More of the “Gravellies”. MT

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

“In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in an clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness.  Our life is a long and arduous quest after Truth”  ~  Mahatma Gandhi

Gravelly Range Rd  

I forget about the "IT" moments till as right now, this very moment, "IT" slaps me within and into every facets of my soul. Miles and miles of no man’s land is ahead of me, I cannot even find a sheepherder this year, maybe they have moved. It is cold here at almost 9000 feet, when the sun goes in hiding almost freezing. It feels good. I found a rock to sit on. Spirit’s head is barely showing amongst the tall grass. I wonder what he is thinking. Maybe he is not, maybe I should not either.

Gravelly Range Rd  
Gravelly Range Rd  

My thoughts have been on some Friends lately. A few of them. Their obvious stress. It shows in their health, their behavior, their well being. They are unbalanced, tilting toward the down slope we should all avoid. So many reasons, all the wrong reasons. They cannot detach themselves from the roots of their own society bombarding them with the constant flow of mind disturbing darts. They are trying to reach for the big hands of Life’s clock wanting it to go faster and faster to taste what is only a desire, which could be some day or not, letting the present moment slip away which will never be back and I hope not causing regrets. I am aware of it as myself slip away at times, unconscious of how detrimental the path can be only to catch myself and stop.

Gravelly Range Rd  

I feel lucky suddenly. As with such little material wealth, a Life totally unconceivable by so many, there is a harmony I am able to achieve so often. Not every day. Often. Lucky? Maybe it is the fact to have let go of it all to get it all back, not in gold coins, not in "stuff" accumulated, but only in a perpetual mental state of mind.

Albino Trout  
Albino Trout  

We went back to the "Gravellies" one more time. I even took a video of our descent, if I ever find a stable connection I will be able to upload it to You Tube. We had company this time. Some Friends we had never met before. Pam (Zelda), Randy and of course Tasher, a close cousin of Spirit. What an incredible personality. She of course knows it. Dogs are too smart. Complete opposite of Spirit who can play himself hard but I know also can read others. We first stopped at the local Fish hatchery where I had never seen an albino trout. And then on it was a show all day while they were side by side, till suddenly Spirit, Mr Spirit, totally started ignoring her. I heard him say that he was not going to put up with that spoiled brat who barely did not even let us eat in peace mixed with her barking calming down only when eating right out our plates put on the ground for her, followed even by the pan I cooked with. I had to take Spirit for a hike by then, I did not want him to see that.

Tascher & Spirit  
Tascher Tascher
Tascher & Spirit Tascher & Spirit

All and all we had a great time. I realize not many know what to do when transported into such a space where the quiet land has it’s own voice so often unheard to the untrained senses. Spirit has much knowledge of the links of silence as I do. Randy and Zelda had come to my rescue the day before when I had a flat as without much thought only changed the tube without finding the culprit. I found the nail when I went flat again a few miles later. Lucky for us, as it was getting dark and cold, I carry always two spares and their company with also the truck’s headlights made the 2nd change easier. Yesterday again as my water container flew away and I ran over it with a leap in the air, the chair’s hydraulic electric wires came apart and again Randy to the rescue as my frustration started showing up in my composure. We joked that we would start traveling with them! He is a pilot and his knowledge sure exceeds mine.

Gravelly Range Rd  
Gravelly Range Rd  

I found a new primitive campsite. With even an old wooden picnic table. It is at about 8500 feet, miles away from it all. Probably the most isolated and remote one I have ever found with the exception of Toroweap. And still, no bear proof canister. The fine is now for not having one $5000. No typo here. We will have one next time as I know we will be back, so much to see here if one as us can get off the beaten path.

Gravelly Range Rd  
Gravelly Range Rd  
Gravelly Range Rd-17  

Till next time…

Ara & Spirit

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Gravelly Range Rd Gravelly Range Rd
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One Response to “More of the “Gravellies”. MT”

  1. Toni Bowen Says:

    Ara, Beautiful photos and philosophical dialogue. You are the only true free spirit I have ever known and I respect and honor you. At the same time, knowing it is not my road. but I can imagine that parts of your experience would be cool. Stay safe, well and happy!

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