More of Arches Nat Park, Moab, UT

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

So this could have a zillion chapters! The weather was perfect with a few clouds in the sky, another "photo" day I told myself, and there we went, back up to the Arches. It was the kind of afternoon where time lingered and the sun took its time to finally lay down into the horizon for the night. It was also the kind of afternoon where if anyone would have been riding with us, well, they would probably have left us way behind! Since we have been here for a while now and have done our whirlwind tour as I call it, those exciting days when I want to see it all at once, maybe not "want to" but do anyhow, filled with such curiosity of the area, I now like to go back and spend sometimes hours in just one place! Take it all in as they say, observe every angle there is, watch the colors of the rocks change from a full sun beige to their deep iron red colors just before vanishing in their darkness till the morning cycle enhances them again.

balanced rock 5

balanced rock 1 balanced rock 2
balanced rock 3 balanced rock 4

The "balanced rock" up close and personal! From every angle, 360 degrees, I love that rock. Like "what is it doing there?"… how and why? There are layers in its base and there is a fine thin strip between the rock and its stand as if someone had actually laid some cement before placing it in mid air position. We often stop in places others don’t. Spirit is allowed to walk by the road but not on the trail, that is fine with us as it actually allow us to see much that goes unnoticed. We sit together, I watch him listening to the silence, I watch the clouds moving by, the incredible array of artifacts the senses can never get tired of.

Arches sunset G 

Second rock from the right… again the balanced rock from a distance throughout those magical moments when not even the sun made a sound slowly giving up its intensity and declining to rest. It was our first sunset out and about, the cold is still lingering as to not wanting to open the door for spring or summer.

Arches II 8

A bit earlier we parked by the Arches and alone, Spirit guarding the sidecar, he does when I am not around as he will bark to anyone getting too close… and enjoys it, I walked up to the Arches called the Windows. South window, north window and a third Arch called the Turret. This is the Turret Arch, it is not a rock pillar going up to the sky, it is the camera taking the picture while I am laying down on my back. No, I have not lost it yet… it is an eerie feeling to watch the clouds moving on spliced by the Arch while in that position. The tree is not vertical either but horizontal coming out from the side.

Arches II 10

It is like the World is going by propelled in its non stoppable motion as it has for millions of year while constructing those Arches. A few have asked me what camera I am using? It is a Canon 30D and mainly a 17~85mm IS (Image Stabilizer) lens. It is a decent camera, better than the point and shoot Pentax A~20 we started the Journey with, it has been a luxury to acquire it after much debate and digging deep down into the budget, and I think it was the right decision. Of course there are better cameras… This Canon is a 1.6 frame conversion versus a 1:1 frame which I think would produce an even sharper image as it would be "what you see is what you get". Lenses?… I like a bit of a wide angle, not much into the pin point telephoto aspect, here again there is one particular lens that is on my wish list, it is of a professional series Canon makes… but it will be years before such new camera and lens are stricken off such a list… and that is absolutely fine as I am fortunate to have what I use today.

Arches II 9

As in any hobby the list of available cameras and lenses are endless! A well know, this is really nice news, Internet Gallery which represents many painters, has been interested in also representing me. It is actually very exciting news, just at its infancy right now as so many details are new to me including the choice of the pictures that would be printed and how to go about it all. There are maybe a dozen of them at the most that I would love to see blown up, at the same time "photography" is so subjective… it will be a hard decision. I feel very positive about the outcome, our Journey and Photography going hand in hand, each photo having its own story in time and place, diversified as they are.

2008-04-03 15-40-04_0120

I let Karma on its daily basis do its thing as ourselves being on this traveling path do our thing, one day at the time. Funny how it all happens however. If Old Faitful had not broken down with a faulty ignition sensor we would have never met Bob and Suz, the owners of the Gallery in Salt Lake City, Gallery which I will only divulge the name when the proper time comes. Herself being a great Artist makes them understand others, which I have already felt, a truly important aspect. They have owned for years many Galleries with a physical location, they just thought they could retire… seems like that is not happening! Maybe there will be a new camera and a new lens sometime in the future!

Arches II 5

The two windows! Like a pair of eyeglasses with a nose in between. How incredible to see those Arches carved through those massive rocks throughout time itself and now displayed for our pleasure and "wows"! These outings, these pictures and all, have been keeping us busy in this area. My cooking has slacked off considerably and I miss the continuance of the "recipe" section of this web site. The one pan meals, quick and easy and at the same time having their roots based on some real gourmet cooking. There are many recipes throughout this site, lost in the early pages when I did not have an Archive. I need to take the time to find them and re-post them in their proper section.

2008-04-03 15-22-46_0092

I had a thought the other day… yes, another one! Since I receive a lot of interest toward Photography and Cooking, why not have some get together’s related to both of them. To logistically keep it simple as far as lodging or camping and traveling to different destinations, basically everyone being on their own, however providing lodging locations, and spending the days… sunrises or a sunset included, with Photography in mind, later on preparing a meal worthy of the best while still outdoor at camp, everyone bringing their own equipment… so much can be done with just one pan, one burner and a thin plastic cutting board and a… camera. Motorcycle… car… truck… it would not matter. Even making a video of the event…

Arches II 4

I made a fool out of myself yesterday… at least Spirit was not involved! My GPS had not been working for a couple weeks now. Not that I really use it as in marking way points, but only to get us back when lost in just about a daily basis. I end up putting an ad on a couple Motorcycle Forums, it is a discontinued model, maybe someone had one laying around for a fair price. I did receive some very favorable responses, one reader in particular that just wanted to donate hers which was now not being used… In the meantime for some reason I decided that I needed again to check the connections and the settings. Ah!… and feeling finally so stupid as the power line was cut and the setting for battery usage was wrong! Back on the Forums having to disclose my mistake, back to the messages to apologize and thank the offers that had come in! I sure hope I get to read this in ten years and all is not worse!

Arches II 11

We are going to Durango, Colorado, Tuesday. Not far. Old Faithful again is not well! It is now the starter sticking and making this awful grinding noise specially with a cold engine. She starts, runs great but a bit nervous adventuring ourselves on some lost path where "if" stuck no help would be available. With so many miles on her, there is not much sense rebuilding it or greasing it as I am sure it was filled with water and mud through that creek crossing. I could most likely install it myself, but I do not feel comfortable with the idea! We will be back here afterwards, maybe not right away as we might explore the southern area of Canyonland as in the Needles and Utah as in Monument Valley and Mexican Hat while passing through it on the way back. Should be a bit warmer also. Such is Life on the road, at least we are not far from another little Motorcycle shop that was recommended to us with the part already ordered.

The View

This picture is the reason why those Arches are called the Windows as this is their view through them. Spectacular! We stopped one more time on the way back as La Salle Mountains were also worthy of a picture while being shaded by the sunset. There is no lack of picture opportunity… never!

La Salle Mtns

We had a pleasant surprise yesterday from Louise H. in the form of a gift for our yearly National Park Pass. I felt its gesture being so thoughtful and was truly moved by it… I just wanted to thank her publicly as I also thank all of you other readers for supporting the site and its contents. Till next time…

Arches II 12

"Throw the Dog a Bone!"… T-shirtsMouse padsPhotography

We are always under deep appreciation toward the readers that have send in a contribution helping this website’s expenditures. For those who have not, continue enjoying the site, pictures, recipes, and if you feel it’s worth $1 a month, the contribution button is above, snail mail is below…

Ara Gureghian   853 Vanderbilt Beach Rd #245   Naples, Fl 34108

You be well and stay well…. Ara & Spirit


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6 Responses to “More of Arches Nat Park, Moab, UT”

  1. Will Says:


    Incredible shots…..My friend has visited the Arches and he loved it. I will be going to Las Vegas on April 23rd and will be taking a trip to the Grand Canyon. I am so excited. I have never been to such a huge natural landmark. Enjoy the scenery and hope your bike continues to hold up….

    Take care,


  2. Michael and Sandra Says:

    Hello Ara and Spirit,

    When you travel to Mexican Hat there is one place I must recommend. Just before you drop down the Face of Moki Dugway (Big cliff north of Mexican Hat) there will be a dirt road turn off on your right (west). I believe it is called “Muley Twist” or maybe just Moki campground. Take this dirt road to the very end, about six miles (good dirt road). There you will find another of my favorite views of the West. You overlook the Goosenecks and into Monument Valley. I hope you have it to yourself. This place has always moved me.

    Take care my friend.


  3. Tim Spires Says:

    I like your idea about the get togethers with the camping, cooking and photography. That’d be cool! I’m in!

  4. admin Says:

    Michael… I e mailed you for more detailled info… Thanks! Always great tips… I know that you could be a great guide.
    Wiil… Las Vegas, April 23rd… How about a little detour to Moab!
    Tim… I will follow up and this and see how many would be interested. Small group would work just fine. “photography and cooking on the road”. It sounds really good to me too…

  5. Melinda Says:

    Your photography is breath-taking! I found your blog via Howard and Linda’s RV Dreams Blog, and I’m so delighted to have found your site. Your beautiful images and perspective have further inspired me to continue i the pursuit of my full-time RV dreams. Thanks!

  6. Belinda Salinas Says:

    I just love this post, it is full of “wow pictures”. I definitively have to put Moab in my future places to visit list. Thank you for these wonderful pictures. Hope Old Faithful is back to her old self once she gets her new starter.

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