Michael and Sandra’s Utah, my 100th Blog…

Friday, April 6th, 2007

It just does not seem like it!… Time is flying by much faster than I thought… the mind is loosening up, so has been the rig… and I truly feel that so much has changed since day one, back in Georgia. For those following this Journey, thanks for being with me. You have kept me company more than you think…. I do appreciate it.

This was the last full moon at the campsite… it is in color, sort of…

We are ready to roll out of here… almost packed to head out to Michael and Sandra’s house… remove my wheels and “drive” to Vegas for 3 new tires… Did I say drive?… Somehow I am looking forward to it as it will be a change of pace… with great company… we are great talkers… when my mouth is taped however! I think with Spirit never talking back, vocally anyhow, when I am I presence of someone else… well, my mouth can go a hundred miles an hour…

The local welder did a great job… funny guy… as he asks “do you want it pretty and painted”… or “strong and ugly”… The later just about describes the rig… much reinforced welding with much clean up grinding… the other arm that was part of the assembly was also cracked… he checked the whole rig from top to bottom!… spend an hour and a half while Spirit and his new buddy were playing!

And I had a great laugh reading this posted by a friend on a Forum…

[quote] Chin up. Would you rather be stuck in Utah with a few technical difficulties that will get sorted out or be solo on a line after the sous chef & dishwasher called in sick, the Sysco truck shorted you on your order, the walk-in is at 65 degrees, with a green wait staff and a line out the front door at 4:55pm? [quote]

As I remembered those days… not too long ago! Under Contract for a restaurant in Atlanta… that was exactly the scenario… including the walk in… except the line cook did come in when I told him that I was sending a cab and taking it out of his paycheck… Sorry! It was a Friday night… there is NO such a thing calling in sick in a kitchen on a weekend night… or day!!!

I am now wondering if I truly went under for a few days… I don’t think so… maybe a bit? It is just so hard not to ride. Today, back behind the handlebar I felt like I was glowing… I started wondering if I was addicted to riding? Of course I am!… The wind was blowing in my face with the visor up (full face please…), I was even raising my arms as for my open vents to get the full effect, Spirit even felt like in his glory with his head sticking out at a high rate of smells per hour!!! I even wrote a friend yesterday about having a spare motorcycle… in case!… So good… so good!!! So what if it is my passion… amongst others!

I met Michael in Hurricane, and he lead me to is house… north of Snow Canyon. Spirit has two more buddies now, all my friends are animal lovers… the only way to be… right? Open Welcome Home. As much as I like camping… the outdoors… the dust and the dirt at times… I have to admit that the sight of a real kitchen, shower… is a great welcome sight! A great lunch by Sandra as we are working on removing the wheel of the rig, dirty rice with chicken, truly delicious and quite a treat for me… and not only for the reason that I did not have to cook my own meal!

Not much longer after, all three dogs, Michael and I pile up in the car for a tour… a personal guidance of this area that has so much to offer… First showing me a couple BLM spots where I could camp next week, I have already chose one. Next it was on to some cliffs with hundreds of petroglyphs… and finally back to the house through the beautiful and colorful Snow Canyon.

I know that I am not elaborating in too many details… only because I will be here for a week and there will be much to see… many dirt roads… incredible scenery… much to experience in this area that really surprised me. Michael has been coming to the campground visiting me a couple times and kept saying how much there was… He was not lying, including the campground miles away from the urban life… we only saw a couple cars, everyone I think is at Mount Zion!

To my surprise, Spirit wanting to follow his new buddies… started jumping in the Lake… the lake were I will be camping… with trouts in it… He does not swim! He jumps above water and flies… This has to be the best picture of him… he has really toned out since we have been on the road… wish I could say the same! He had a blast… all three dogs had a blast and of course we did too watching them and throwing sticks.

We are honestly tired tonight, tomorrow is the round trip to Las Vegas for the tires, and some serious coaching from Michael for the rest of my visit in Utah. It is the best to hear someone knowing the area talk about it. I think you will all be surprised how much this immediate area has to offer… with no tourists and campers present, quite a path to a peaceful stay…

Till next time…

Be well…

Ara & Spirit

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One Response to “Michael and Sandra’s Utah, my 100th Blog…”

  1. Linda Says:

    Spirit looks like he is having the time of his life. Those two black and white pups are beautiful. They are in doggie heaven.

    Stay safe Ara,

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