Life as it should be…

Sunday, February 11th, 2007

This is always my first view as I open my door in the morning! You cannot be here… sadly, but the least I could do was to take a picture of it and share it with you all. How can the day go wrong when one sees this, first thing, coming out for the day! And today was a great one… as they should all be… you will understand as you read on.

First it was the thought, the feeling of being on a different Planet, but that was just not it.The mind has a strange reverberation here… thoughts are just not taking the path they would normally take… Nature has always been the witness of a life gone forward, its scenery, its emptiness, and at the same time fullness, maybe have been left here with their own senses of the many years of history preceding us.

And as I accepted this fact today… lounging around… trying to put some order in our “things”, peacefulness started to lay here, sending out a clear and distinct message to take in the joys of the day to its fullest.

Timing is everything they say… and sure enough, some incredibly meaningful words had been send to me by a good friend of mine, a kind man, a great sidecar fabricator, Claude Stanley.

Those were his thoughts as he said, while he was thinking about my Journey, putting them down on paper. They are words one should frame and read daily… you be the judge.


Where is home?

It is on the road, it is at the small café, in the sparkle of our eye, in the smiles returned, in the sleep on the ground and the pictures painted by the stars above. Life is in the living, life is now.

Tomorrow has no guarantees and yesterday has past. Today is the time of life as all other times are just memories and dreams. Enjoy the day, today is living as living should be. Life is in our heart as we travel this great land. Worries are few for the chosen few. The ones who have made it a reality to enjoy life for what it can be and what it isn’t for so many years are few. We look at others and only wish they were free too. We could only wish they could see, but, they sadly remain blind. Security is so insecure. It creates seeds of worry and concerns over things that in the light of true life are typically trivial and non important. Life I a given pleasure that so few experience to its full potential. Life and living are something that we have learned to define by our own actions. But human definitions are weak and tainted in comparison to what real living can be like. The road, the people, the scenes, defines life of many people for us, but we have to live our own life with what we and we alone make of it. See clearly and be bold for reaching the goal.

It is attainable and secure to win but victory comes not just from within. It is our spirituality which has created us, molded us, and can only provide us with true and total satisfaction. Love, Peace and Joy are gifts that have been given and it is only up to us to receive them. Received them today, as today is the first day and the rest of our life, either on this Earth or in another place. Today will be yesterday’s tomorrow if tomorrow comes. Today is real, and today is what counts. Yesterdays are numerous, but additional yesterdays cannot be counted on. Today can only be real wherever they are spend and todays are what we make of them. Tomorrow will be affected by our decision made today, but when tomorrow comes, we need to recognize that yesterday has past. A quandary?… for some, for most maybe, but if we make it a point to live today, as if there were no tomorrow, with others in mind, we will be free from these concerns.

Pilgrims passing through life?… yes, but it is up to us, and us only, to make those decisions to live life in a way that we bring life to others. I doing this we are planting seeds in our own life so it can be lived to the fullest. The harvest is great and the investment is small for those who are not blind.

Seed time and harvest times comes and goes as we live. Planting and growing good seeds of encouragement and good deed creates life for us and others as well…

Pretty simple really.

Claude Stanley

Just remember, quite simple… as most of us, and I have been guilty of it myself, complicate our lives to the fullest!!!

With those thoughts, full of joy and confidence suddenly, Spirit and I took another ride through the Park. The sun was trying to peak today and some blue sky was making its appearance changing the scenery to a totally different hue.

The dark rocks were darker and the granite was whiter… the contrast suddenly jumped forward to its fullest and it was a delight to the senses to take in the fresh air, visor up, at a moderate speed to take it all in.

I then realized that it was Saturday, I am always happy now to loose track of the days… what a change from months ago. This Blog might be fun for you, trust me that it is also for me as I read my first days out and it is all becoming like night and day… I smile at my past thoughts… and probably will smile at today’s thoughts another three months down the road!… But today’s are more concrete, more real and much deeper than those in the past.

I knew the path was laid out in front of me and all I had to do is take it… and I did… It has since mushroomed daily, fuller, never forgetting however that one never reaches the culmination of knowledge, wisdom and spirituality enabling us to be a better human being…

It is a lifelong Journey… I hope I am on the right one!

The ride was great, being Saturday, many more climbers were present, it is mainly in the south part of the Park, here, still just a few campers. I hope you are not tired of seeing rocks yet… if you are… I also have a garden of Cholla Cactus! Just do not want you to get bored with this…

All fenced in with a nice walking path… as Spirit waited in the sidecar…

a vast array of Cholla Cactuses mixed in with some Creosote Bushes, well adapted plant for this climate with a dual system of roots, some reaching deeply for moisture, some remaining near the surface to absorb any rainfall.

A bit more riding, more pictures and it was time to head back to camp. Always nice to head back to camp… this is one of the nicest site I have been in. Time to cook dinner… not much cooking lately, still waiting for the days to be longer to get into it… simple meals… rice, pasta, potatoes and vegetables daily… besides the vegetables… everything I said I was going to stay away from…

It seems that some milk and cookies even have made their way into the pantry… wonder what happened?… It is called: weakness..

You be well… think about it… as Claude said, “pretty simple really!”.

Ara and Spirit

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2 Responses to “Life as it should be…”

  1. Steve Williams Says:


    You and Spirit definitely are on the right road. It will take some time to fully read through The Oasis of My Soul but I look forward to it. I have dreamed of long adventures of the sort you are on now but circumstance won’t allow it now so rather than dwell on the tomorrow that may never come I ride here as fully as I can and take adventure where I can find it.

    I’ve added you to my blog roll so that others can find your superb site. After I read a bit more I plan to focus a post on your journey. People need to read your work.

    Steve Williams
    Scooter in the Sticks

  2. wes Says:

    thank you again for the words. not only do you seem to be on the right road, you inspire others to find there right road.

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