Last ride in ABDSP…

Saturday, January 27th, 2007


Only about 10 miles from Borrego Springs, the “x” marks where we have been camping! One can stay here for months at the time, this particular land actually is private and not part of the Park. It seems that the owners where here not too long ago, I was told flying in with their Jet… and don’t mind as long as there is no trouble… and the place is left clean. We have neighbors! Everyone is spaced out about a mile or so from each other… About half a dozen campers during the week… many with dogs, scooters, bicycles, little Samurai Suzuki 4 wheelers… everyone has been very respectful toward each other, specially regarding generators which shut down around 8pm the latest. The nights are so quiet… total silence with a painting of the Stars above. Strange that without any rules and regulations life here is better than anywhere else!… It is called awareness and respect of each other.

sand dunes 











I had not given up riding Ocotillo again… as one more time I was told that the north trails, some on plateaux’s where hard packed. So that was the direction we headed and the giant playground was almost empty today… maybe the crowds from the last holiday weekend were taking a break!

hard pack trails












And I finally I did find some hard packed trails… It was a bright, very bright sunny day… with lots of glare and lots of heat… Looking down the canyons from the plateaux I had not realized how much actually riding could be done. I was wishing that maybe someday I will have room on the trailer for a dirt bike! Nothing fancy… Spirit does well I the truck for a couple hours, actually I doubt it if he ever will give up his seat from now on… and have the ability to ride on two wheels a bit!

canyon trails












Back on the road… due west again, one road, S22 to Ranchitas, I had never ridden. Looked like many curves on the map… curves are good! Going up at an elevation above 4000 feet the temps dropped, it was a day without any liner today… it remained that way on this round trip.











And it was an incredible quality, curvy and scenic road that I would do over and over…I am sure that the two wheelers have a blast on it! Probably is the local Deals Gap… well, maybe not quite… and I started to wonder why no one ever talked about it… a much better ride than up to Julian the other day.

ranchita store













And not only that… but I loved Ranchitas! Why?… there was no one there besides the shopkeeper in the tiny little store that has just about everything one needs! Had to be the smallest grocery/convenience store I had ever seen… I couple nice picnic tables outside… an ice cream sandwich, okay, I confess… a mini Moon Pie also… so great after 40 years, being a Master Chef to indulge in… junk food!… and watching the cars, trucks and RV’s go by…

homemade houses










It almost seemed that time had stopped in that little town… and everything was small… even a small Real Estate office the size of a cubicle!… and on the way back, a few feet away, under a sign that says “Michael’s Gallery”… some little houses built for one’s visual pleasure!… left there in a long row with a container for “donations”!!! You will not find that in the city…

curvy road










Very little traffic going back to Borrego Springs, and the few vehicles where taking their time on the 8% downhill grade. The Desert ahead in its splendor, with its array of heat and glare, Ysidiro Peak on the left at around 6100 feet, Grapevine Mountain on the right at 3831 feet, a very different scenery of rocks and vegetation unlike down below… why would anyone want to speed down and pass it all!

mountain trails










Almost reaching the Valley again I noticed, with a visual as being in an airplane, a long straight dirt road coming in to the foothills of the mountain on my right with many trails going up which seemed hard packed. What fun would it be to ride those trails and again the views would be awesome… maybe tomorrow before we leave… have the time and no plans… definitely no schedule!

more curves

The generator gave out plenty on power, 2000KW… on echo throttle with just a hum… on full throttle to roast some coffee it also did the trick. My inverter is broken in the camper, that was the only incident this week… the power source going to the camper was not recharging the battery, so I just bought a battery charger and bypassed the system… it works till that is repaired!

I still have plenty of water, fuel… the sun showers worked great throughout the hot days for myself and doing dishes late in the day when the water is the hottest! Ah! All those inconveniences… I will take them over any day living in the city! My mail finally reached me… BMW MOA Magazine mainly!… Have to start planning some stops for the summer… summer that I am really looking forward to… much will be going on. Eleven days to go to be trained on what will be my own Internet Satellite Dish!… something that I am so much looking forward to… and hope that you are also… Wilderness photos!!!… almost in real time…

You be well… we will be on the road tomorrow… might stop in Palm Desert at Jillian’s Restaurant owned by a nephew of a friend of mine… actually Jay who use to own this bronco/camper rig!!! Small world…

Ara & Spirit

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3 Responses to “Last ride in ABDSP…”

  1. suzanne Says:

    Hey Ara,
    Sorry we didn’t get to say goodbye. We got up late (as usual) on Tuesday 1-23 and you were gone. We made a detour north, way north, for a week, maybe two.
    Thanks much for the beautiful page on Lance. It’s odd, but we have a good friend by the name of Lance who lost both his parents two years ago and these two Lances seem very similar. Warm, loving guys well-loved by all who know them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings.
    Life is so good.
    best and cheers,
    Suzanne and Jim

  2. Elie Cramer Says:

    ara and spirit;
    My pal Wyatt (wonder dog) and I just got back from our first trip to the slabs, I really enjoyed it. did you stop there? Anyway upon returning to my home stop in the santa cruz mts. I decided to sell my harley, and investe in a Ural which looks very much like yours. There was a definate need for something which would allow Wyatt to sidekick with me when I strike out from my Motorhome campsite, to do some desert explorations. Craigslist came through for me and I also found the perfect light trailer to haul it, behind me. I am looking forward to getting back out on the road, as soon as I fix a throttle cable problem on the MH. Keep the great blog coming.

    Elie and Wyatt (boarder collee)

  3. mini dirt bike Says:

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