Life is like a box of chocolate… TX

Saturday, May 9th, 2015

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Hues of my Vision FB2 B use

Today will be last time I post contents from it as we are out of here… Good Bye Texas! You have been good to us this winter. The quotes? You will have to buy the Book…

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Antelope Slot Lower Canyon, Arizona PCTB 43   xxx

Map 43 50

"Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get "… as I would personally add, my chocolates are our Friends and Roads!
~ From the Movie "Forest Gump" ~

I have written a lot these past ten years. It has been my therapy versus being a drug addict and a bottle a night which is also a prime choice for many, either or both, while being dealt a couple bad cards in this game of Life. Don’t get the wrong idea! I was never on that path throughout my Life. Often, "they" even take that route while being dealt a good card and letting Life just go by with no notion of its own contents. Evenings definitely turning into a haze… I thought I had written everything there is to be written. I am better than I was those years ago but also know that this wound will never close regardless of steps taken. Losing a Child, a close loved one, it takes one’s Soul and puts it through a blender which has not stop lever. Luckily, I have learned to continuously spin while in an upward movement reaching the highest steps I can while I see more… and more of them. Bad luck? Fate? I don’t know as there is nothing to understand, only to try to accept such situation and adapt. I use to ask myself "why me?" until someone said "why not you?"… Knowing this fabric of Life, it made sense.

A storm and a rainbow PCTB 59 

Map 57 59

I am not too much of an "Adventure Rider" writer filling up pages and pages of our adventures. There are thousands of those out there. You know, the ones with their motorcycle laying in the mud. The ones with bragging rights of miles ridden only for the sake of those numbers on the odometer. You know… I always felt "one photo is worth a thousand words". I enjoy our Journal! Generally written in the morning after a couple cups of coffee and a short hike with Spirit. Sometimes sitting on the side of the road or dictated late at night under the Desert Stars. I always hope, while as he is now about ten, that he will give me a few more good years. It would truly be a lonely World without him. We are so much one that it frightens me sometimes. No one has stood by me as he has through thick and thin. Except for my Mother. Words even are not needed and yet I like to talk to him! I think he appreciates it as I know he understands them.

A Star is born, Muley Point, Utah PCTB 9

Map 9 [original]

I enjoy sharing images for others to discover spaces which maybe they have not yet experienced. We will be back on the road very soon. I had to set a date! The 14th. It has been a big circle these past ten years. That circle has not closed in as I can only hope it will not. Oncoming photos will express more than one thousand words…

Local from Marathon, Texas PCTB 53

Map x 53

We have had for some reason or another a lot of Global publicity in line or off through News Agencies these past days. A syndication columnist from England wrote an article on us and it has spread like wildfire, including a newspaper in Malaysia while a reader was kind enough to send a photo of it. It is not to me the publicity that is important, they are the e-mails we have received from others who also have been dealt that dark card expressing themselves that our Journey gives them hope to turn their own lives around. The same has been from others while stuck in the 9 to 5 grind where only the walls are of a colorless gray. So much again I feel all of this is a gift from Lance not only to me but to whomever these pages touch.

Magical Sunset at The Oasis, Big Bend, Texas PCTB 8

Map 3 8 12 16 52 42 54 55 63

They are the ones also which contemplate our Photo Book and "want" to go there… Turning that television off, doing away with the Saturday afternoon BBQ and football game and take on instead Mother Nature which is always a win. There are no losses out there on the road. No single day is the same as every morning I personally think what will today’s surprise be? It fills me with this desire to never stop as truly it is too late now to go back to what they call a "normal life". Could you see us in a downtown living in an apartment? It could be the landscape around that curve, the weather changing and painting the skies with its shades of gray, sometimes even black and strike some lightning while its thunder echoing as a reminder of the then present. It could be the local met at the gas station who will embark on his own stories of his small village while adding where the best place to eat will be!

Sunshine Cross near Las Cruces, New Mexico PCTB 13-2

Map 13

There are the other travelers we meet as we have. It is interesting to listen to their stories. To observe how they themselves move on the roads. Everyone is so different including their gears and I myself have learned a lot from them. There is no right or wrong, there is only what works for one or two or more as this one family of five on bicycles I remember meeting in Utah, while they were going around the World! Imagine the wealth their three children received throughout such a Journey! Better than any schooling I can imagine.

San Antonio, Texas, New Year's Eve PCTB 61

Map 61

Unfortunately many travelers are on a schedule and it shows as they skip the present moments and their minds are already ahead in a void not seen yet while their bodies stand tense and sometimes nervous. They are some that "do it" to "do it"… Do it to prove to others they can. It is "I must show them" and again often unprepared physically or financially their traces are rapid as only miles are counted. I am not judging, I am not criticizing but only observing while on those roads. I have to respect the ones that feel only those mile numbers are important as in reaching the "wow" numbers. I decided to call it a sport and not riding as there is a goal, a finish line unlike us which do not have one and instead are present mentally and physically with every mile passing by including the many U-turns we take…

Exploding Sunset at -The Oasis-, Texas PCTB 49

Map 49 56

So those were my thoughts these mornings as in five days Texas will be behind us and so will the hot wind making me feel as I am in a convection oven every afternoon!

Isn’t Life truly like a box of chocolate?


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Stay well.
               Ara and Spirit

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  1. john H Says:

    We often get asked how we can travel about without making reservations… my answer is usually in the line of allowing us the freedom and flexibility to where (and when) we choose to go… often following weather patterns or simply changes in our minds… but you are right as there is no right or wrong way to travel on the open road…

  2. Shawn Says:

    Book ordered. Now to track you down so you can autograph it 😉

  3. Jennifer Says:

    I appreciate your words

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