Lots of “WOW”… Yosemite, CA.

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

We are staying in today, taking in some rest if there is such a thing! Almost noon and Spirit was still snoring just a few minutes ago… sluggish throughout our walk, he is back laying in the sun…

Yes, Yosemite was yesterday and a ride somehow is never just a ride for me, specially when riding with two others… on two wheels and full of spirited conversations. We did not get back till midnight, exhausted, cold, even with the heated gear that “we” had on! At the same time I was anxious to see the pictures of the day, which I did, skimming the Gallery, anxious… excited… to share that day with you all.

Tuesday was sorting things out day… that is the day before yesterday. But the thought of that Ice Cream from Sutter Creek had never left my mind and we saddled up late afternoon for another round. And glad that we did… I bumped into Fred Weaver, you remember the gentleman that turned me on to Bob Paradis… the… (some readers have criticized me when I call someone a “Master” at his profession… but that will not stop me for doing so… <long story…>) Master Welder that repaired my rig so kindly. Everyone must know each other in this area… I like it! Like it a lot…

I was talking to this gentleman by the Parlor, Phil, his wife Josie, a “women love that stuff” novelty store owner next door joined us… Fred appeared… he had to rush off to fly into the sunset… and I was cordially invited to share their home and some Salsa!… admire his Scooter… talk about life… and Spirit to share some moments with their two dogs… That is what happens when I live on the road… how about that!!!

Now back to yesterday… We left early, early meaning 6:30am, to meet Brian in Jackson who was punctual, a deep appreciation for that. After the usual early morning grunts we rode for our next meet south on 49 to Sonora… another rider, Michael was waiting for us. One street town, I spotted his cycle very quickly, a short stop at Starbuck for some morning uplifting for them, (I carry my own… sorry Starbuck), and on to 49 south again and 120 east that would lead us to Yosemite.

I don’t know if I should say this and if I will ever want to take pictures after yesterday when seeing his. Michael is a Photographer… 34 years now, 27 of it for the San Francisco Chronicle… So here is the situation, saddlebags worth of photographic goodies… wide angle lenses, telescopic lense big enough to need support… Brian also with the latest, and me… with my little, fitting in the palm of my hand… should we call it… camera?… Please be kind to me…

This is what Brian wrote to me this morning…

[Quote] Thanks for sharing a little bit of your journey with me. It was quite the adventure. The irony of three guys who don’t like riding in groups, one on business, one with a side car, and one new guy feeling a bit awkward, was just too good. [Quote]

We riders talk about this a lot… I think I have written about it! It is a lonely “sport”… but we love to do it in groups!… and don’t… Add to the fact that I am on three wheels. The logistics? I cannot ride as on two wheels. Posted 35 mph ahead of a curve, I have to get into to it at 35mph… maybe a bit above, where two wheels… well, that is up to the rider’s ability… and Michael sure had that ability! He passed me at some point going uphill on 120, a tight curve, just a smooth as silk, nice lean and line… my heart skipped a bit and a beat… don’t tell Spirit… but I missed two wheels at that moment! But I leaned my head toward him at that moment, he LOVES HIS SIDECAR… the thought disappeared. I love my Buddy…

We all managed to have a great day and more… I ride last… they wait for me! We all wanted to take a lot of pictures, they had patience… it all worked out… we each rode alone as a group… go figure that one out. And yes, Michael… well, I love his job… was on assignment to take pictures of us for the Newspaper, we will meet once again while cooking… and one more time to speak with a reporter. But assignment or not… we will ride together anytime. You too Brian… even though… you are “little people”… (inside joke… another long story… later).

California Riders… you have some incredible roads… no one talks about them too much on the East Coast… I think you have kept your secrets well… sorry I have to divulge my routes… and I have no clue how you can work 5 days a week with them, starring I am sure, in your minds…

So we make it to the entrance, and more awesome roads ahead of us. Little bit of a bottleneck at some point, there is a bear cub getting some sunshine.

The cameras are snapping, Michael’s too…

I told you so… I did learn one thing however when asking “what do you do in daytime with that haze against the mountains?”. Answer… from the Pro “you don’t take pictures”. And I felt relieved… I decided that I will do all my next attractions later on the day… we will stay for sunsets wherever I am and will ride back as late as needed. Pictures have taken a big part in my life,,, those are the best times to get better shots. No schedule…

This is where it gets tricky. Yosemite is not a one day trip… by far, and there is so much to read about and see and feel. The presence of the huge granite formations, this Park about the size of Rhode Island including 263 miles of road is just too overwhelming to grasp it all in one time…

The results of the glaciers filling the V shaped Yosemite Valley 250 millions years ago makes their presence so strongly that I could only stare and once again, as in many other Parks such as Zion, Grand Canyon, Valley of Fire, admire Mother Nature’s work at its best.

I will have part two of today’s Blog next… there is just too many pictures to post in one. For the first time both camera batteries were used… taking this sunset on the second one’s last breath.

And again, as we travel and make a circle of this incredible Country, following the weather this first year living on the road, I know that I am calling these times rightly so, just an “appetizer”…

Okay… as a Chef… I thought this would be “a propos”. There is so much more to discover within the areas we already have been in, much history, customs, local fare… and my thoughts are to revisit some of those areas in the winter when snow is present as it would be a totally different view and feel… So will rough it!!!

Till part II… I will have all the names for what you see… will try!!!

On to Cupertino tomorrow which will bring me closer to San Francisco… will play tourist! Will be back to this area afterward, most likely Walnut Grove, near Sacramento… a good base camp to ride some more… Tioga Pass, Mono Lake, back to Lake Tahoe to see my friend Robert who did so much trying to help a few days ago… and more!

Be well…

Till then, Ara & Spirit

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2 Responses to “Lots of “WOW”… Yosemite, CA.”

  1. Linda Says:

    Glad your back online, great pictures, looks like your having a super time. Cupertino, yikes, your coming into the hussle and bussle now, population overload…
    LOL Enjoy

  2. Paul Lombaers Says:

    I hope you’ll be pulling “his” sidecar for many years to come !
    for there’s no love like stafford love . . .

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