More of Capitol Reef, Utah

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

I wish so much that everyone had a Blog and everyone would have the support that I have in times when one feels as being in that dark valley as much as the sun could be bright. And then again most I hope have the immediate moral support of their own Family and close Friends. My Family has been and is being more and more our Readers. I write my thoughts hoping to go back to them often, they are the imprints of my Life, I write as pretty much I would speak, good days and bad days mixed, but it never fails for someone out there to step forward and lift me up as it has happened these past couple of days. Cindy, you know who you are… Thank You… from the bottom of my Heart.


I am also finding out, as I do love people, I do like to talk… sometimes too much! that, and I discovered this camping in an actual campground these past days, being sociable and having people around felt so good. Total strangers at first, I have to say that Spirit is mostly the cause for us meeting so many other travelers, our presence makes them approach us, adults, kids… There were a couple kids across the way staring at Spirit and whispering to each other, they were shy coming over, I had met their parents earlier, and so I called them as I knew that they wanted to pet and play with Spirit! I think that made their day… They were from the Netherlands and they missed their own Dog! As we mostly camp in isolated sites, Spirit had to understand very quickly that he did not have to play the part of a security guard while surrounded with other campers… He did! Even a couple Rangers stopped by to meet this Dog that rides a sidecar… I never thought he would attract so much attention.

cloud 2

Spirit and I took a walk last night, camera in hand as the moon was also out in company of the sun setting. Behind me the clouds where menacing, rain showed on the horizon except in front of us, this big cloud in an unusual formation as a big ship guided by a moon almost full was an uplifting sight. Massive and delicate at the same time the show was just incredible as we both stood there in one place and took it all in, a time to reflect on our surroundings constantly changing as we also do day after day.

Big Wash 9 a 

Back to Capitol Reef… As I was teased by the sights earlier, fully loaded with the camping gear, I had decided to explore after we set up camp, which we did, the first destination being the "Grand Wash" a few miles away. I just love rocks, love specially Canyons and can never help thinking how long all this has taken, sometimes a bit overwhelming and hard to comprehend when I face the fact that ourselves are only here for such a fraction of that time. Capitol Reef is defined by the Waterpocket Folds, a nearly 100 mile warp in the crust of the Earth. The fold is a classic monocline, a regional fold with a very steep side in an area of otherwise horizontal rock layers.

Big Wash 6 a

Big Wash 5 a  

There is almost 10,000 feet of sedimentary strata found in the Capitol Reef area. The rocks range in age from Permian to Cretaceous and this geological cake layer goes back about 200 millions of year. The ancient environment in the rocks shows rivers, swamps, Sahara like deserts and shallow Oceans. The monoliths are carved out of Entrada Sandstone, which was originally deposited as sandy mud on tidal flats, reason why some of them are capped by thin hard beds of the Curtis formation, a greenish-gray marine sandstone. I love reading about the geology, the history of places visited, sometimes after as now, sometimes before. I like it after generally, I like the surprise element, the raw beauty maybe not knowing too much of its history, reading about it afterwards and… going back with a much better understanding and search from what I have learned.

Big Wash 3 a 

Big Wash 2 a  

I met up with a group that was walking the Grand Wash and I think next time that is what we will do. There is a bonding when one slows down and starts even touching those rocks, it is as being transported into another World and soon my own mind becomes slowly detached from some realities that otherwise follows me wherever I go. I had a thought the other day reading a motorcycle magazine and noticing the sudden increase amount of guided Tours available, many abroad in exotic countries but also many here in the States. I have also noticed myself whenever meeting other travelers, talking much about our own roads taken, some off the beaten path, with details that even surprises me. I feel like a travel agent sometimes! I have send many to my Archives, which actually is the most visited page on the web site, for information they might need. I have even received many e mails writing that we have been responsible for their own vacation destinations.

Capitol Reef 25 a 

For those I thought interested in the "quality" of their own Journey outside their daily World, not the speed or how many miles they have driven/ridden, combined with some photography and cooking, I would love to be available. Very informal… I would like to call it a get together, no papers to sign or rules and regulations to go by, just a good time lasting as many days as one can. Could be three days, a week… Some could drive, some could ride, motel or camp. I see it as trying to pass on a once in a Lifetime experience, once however could be absolutely repeated. There would be a list of cooking gear for those who would want to learn how to prepare great meals on the road, minimal gear trust me, a camera if they wish… bring the dogs… Friends… Family. You will see what we have seen and more… Just a thought. Maybe some of you might be interested… let us know, we will be in Utah a bit longer!

Capitol Reef 24 a 

Pyramid a Turtle head a

You will get to meet Spirit also… The best bonus! Why have a bite of 9 courses when you can have the full entree of one course and savor it. Just my opinion. We saw a perfect rock pyramid on the way out and a strange turtle also. It is a game of mine to see ‘things’ in rocks, and it is so amazing that sometimes it can only be seen under only a certain angle and light intensity. The next day we went into the Gorge itself, similar but different every step of the way. We met another sidecarist with his wife, some Honda Goldwing riders that were having lunch out of their little trailers hooked behind their bike and they had it good! More later and thanks for staying with us…

Spirit 2 a

I think my buddy is getting tired of posing under these rocks, I can tell from his look… meaning "lets get this over with!"

As always, you be well…

Spirit is asking if… you have you checked the T-shirts lately… T-shirtsMouse padsPhotography

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Ara & Spirit

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4 Responses to “More of Capitol Reef, Utah”

  1. Don Van Zandt Says:

    Ara, Glad you seem to be in better spirits today…I was begining to be concerned. As I’m sure you know all to well… “Today is the first day of the rest of your life”, and this may be our only lifetime to experience, so… greet each new day for the ‘gift’ it really is. I know you miss Lance, but I believe you and your wonderfull companion are exactly where you need to be at this point of your life. It has always seemed to me that if there really IS a ‘God’, He (She?) exists in the mountains and desert canyons of our little planet far more than any man made structure. I have been to these places, and experienced some of the surreal feelings they invoke.
    On another note, I think your idea of a gathering (rendevous ?) is an excellent one. I would really enjoy something like that, and if possible, would definetly plan to attend. ( I have been accused of letting my enthusiasm write checks that my body can’t cash. Getting old really sucks! )
    Ara, enjoy your buddy, your bike, and your surroundings, and the gifts that life has given you. Trust me… Lance wouldn’t want it any other way, and I’ll continue to travel along with you and Spirit through this blog.

    Your ‘virtual’ friend, and supporter………Don

    Ara…enjoy Spirit, your ‘home’ a

  2. AtlasRider Says:

    I would totally be up for a get together. Learning how to cook well on the road is definitely something I would be interested in. Let me know!

  3. BC Says:

    Seems that Cindy’s comment hit a nerve. Given that she had broached the subject, I’ll add my 2 cents.

    I came across a book titled “Spirit Leveling” after reading several of your posts several months ago, the title intrigued me and seemed some how tied to your situation. Spirit definitely seems to be leveling out your ups and downs. This combined with the constant traveling allows one to easily fill the days and forgo dealing with emotions, without realizing it. However, emotions that need to be dealt with, in order to truly move on, hang around and grow until we are forced to slow down and deal with them. Spirit and constant travel can only do so much.

    Similar to what Cindy wrote.
    Several years ago during a death, dying, grieving senior level college psychology course, an older lady in one of my groups shared that she had realized, through taking the course, that she had not dealt with her husbands death, which had occurred 15yrs earlier. She now understood that it was OK for her to give herself permission to grieve and deal with the emotions. It definitely made a noticeable change in her life, she spoke about experiencing an unburdened and an ability to take in and enjoy her life more.

    I hope that you will also give yourself permission to deal with the emotions that you need to deal with.


  4. Cindy Says:

    Good morning Ara,

    I LOVE the comments you got on this post and all I want to add is (((hugs)))! Hope you are having a good weekend. It’s a beautiful day up here in the PNW.

    I also love this quote from Don and I hope he doesn’t mind if I steal it: ” letting my enthusiasm write checks my body can’t cash”. Wow! My other favorite quote about getting older (okay old) is by Bette Davis…”getting old isn’t for sissies”! Ha ha! So true.

    Take good care~


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