great Cardiologist. On that front, all is clear for more living on the road, stress test good, cholesterol never so good as it runs in high numbers in the family, but besides that we are good to go again. A great Human Being he is, he knows we do not have Health Insurance and his contribution to the Journey is never to charge us! For a Dr that is booked about a year in advance, I am always touched by his gesture.

MVA 2  


MV Augusta, another favorite of mine with clean lines and a unique exhaust system…

Afterwards the highlight was the drive to the Airport, getting lost through the maze of Parking lots a couple times, mainly trying to find their exits to get into the proper one. Georgia is one of the friendliest State we have ever been in. You know, the "Georgia, Southern Hospitality"… but on the road… beware. It seems that cars have turned into lethal weapons, compounded by the fact that most drivers are on the phone, sometimes even as I notice with paperwork on their lap, cars swaying right and left, cutting off as close as a razor’s edge… once in a car the drivers must feel suddenly reinforced with all the powers needed to assault the roads, traffic flow developing as a giant video game. Or is it maybe too much NASCAR watching as I generally don’t even see the bumper of the car behind. And I am not that slow, honestly!

Maico Z

It is a different world from the one we have been experiencing, totally different. Not better… not worse… again, a matter of taste as this was my own world for a while and it only gradually started crawling under my skin. Is there a capability for one to get in touch with themselves as well as we have been able to while on the road? It has not worked for us here in the past, as much as we have enjoying it. Already, even with with my mother’s arrival and spending coming some days in the Savannah/Tybee Island area, the projection of my thoughts are… Moab and everything else in between and above as the weather changes.

Vincent 3

Vincent 2 Vincent 1

The "Vincent"… such an incredible Classic way ahead of its time. This one was up for auction to help out an Ohio Motorcycle Museum, current bid was $60,000.

My Mother is doing great for 80! She actually looks better than ever, as I told her. Pictures next time. Healthy as she watches her diet. Mainly vegetarian besides fish. No dairy products, rarely. Her strength is there as she lifted her heavy suitcase while my back was turned! With six hours difference, she will sleep late in the mornings and we will meet around noon to take her where she needs and wants to go! Lenox Mall will be one I am sure… Phibbs Plaza another destination… we will tag along till Saturday morning, the day we all leave for Tybee Island where we already have reservations. It will be organized… what am I saying, it is organized.

Velocette sidecar 1
rukus Husqvarna 1

An old Velocette… a dream sidecar rig for kids… one of my favorite little Scooter which should be great for a bit of off roading, the Rukus 50cc… a polished Husvarna tank… and some two wheels of a sort which I had never seen before, some custom modified go fast street bikes. Again, what different tastes, I think it is that fact throughout the show that I enjoyed the most. Different thoughts which had become reality… most seeming very costly!

50K 1 50K 3
Busa 3 Busa 1

Better gets ourselves downtown right now to learn about the program for the rest of the day. We have done well driving in off traffic hours, probably why most drivers are zooming around like kamikazes with a death wish! The temperatures are again suppose to be dropping way below the freezing marks, something that does not thrill me at all, but will accept it as much enjoyment and great company is here. Till next time… and a couple more motorcyles!

skull chopper

Yellow Busa  

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You be well…. Ara & Spirit

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