“La Linda” Bridge. A Border “Ghost Town”. TX

Saturday, December 15th, 2012

“Paragraphs of Daily thoughts, a bit of mental therapy, this and that, published weekly or so…”

La Linda Crossing-46 xxx

~ The direction I’d most like to see us moving in is toward a world based on fundamental core values that make Life most enjoyable, such as: compassion, kindness, integrity, harmony, balance, respect, and cooperation. People in this new World will understand the wisdom of making choices and solving problems without fear. Indeed, this is pretty much exactly what optimistic futurists have predicted is coming next, and it is through sharing such intentions that we can best now envision how to arrive there from where we are right now. ~
~ Cynthis Sue ~

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It is again a late night within this space which this winter pulls me in more than ever feathering my senses to such an acute disposition. I received and read a great short comment the other day and it hanged around long enough to give it much thought while merging on the present path, making so much sense in parallel of my own mental feels.

"You mention the known history of the Big Bend region but it is the unknown History that is more exciting to me…" ~ Hayduke ~

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La Linda Crossing-29 xxx

I am never too technical about areas we are in as much as such historically contexts can be interesting and more. Valuable. There are thousands and thousands of pages as such toward which I do bow imagining the research and times spend toward it all. All still is going on today, still some copying the copies of the copies, linking, repeating. Dry too often. Yet, regardless, we know what has happened here or there when the land is barren, when we stumble on ruins, a few rocks here and there which might have been a wall, a tucked in flat space between cliffs, in a Canyon shaded by some lingering Cottonwoods, maybe a Village in Ancient times? All while the convenient loops nowadays have been built enabling us to stop at the convenience stores in Parks both while going in and going out. The sources of beer and junk food and Logo stamped T shirts and hats are prevalent keeping the wheels rolling after the entry fees have been paid.

La Linda Crossing-2 xxx

La Linda Crossing-3 xxx

La Linda Crossing xxx

La Linda Crossing-4 xxx

History is great, beneficial for sure, yet, my take, it takes away from the inner feel of one’s imagination can proclaim. Ruins are seen and thought about internally, not in black and white fonts on some lengthy novel. Canyons are deciphered holding the vision of past villages brought down sometimes peacefully, too often not. The blood of the past battles with their greed as a common denominator probably could still be seen under a microscope rolling on throughout a flash flood. It is now, where is the harm projecting our own thoughts while in silence ourselves reliving what was once. We know. We sure do, don’t we? The story is the same throughout History. Worldwide. Can I let such debacle of past craving and hunger for power move me?

La Linda Crossing-24 xxx

La Linda Crossing-17 xxx

La Linda Crossing-21 xxx

La Linda Crossing-22 xxx

I do not think "I don’t care…", because I do, because I care also about the present throughout this World which is boiling as it was right here a couple centuries ago and let’s face it, has really never stopped, still simmering when there is a right and a left refusing to make a "one". History will repeat, over and over and the only sense of it all is the bandwagon of the present serene times of the back country we ourselves experience. The sights of the crossing of La Linda a couple years ago had left me with such an impression and the thought of returning was always there. So we went. We went to see the closed "gate" that separates us, that closes us in and closes “them” out. It is all I needed to see and feel. Again, we know the History, don’t we?

La Linda Crossing-27 xxx

La Linda Crossing-16 xxx

La Linda Crossing-15 xxx

La Linda Crossing-14 xxx

I decided to go through the Park versus Alpine and Marathon and since on paved roads give "Old Faithful" a good run. After all, she is the one that carried us all these years building by the mile her incredible personality, this roaring character she has while swallowing the miles to no end. 

The end of the Road

And we are back late and as the Internet here boots up I hear the News. There is no one to talk to as I am devastated. We went to the end of the road, this road which should be open and suddenly mixed with this afternoon’s emotions I feel the News are also the end of Life’s road. It hits Home so hard. These Children, Parents, Family, Friends. Lives changed forever as mine did now almost 9 Years ago. This is all too much, History does repeat itself. It did today. Again. It leaves me numb. And the World will not stop. The jokes on the Tonight Show will go on as if nothing has happened today. People will laugh tonight, tomorrow morning, now they are already. Have we become ingrown with such a hard crust? Maybe it is that "nothing" has happened today. Maybe it is the way of the World as it always has been, hoping it will not be in future times. What has gone so wrong I wonder with no reply to my question. Similar questions and feels when in front of that bridge of an eerie space with no a Soul in sight and utter silence. Only the winds whispering.

La Linda Crossing-40 xxx

La Linda Crossing-41 xxx

La Linda Crossing-28 xxx

La Linda Crossing-18 xxx

We have read these News before, over and over. Those pages now filed away can stay tucked in as today’s file is surfacing maybe with a solution. I don’t have it. The core of it started too long ago. I call them Human #1 and Human #2. A flaw in the design, must be. How can we, such intelligent forms, with sensitivity, intelligence and so much more can stoop so low and terminate the Life of ones alike us? It is incomprehensible at this moment.

La Linda Crossing-43 xxx

Today in the Desert there were no such News. It was the Ancient Land that took care of us for Centuries that unraveled and suddenly because a few feet away, for the sight of another Country and all the Politics and Greed that could exist it was a Dead End. Ghostly, silent, a Ghost Town stating, cement barriers, lock and more locks. Only a bird could have gone across but there were no birds. They were no dogs and not even a stray cat. I know this Life on the road keeps me on the other side of another wall frequented by the not so many, I know my thoughts have gone back to the "Peace and Love", a such Classic path which seems specially today to be disappearing I can only hope not for ever. Not for too long.

La Linda Crossing-44 xxx

Stay well.
               Ara and Spirit

La Linda Crossing-50 xxx

La Linda Map

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8 Responses to ““La Linda” Bridge. A Border “Ghost Town”. TX”

  1. scruffy Says:

    Human A and Human B, yeah, it’s seems so. What have we become, why can’t we see? This life and this place is a blessing in any language or perception. I feel devastated ~ I long to be out there, alas I have troubles here to deal with first~ I know I am not alone in feeling this, but again, I am devastated, sick with this newest appalling, senseless cruelty ~
    I wish to escape my own kind for the most part~ I feel peace and comfort in the spaces, and I have little hope left.
    Don’t mean to be so down, but down seems to be the prevalent direction. Nevertheless, I will survive til the end 🙂
    On the up side, thanks for sharing Ara, keeping me connected to the spaces. Scratches to Mr. Spirit, be well and travel safe

  2. scruffy Says:

    ….and love the pictures of La Linda Crossing, and the sepia is right for the subject~ very nice! I haven’t been there yet, but it’s on for the next trip. The cement barriers, and caged bridge, speak loudly of where we are in human relations. Again, you speak from the heart Ara, that’s beautiful!

  3. Ara & Spirit Says:

    We have to keep the “hope” and the “Faith” of Life. We have to. All this leaves me so speechless. Suddenly my surrounding seems almost foreign. How can this happen? Yet, so much worse has also happen. As I wrote, and it was written before this incident, “History will never cease to repeat itself fueled by?
    Thanks for writing. Hang in there. Ara and Spirit

  4. Ken Says:

    Just a thought…nothing more…nothing less:

    Even the finest handmade window shutter will allow enough of a flickering candle flame to draw a moth from its darkest recess. Perhaps our hopes will be that the shutter will continue to allow the slivers of light and the candle is never extinguished.

    Best regards Ara and Spirit,


  5. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Well Ken, that is how Life is set up. I would like to say “unfortunately”, but, we just don’t know any other way. Could have been worse, could have been better.
    Nice thought and Thanks for writing. Ara and Spirit

  6. heyduke50 Says:

    remember everyday we live we unravel another piece of the history unknown…

  7. Alejandro Says:

    Congratulations on your site and I take the audacity to publish the address of your blog and a picture of her in mine, I see him with deep admiration and hope I can continue recounting his travels and allowing us to read. Best wishes.


  8. Ara & Spirit Says:

    That is fine Alejandro. I saw your site for the 1100, it is nice and of course one of the best bike ever made. Stay in touch and be well. Ara and Spirit

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