More of “Desert Rocks Music Festival”. Moab. Utah

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Today, like every other day, we wake up empty and frightened. Don’t open the door to the study and begin reading.
Take down a musical instrument. Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.
~ Sufi Mystic ~ Jelaluddin Rumi ~ 13th century


And again the big shallow word comes to mind… it is "WOW". We are back in Moab for a couple more days before heading North to Lander, Wyoming, visit our Dear Friends Mia and KC, regroup, repack, and head West toward the Lost Coast of California to sit on "that" beach. Ahead of us awaits a different Journey, a deeper path into ourselves, a better understanding of Nature, future Friends, the History and Geology of the land as I feel I have been away from that aspect a bit too long as I have also slowly put on a distance between us and this technology that I embraced a bit too closely in near times past.


The images from these days present at the Desert Rocks Music Festival have not stopped playing forward and backwards within this mind of mine trying to maybe sort them out as same for the hundreds of photos sitting quietly and idling on my laptop. The Music itself has been more than great, of course as being a matter of taste and not present for all the bands playing, I do now have my favorites, the outmost one being the "Motet". The common denominator however, while also listening and hearing the many comments, has been the Passion of all the Musicians and the crews, the volunteers, as the space, the land itself was a draw to it all specially the last couple of days with blue skies, no wind, perfect weather, a huge gift from Mother Nature.


I have been trying to maybe not put a label on these days but figure out it’s essence throughout the activities. “Halloween” comes to mind as I understand the Festival is becoming a bit of a mirror reflected from another event called the “Burning Man”, another event we have never attended and doubt will ever. A little Village throughout these past days had been build and it’s inhabitants not only came but also were present having shed all the layers worn in the depth of their “normal” daily lives. Translated in better terms, the costumes were the common denominator derived from most everyone’s self expression.


Seemingly in this space all the cares of the world also were shed as I started wondering how would it be if this chapter laid ahead of me was suddenly a permanent way of Life? Just a thought. Everyone was happy, swaying, dancing and gesticulating to the Music, everyone lost in their own path of the moment. Maybe I think too much, maybe the moments took me back too many years as suddenly I felt a certain generation gap even if so I could understand and feel the ones surrounding me. Or did I? I wondered a couple of times if it was true that I was getting “that old” as I knew my perception of it all was as it should be, different than most present. I was not lost in the moment, I stood more as being entertained, wanting to take photos more of those present than the bands playing. Liberation of the souls I felt, such youth enjoying themselves on this stage put together by my Friend and founder of the Festival, “JR”, who followed his dream helped also all along by a couple high school Friends, Glenn and Luke. He is only 26.


This will be their 6th year and have finally outgrown the land as I think they will be seeking for a different space with a bit flatter, more and better parking and camping. JR has some great support surrounding him, he has now a whole year ahead of him to put together another successful event as such. Us? well… we are resting, looking at maps and we also took a ride to the “Looking Glass” Arch where we climbed a bit and sat in company of a mild howling from the winds and more thoughts as no one present for miles allows such a path. 


Be well, always. It is our choice.

Ara & Spirit

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2 Responses to “More of “Desert Rocks Music Festival”. Moab. Utah”

  1. Sarahndipity Says:

    Great work here! I love the site and your photographic vision intermingled with the beautiful journalling. My name is Sarahndipity. Your fire photos are of my performance group, Sol Weavers. I would love to use some of these photos on my website and am hoping that is okay with you. I would love to add a link to your site from the photos. Sol Weavers are about collaboration and community, and we all seemlessly joined together those nights as artists. Thanks for creating with us!

    Thank you for your gorgeous journey!
    Much gratitude,

  2. Terry Says:

    You took a nice photo of me dancing on the boxes that you have published, I would be willing to purchase a print of it if available, let me know how to ID
    the photo to you??

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