January 26th, 11 years later. TX

Monday, January 26th, 2015

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“True Happiness is not attained through self gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose”
~ Helen Keller ~

Something has truly clicked these past couple weeks. That is in my Life, my outlook, feelings towards this exterior so many daily fight to reach the throne for a fame which I find so truly a non value aspect from a cut and dry exterior sometimes meaningless considering our own personal Wealth is within our Heart. What clicked, and it is kind of strange as only being at the beginning of this I feel new Journey, is simply the fact that "it is what it is". The path is uncomplicated, elementary, straightforward, clean and yet, I have a time to wrap my head around it. Years of ill programming are a hard act for them to vanish. No ifs and no I wish, no buts, dreams of past and future scenarios written with a golden plume on pages flying through the clouds, no, this is reality and again as I have written it before, acceptance and adapting are the keys. How much simpler can it get?

Sunrise at The Oasis xxx

Yet, deep down, when the chords of the depth of my feelings vibrates as January 26th once again is here today, it does hurt. That acceptance, that adapting is difficult. Then again, Life itself is difficult as we have made it as such over those past centuries leading to these present days. The upside of it all is that it allows me to see the present so much clearer. There is such a negative streak going around and as a Friend who stopped by yesterday was telling me, one can think every morning of all the casualties a day could bring such as losing this or that, accidents or maybe worse, and if by the end of that day nothing of that sort has happened, well, we should be happy that we made it unharmed. We can as night takes place close our eyes for a good night sleep. So why start the day with such thoughts? Lets only face this present moment by moment. I think Social Media pages have enough accidents and worse which too many thrive on. Sensationalism.

River Road xxx

River Rd-2 xxx

Have all these years since today is the Anniversary of Lance’s passing away have been in vain? It has not. The school of Life does not allow me to rest and the years have shown a progression appreciated while compounded with the so many miles ridden, the sights we have blend in with, new Friends made, many who have touched our Hearts and many who have written we in turn have touched their own Hearts. It is so much an intermission time I feel right now while almost standing still and regrouping for the times to come and embrace again a path filled with the lessons learned and feelings acquired. There is a purpose for it all as there also will be for those future roads we will take on gladly.

Leaving The Oasis xxx  

Myself xxx

Temp on River Rd xxx

Sunday was one of those days I felt as we were due for a vacation! I know, we have been on vacation for years, it is just an expression I use as a joke. Being in the lower eighties a bit South of here it was time to give Old Faithful a work out and let Spirit take in the millions of smells that pass by him while we ride. I wanted to find a movie set called "Crow ? " passed "Closed Canyon" on River Rd. I was told there were no signs and I don’t think I found it unless it was just one building falling apart and barely standing. My back is better as a new Dr, to me, took care of it. While pulling cement tiles instead of using the wheelbarrow, I had twisted my pelvis and ended up with a left leg half an inch longer than the other! It is healing nicely and I now have much hope that he will also eventually remedy to my sciatica which is always such a non sense. It is amazing how we can get used to pain!

I rescued a bicyclist from France on our way. While stopped in Lajitas I saw him and his bike leaning against a wall, all his bags off and I asked him if he needed help. He just looked like he did combined with the fact that I always stop for just about anyone on the side of the road or give a thumb up and if the reply is a thumb down I turn around. He had left France about nine months ago and had just finished riding, meaning bicycling, South America and through Mexico had arrived to the Big Bend area. He had a flat and none of his spare tubes were in decent shape. He had not been able to find any while going through Mexico. Here is when Karma has its own good timing as I had no clue where he could get a new tube.

Old Faithful xxx 

River Rd xxx

Spirit licking his chops! xxx

A Ranger from the State Park Welcome Center happened to be walking by. He told us that the Center sold tubes just a mile away! 26". So that is where Spirit and I went and sure enough there were the tubes as I bought him a couple. He could not get over his good luck and me neither! Later on, on our way back we passed him, he was obviously all fixed up. It reminded me of all the help we ourselves received when breaking down a couple times. Pass on the good deed. It was a good day. For him also.

Snowy Desert xxx

Snowy Desert-2 xxx

Snowy Desert-4 xxx

I woke up yesterday to what seemed cotton fields. Snow! Probably the only day as such of the season. So quiet, so serene and eerie. For those who have not experienced snow in the desert, it is quite a sight. Of course we played. Snow balls while listening to the crunch under my shoes. With blue skies I knew it would not last very long. It did not. By noon all was a memory, a good one and now all we have to deal with is… mud! A good afternoon to add more coats of paint in "The Cave" which is now ready for its ceiling which will be a multicolor parachute. And no, I do not know what I am doing, going on one step at the time while I use physics. Ceiling trim will be put up and then on a hold awaiting for some vinyl floor squares. Gray, a light gray.

Mike xxx

A traveler showed up for one day. Mike who has been on the road for close to a year riding a 50cc Roku while getting close to 100mg! Who needs a monster motorcycle with all the bells and whistles when one can go up to Prudhoe Bay and back down to Baja on such a small bike. He has the right idea and at 28 has grabbed Life by its horns and enjoying himself having saved enough money to stay on the road for a while longer. We ate and conversed about the road, about Life and it amazed me how much we had in common in our traveling ways. Free camping, frugal, meeting locals and as they say, "smelling the roses". No pretense, just living Life for himself while he also keeps a Journal and I know someday he will write his own book I will certainly read. The experience was refreshing as he helped me with a couple tasks and showed up with coffee for me as a gift and a nice bone for Spirit. Relaxed times.

The Cave-5 xxx

The Cave-10

The Cave-9 xxx

The Cave-7 xxx

The parachute is up in "The Cave", all is looking as it is coming together even if the tedious aspects still needs to be taken care off… like the trim! My savior. One day at the time.

Sunrise at The Oasis-2

Stay well, Ara and Spirit.

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11 Responses to “January 26th, 11 years later. TX”

  1. wil Says:

    Ara I am concerned about your choice of ceiling material. Nylon parachute material produces voluminous poisonous gases when ignited and drips melted plastic upon anything in its path. It is attractive, but no easy material to flameproof, which is why you don’t see it used in interior decorating. You probably can get by in rural Texas due to incomplete or no inspections, but in larger communities or those with a more active inspection department, the ceiling simply wouldn’t pass. That’s my 2 cents worth. What, if anything, you choose to do with the information is up to you. As an adult, that’s your right. I’ve done my duty to you by informing you of the hazard.

    Safe travels y Buena Suerte.

  2. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thanks for your thoughts Wil. Believe me that is has been on my mind since I had the idea. The electrical is sound, there will not be any cooking, the only item is the heat about 7.5 feet underneath. 4000 to 9000BTU as I doubt it will ever be used over 4000. I was told “that” heat will not catch the parachute on fire. I actually had it on for a few hours. Of course there is no inspection here but will give it some more thought. Thanks again for the concern. Stay well. Ara and Spirit.

  3. Randy Says:

    Wonderful post Ara thanks for helping me through another Iowa Winter. Flat tires seem to be part the expense of being an adventurer. Was your bicyclist surprised to find a French speaker in the US? What a treat for him I’m sure. And I’d love to know more about going cross country on a 50cc. How does he pick his roads. I have no excuse not to take my scooter places. At 35 mph it’s so quiet you don’t even know it has a motor and it would be fun exploring along the Mississippi river.

  4. Zelda Says:

    More beautiful photos, Ara. Your new “abode” is looking great! I’m glad your back is feeling, better. Do be more careful, though. I am having to learn the same lessons about taking care of my back, or else! We are not spring chickens, you know! Our dear little Natasha (the brat) is now an old lady just like me. We two old ladies take our slow walks down the street when the weather is nice. ” Quelle bonne chance” for the French cyclist that you rescued. I would love to hear him tell his story, especially his surprise at you a fellow French speaker.
    Not sure we can come visit in February, as Randy’s Mom turns 95 and we will visit her to celebrate, then visit my Mom (age 91) in North Carolina. Still want to visit you in that beautiful and wild country.

    Keeping you in our thoughts at this time as you remember Lance and your Mother. You do seem to be more and more at peace, Ara.

    With much affection for you and Spirit,

    Pam (Zelda) and Randy

  5. texascindy Says:

    Hope you felt my (((hugs))) yesterday. Was thinking of you. I am loving your “Cave”! I know you’ll be very careful with the heat in there. I’m not sure that you found Crow Town. Next time you venture that way ask a Ranger at Barton Warnock. They’ll show you on a map if you need it. I wish I had written down exactly the mileage from Closed Canyon so it’d be easier for you to find. There is one building there that has collapsed but the adobe is still in pretty good shape. Better luck next time! Snow!!! Can’t blame me!! 😉

  6. john H Says:

    Ara, there is a bar in Key West Florida that also uses a parachute as inside ceiling decor… although I recognize the danger of using such decor, it has not seemed to bother the owners of the Green Parrot Bar in KW…

  7. Pleinguy Says:

    Snow in the desert is indeed a special sight, even when it is short lived. The Cave seems to be coming along nicely. Looks like you’ll have a large patio for outdoor living too. Hope it becomes a comfy place for you and Spirit. Best of luck with settling into your new lifestyle.

  8. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Thank You Pleinguy… It is not a new Lifestyle… yet! doing it all for those days it will have to be! Hoping not too soon. Stay well. Ara and Spirit.

  9. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Hi John. Considering what it will be used for, I think it is going to be alright. So we will pretend we are in Key West!!! Stay well. Ara and Spirit.

  10. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Hi Randy, Pam… little Buddy [!!!]. I still hope you can visit. Yes, he was surprised and even more getting a couple tubes. Mike lives on the road just as we do. Just goes… talks to locals… maps [he is a cartographer!]. Will probably see him in a couple of days.
    Talk soon. Stay well. Ara and Spirit.

  11. scruffy Says:

    Very nice! Be well, and thanks for sharing ~

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