More bad weather in Flaming Gorge. UT [Pineapple.Mango Pork]

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009
14% Grade Browns Road  

It is never a waste of time for us even if Mother Nature has seriously decided these past few days to unleash her fury, as we have not experienced it in such manner since we have been on the road. Day in and day out, thunderstorms, rain, hail, winds, (they call it a “gusher” here…) as we end up playing hide and seek between the rare blue skies. The problem is not the fact of getting wet, it is when on a clay road the memories of last year’s Toroweap ride. The surface becomes slick as ice and the mud I would like to call “kalachi” as in Arizona, will build up in layers before the wheels have made many turns. It was the case this morning when I remembered a Geologist I was talking to near Gunnison telling me that Browns Road and Park is a must to see.

Browns Road  
Browns Park Road  

Going forward we had those blue skies we missed so much these past days, and with the road only muddy in places Old Faithful did not have any problems going by. Of course I stopped for some pictures and looking back it was not long before the menacing clouds appeared as they have lately dozens of times per day. BLM signs were all over the place, signs I like to see meaning free camping, meaning “we will come back” since we could not safely stay. A little off the road picnic area appeared with a nice size tree and table, close to the Green River, today real muddy from all these rains.

Old Faithfull  
green river  

Always looking, kind of like Spirit… always sniffing, we found a path to the river as of course I had to be firm with Spirit for him not to drink that water. He did good as water is always awaiting for him in his car. There was a fire ring, I don’t think the area was meant for camping as more sites are all over the Park, but right there, next to the tree was a grave. “Uncle Eddie”. I di manage to bump into a couple locals and road workers, no one knew who “Uncle Eddie” was.

Uncle Eddie Uncle Eddie

I read a bit of humor here “can you hear me Ed…”. We did not go very far, the sprinkles had started, all we had with us was a breakfast burrito and water. It would not last a couple days if we again got stuck in the mud on the way back. A tease? Sure, same situation as when we went up Crested Butte? Yes… but no loss as this is a learning curve and again as others, this area will be stored in my memory bank including the Jarvis Ranch near by with much History. This Valley I was told was the hiding place of many past Outlaws.

Brown Park Rd b  
Brown Park Rd  

So that was it for the day, short and sweet, before we got back to the paved road and got hit by marble size hail! Compliments of Flaming Gorge. We are leaving Thursday morning for Lander, Wyoming, where we will regroup, repack, new tire and some pieces of mail that are following us. For the first time we will need to be somewhere on a certain day! I say “need” as I looked at the mileage and realize that this will be a 2000 mile round trip… June 23rd we should be camping at Valley of Fire near Vegas with some Friends from London, England. Might not be doable after all, it is much fuel, oil, tire wear… 

black dog  
fisherman fisherman

Yet, considering all this bad weather, we have managed to see some fishing…I use to fish, I love to fish, but being from out of State everywhere the licenses are too expensive. I end up giving my road away a while back, I can fish with my camera now! Maybe some day I will get back into it, catch and release as everyone does around here, also nothing wrong by having a nice dinner. We managed to see the Red Canyon the same day we rode the Geological Tour Road as now looking back I feel lucky we had one clear day and took advantage of it right away.

Red Canyon  
Red Canyon b Red Canyon c

Stopped at the Flaming Gorge Reservoir Dam…

Flaming Gorge Reservoir  
Flaming Gorge Reservoir Dam Flaming Gorge Reservoir Dam
Flaming Gorge Reservoir g  

Not much else truly besides listening to the familiar sound of rain drops and more rain drops. I keep joking and telling myself  “I am… almost depressed!”. Old Faithful has a new cooler now, the biggest one I ever had, looks a bit “overkill” but I like it. It has a hard shell inside, soft insulating clothe and I might even add another top layer of more insulation on the inside. It has many pockets for utensils, even a pan, a couple dishes, and will be my portable kitchen making up for more room in the big “closet bag” I call the one that sits behind me. A “Walmart” special!

cooler a cooler

A new recipe with left overs the other night, might have been a couple nights ago. It turned out really nice as I had also made a cup of rice. Some cubed pork, can be substituted with chicken or just garbanzo beans for vegetarians, a couple tablespoons of chili powder and one of Horseradish.

Pork and Mango  

I think I am enjoying doing this food photography as much as cooking and as much as eating it! Once sauteed nicely, I added a couple chopped tomatoes, a can of drained pineapple bits, a diced mango and some cilantro. Continued cooking on low ending up with much juice for topping the rice. That was it. A simple summer recipe kind of like having an entree and dessert all at the same time.

Pork and Mango Pork and Mango

Well, on to Wyoming now. My list of to do’s is getting longer and longer including bleeding the sidecar brake which for some reason is now worthless, an added tire and tube to change, more. I was even thinking about giving Spirit a bath! His favorite…

Hwy 44

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Be well…

Ara & Spirit

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4 Responses to “More bad weather in Flaming Gorge. UT [Pineapple.Mango Pork]”

  1. mq01 Says:

    Simply Beautiful. I love your photography, it is truly art. You have an incredible eye and gift to be able to translate your surroundings in such a striking manner. But I must admit, the pictures of food…I always feel hungry suddenly 🙂
    Ride safely Ara & Spirit

  2. a lady's Life Says:

    Very beautiful shots as usual.
    The hail storms sound exciting, the mud not too much lol
    The outlaws… gosh did they tell you which ones?
    How delicious! lol

    You sure have a real happy dog travelling like this.

  3. Artful RV Adventurer Says:

    Ara my friend,
    It is a brutal spring… still cloudy and raining here in Ouray, Co. too… and I got snowed on hiking up to Twin Peaks. Maybe you should have come and sat out the rain with us after all, since it’s EVERYWHERE! Misery loves company 🙁
    Wishing you blue skies soon,
    Mark and the “Quiet One”

  4. chessie Says:

    Stunning….I’ll hush myself now…and meditate with you and Spirit.

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