Marfa’s Gift, Texas

Sunday, October 7th, 2007

A new recipe is up, the Index now cover the full two first months of the Journey, from then to now there has been much changes in the format… what a learning experience this has become!

What an incredible town and day it was yesterday! The wonders of traveling with time and ease through this country, being at the right time at the right place just does not cease to amaze me. The event was an Open House put together by the Chinati Foundation, a free weekend of art, talks and free meals for the town and its visitors. And visitors there were… all the way from Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, El Paso and many other cities.

We left early morning for the 100 mile ride, the temps cooling off as soon as a few miles were spun away from Terlingua. As usual I like to stop in the middle of nowhere, the sun was rising and the traffic… well, you can see I had no need to fight it!

I had never much in the past enjoyed riding straight roads, on two wheels or even on three. Things have changed as I have become a rider of a different sort. The rig has turned into a tool allowing me to not only feel the wind and the freedom outside of a steel cage, but to take in as never before the sights moving by me and the smells never lingering too long as the miles slowly fall behind.

My speed has dropped, my vision has turned into a frame by frame process, more aware than ever of the light beams of the day that allow me to shoot pictures after pictures, never however discarding the memories of the experience itself, as sadly enough I must say, regardless any camera, composition, proper lighting, the picture is never what was felt when taken. Maybe “they” are just enticing morsels of a Journey that “you” yourselves need to take!


We arrived mid morning, the crowds were not quite out yet, there was a little square right at the edge of town where some locals and also from surrounding towns, had spend the night. It was a display of what I call “funky art”, this 4 x 4 was my first sight, I like funky and I was not disappointed.

Live Art… (she is the owner of two Pits)

A bit further within the same space I found the ultimate RV!

Yes of course it runs….

Put together by this gentleman named John, all from scraps found as far as in Big Bend. Can you just imagine what “sidecar” he would build!!!

A custom bumper, one chain from a cement truck, the other from a mining drilling machine.

The inside complete with a wood stove, oven and burners, no rest for the eyes.

Everything welded, details every square inch, I found it just an incredible art piece on four wheels.

John is also responsible for these vehicles…

Including this one… in tongue and cheek.

Too many pictures to post here in one Blog… much more to come, it might take 2 or 3, as the Chinati Foundation had a meal ready for 3000 people… Spirit was the center of attraction… great food… including Mariachi music… the buildings of the foundation were open for the public to check out Donald Judd’s Art, the founder, and also weekend Guest Artist David Rabinowich…. A walk through El Paisano Hotel… more artifacts… stay tune as they say! I took hundreds of pictures and today wish I had taken more… how about planning to be there again next year!

Till then… be well…

Ara and the Ham… that is of course “Spirit”


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  1. conchscooter Says:

    What an eye opener! Marfa previously just sounded to me like a grievous misspelling of Martha. Somewhere interesting in Texas…Two more posts would be good.

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