Lander. WY

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

The rain


Another couple hundred miles north, plunging into even worse weather when I thought the opposite. And it is alright as I am regrouping, at the same time visiting some dear Friends we met last year in Utah, KC and Mia. So the shelter is good, the conversations are great and of many, KC cooks at a local Restaurant and that “talk” in itself brings back some poignant memories, definitely some parts that I do not miss. I am sure many are seeing these blues skies and most likely thinking… They are only blue for a very short time!

The view  

The Journey lately has not been in depth, I have learned a lot of many areas we will shortly go back to, such as Crested Butte, Browns Park, Jarvis Ranch and everything else in between including the 1700 acres of the Red Canyon we passed by. The skies finally opened up today and between chatting, a pizza and a drive, the four of us, I still managed to get some work done on Old Faithful’s maintenance. There will be more tomorrow and I think we will be able to head out on Tuesday. Maybe maintenance for today is not the proper word. I lined our new cooler with a silver bubble wrap type windshield visor, the inner shell that is, it should make our ice last longer through the hot summer days coming up. I installed my Valentine radar detector which was 9 years old and replaced so cordially by the manufacture. My last tire needed has arrived but neither have been mounted, my plates are legal for another year and a new Friend “Wim” even brought me a new seat for Old Faithful all the way from Calgary, Canada! Yes, he had it strapped on his motorcycle. 

cooler license plate
Wim pizza

And yet, I have been feeling so out of touch lately, out of touch with my own space, the one free with no boundaries. The weather has been as this invisible wall with no portal as cutting me off from it all. As a stage with a curtain closed but knowing the play all too well, unable to enjoy it’s moments. Spoiled most likely and being reminded, as in Life when it happens so often, to not take anything for granted. It amazes me how the land, those empty vast spaces, can call me as only then suddenly Peace comes upon me, a Peace no other motion can replace it seems like.

Fog rolling in  

Even my thoughts, present now with no offense to this urban environment, seem to have derailed from their usual path. Smoothness, their flow as nonchalant creeks sinuous in their curves through their welcoming meadows, somehow have been restrained throughout these past times. I keep thinking that my timing was off, my geographical destinations where ill thoughts in discordance with the seasons. Too early to be here, too late to be south in the smothering heat and humidity. At the same time I hear often the unusualness of the skies present.

Red Canyon  

So we have waited, and waited, short rides, much map studying as each of it’s avenues can be the next greatest discovery to the senses. I also look at the calendar and as Father’s Day is quickly approaching, I have started reading many of your so helpful comments, all so public here throughout the chapters. My days, their thoughts, they are always so devoted to Lance. So often situations might arise, maybe obscure for so many or would be disturbing facts throughout their day, but here, what else really can matter but my presence and memories with him. There is no other importance. How can there be?

The road  

It intrigued me a bit as for as strongly as I miss my buddy, why is it this month as also others such as his Birthday or Anniversary that brings on a deeper shadow with such heightened thoughts. The Love is here, every day, never weaker or stronger moved by the times. If anything, time doe no heal the wound, the wound only gets deeper and deeper as I realize that there is no healing, there is only this path taken with no choice, a path one needs to plow so hard at it seems the ground itself getting harder and harder. I am fortunate that I have found this fashion expressing my Life through these pages often hiding behind my invisible walls as I only want to write unselfishly, open up this chest so furiously echoing from being too full.

Yellow Flowers_  

As magic, the understanding of such tumultuous thoughts came through the other day send by my Friend Paul, my Dear Friend who also shares my path of having recently lost his child, as I quote him “Two things caught my eye, the first being that you’re thinking about Lance a lot right now, that makes sense, it’s getting close to Fathers Day and just like you, I feel the magnetic pull, almost like gravity, although invisible, still it is pulling our heart strings closer to the day that once held such great joyful meaning, now sadness as the loss is more clearly felt. This is so typical for those of us in our situation, subconsciously we know things because our minds don’t forget things and it isn’t until we see a calendar or someone reminds us that it becomes clear as to why we are feeling this way.” Thank you Paul, no words can express my thanks to you always, hoping myself having the ability to also stand by you.

3 Bar Ranch  
3 Bar Ranch d 3 Bar Ranch b
3 Bar Ranch c 3 Bar Ranch e

Wyoming is beautiful, rolling green hills and raw mountains as their companions. Fast forward to this morning. The skies cleared up here in Lander and Spirit and I jumped on our three wheeler postponing the tires changes, a ride was much needed. We rode up to the “Sinks State Park”, surprised that I had never heard of it. The clouds came in a bit faster than anticipated, a nice sunny day would have brightened up the photos, but we did enjoy it to the fullest as a prize for the day

sink hole sign  
sinks signs  

Sinks Canyon State Park is only six miles southwest of Lander, Wyoming, on Highway 131. What an incredible backyard to have taking also in consideration that passed the State Park starts the Shoshone Forest where the sights becomes even more majestic and the camping is free. “Sinks Canyon State Park features a geologic phenomenon in which the Popo Agie River vanishes into a large cavern (the Sinks) but reappears in a trout- filled pool, the Rise, about half a mile down the canyon. These trout live a leisurely life, with no fishing allowed. A visitor center features wildlife and recreation exhibits, viewing sites and interpretive signs about wildlife and habitat requirements. The park contains hiking trails and offers camping, picnicking, rock climbing and fishing. Sinks Canyon is home to a wide variety of wildlife, birds and plants. Visitors might see porcupines, black bears, red squirrels, bighorn sheep, mule deer, moose or golden eagles.”

sink hole b  
sink hole c  

One more discovery to come back as actually the National Forest road is closed for another 2 to 4 weeks. We are just too early and for that reason might head east this time, experience a bit more of Nevada.

sink hole d  
sink hole e  

Till next time… a sunny time…

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Your support will help us continue these endless chapters you read. It will be more than greatly appreciated.

Be well…

Ara & Spirit

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8 Responses to “Lander. WY”

  1. Jake Says:

    Beautiful; your images are fresh and invigorating. The recurring food intertwined with the landscape has been a favorite of mine; the simplicity of it all keeps me coming back for more. Thank you for sharing.

  2. mq01 Says:

    Ara & Spirit,
    I have ridden the area you are in now, absolutely beautiful part of our country, and I have fond memories there. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to share it with you. Your pictures remind me of just how incredible and soulful the landscape really is. The rains and challenging weather bring great wonders to enjoy, even if it causes a slight change in our two-wheeled plans. I understand these days are of particular importance and emotional pull with Father’s Day near. I feel for you and ride with you in spirit, as I believe we all do. You are not alone my friend. Continue to listen to your heart songs. Enjoy this journey. And thank you from the bottom of heart for sharing your journey with us.
    Be well, ride safe, and enjoy…

  3. chessie Says:

    Ara, it’s as though all my questions were answered in a flash! The water rushes are fantastic…all the pictures are amazing once again.
    Be well Ara…
    Looking forward to your next pictures of your upcoming retreat.
    Talk w/you soon…

  4. Andre Shoumatoff Says:

    Wow, Lander is very pretty. Say hi to KC for me!

  5. Steve Williams Says:

    Hello Ara (and Spirit),

    Each time I visit your site I expect to see a post saying you’ve spent enough time on the road and you are going back to “normal” life. But I think this is normal for you guys now.

    What an amazing journey you continue to have. Thank you so much for sharing it.

    Steve Williams
    Scooter in the Sticks

  6. Zelda Says:

    Hi, Ara,
    When looking at these pictures, I caught myself sort of straightening up, leaning back and taking a few deep breaths, expecting to fill my lungs with the cool, crisp air!

    The print of “Reflection on Hurray Pass” arrived on Saturday, very professionally packaged and protected. It is beautiful. I look forward to framing it and placing it in our front room where we can enjoy it often. It is just a reminder of what a discerning eye can notice, where many might miss such a unique tableau. Thank you.

    I hope you and Spirit have had a good rest between your day trips out in less than inviting weather.

    Those of us who have come to know you through your pictures and musings on your journey will be thinking of you and Lance on this Father’s Day. May peace and love surround you, our dear adventurer Friend.

    Pam & Randy

  7. Artful RV Adventurer Says:

    This rainy cool weather can’t keep up forever…
    Watch, it will go straight to blistering heat and forest fire dry.
    We live in a land of extremes.
    mark and bobbie.

  8. John Grzeskowiak Says:

    It was great chatting with you Ara. Your lifestyle and adventures are beautiful and breathtaking.
    You really have it figured out – we should all be so fortunate.

    Safe travels sir – thanks for sharing, it’s enriched my life.

    John G.

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