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Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

One more recipe has been posted, a pasta sauce with a twist, I hope you try it sometime and I think that you will like it, either while camping or at home. I also started a series of short articles in “My First 100 Years” on my days of cooking for the rich in Naples, Florida. For eighteen winters, too many incidents have happened on a stage so different than today’s that it would be a shame not to write about it! Names are not being used… to protect the innocents!

So we left off the last time while visiting Marfa on their Chinati and Judd Foundation Open House. The crowd started to make its mark as we were getting closer to high noon, breakfast or lunch was being served at the “Brown Recluse”, one fixed menu for one price, smart move when busy. I myself wandered to the old El Paisano Hotel while Spirit was resting his bones in his chair with his cover on.

A beautiful building, the Hotel was established in the mid 70’s and it was real pleasant to walk around as Motels have now taken over, unlike the El Paisano, Motels mainly have become impersonal buildings filled with only cubicles storing travelers for the night.

A beautiful Courtyard… prices? I did not ask.

All the galleries were open.

And Art was more than ever present everywhere.


A couple antique RV’s from Brinks… they make movies which they were showing that evening, you can check their website.

It was then time to wander to the Judd buildings which were open to the public without an admission fee… and check out the 100 metal boxes on display.

The same for the weekend Artist Guest David Rabinowich whose pieces were outside, bolted on to a cement ground. Well, I know maybe what you are thinking… and I did try to find out “why?”…

Art like Music needs to move me, the circumstances behind it do not move me. It is the final product, either in a painting, sculpture, song, that I judge my feelings on. The circumstances simply here were that years ago this was cutting edge in the Art forefront and still regarded today as so.

When I simply expressed in a very naïve statement that “I could do this too”, I was plainly told “but you did not, they did…”. I found John’s RV a much more moving art form than these pieces of metal cut and bolted together or to the ground, specially that the boxes were fabricated through a machine shop… Some of us have missed our vocation… no additional comments needed!

I did think however that the doors were of a smart design, purposely not to disturb the flow of the walls.

I actually also enjoyed even more walking into some galleries, here some little artifacts to celebrate the Day of the Dead coming up in Terlingua were on display.

… and the local BBQ joint had a very cool tippie where you could sit and enjoy a meal.

We were by now approaching dinner time… and the lines started forming in front of the different stations set up throughout the street. A caterer’s nightmare happened however right before serving, in the form of an incredible storm with heavy downpour, lightning and thunder. Everyone took cover and I truly felt bad for the organizers.

But… no damage. As soon as the rain stopped the show went on, yes, they served about 3000 people and the food was good! BBQ, rice, beans, flour tortillas and a sweet apple burrito style dessert, music, great Mariachi Music included. I understand that they had started cooking Wednesday for this Saturday’s event. Where else would you see this? I lift my hat to the organizers with many “Thanks”.

Truly an event to attend if you can next year, if we are around this area again, we definitely will. Till next time… you all be well and enjoy.

Ara & Spirit


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