It only takes a couple Bees to sting us at the "Beehive Beemer" Rally…

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

I have been thinking a lot since we left the "Beehive Beemers" gathering yesterday, and trying as one might say as I usually do in such situation to "let it go"… and this is after two years or so on the road "growing up"! I have not been able to. This is a sad story, a facet of Life I thought I would never see again, and even more disturbing is the fact that it has originated from fellow motorcycle riders! The photos are from our ride to Penguitch and back, not necessarily from that day, a beautiful stretch of road passing through the Red Canyon area. The changes of colors from white sandstone to red are just amazing! Also some photos from the Rally…

sprinkler rainbow

  road 1

From the time we set up camp in Penguitch, the beginning scenario did not play right. On the positive side quite a few familiar faces came by to see us, "we met you in Louisiana… remember?"… "we met you in Oregon…" "in California…" It took us back in time with much conversation, much talk on roads taken, even maps pulled out, awesome past acquaintances, new ones made, they played with Spirit, many took pictures, it was like reliving our past adventures as we had been to a few welcoming Rallies these past couple years. An Adventure Rider one in Kernville where we felt so welcomed, a Pashnit gathering which to this day has the great memories of a "feel good" weekend with families including all the kids, dogs, wives, where I even cooked for about 70 attendees on a Friday night!… A Louisiana Rally where so many land us a hand after we crashed… and before! Louisiana!… where they even put on a ride for us while going through that wonderful good food eating and friendly people State!

road 5

But this time, within an hour of us being there, the Rally Master, with no introduction of himself whatsoever, impersonal and cold hearted as it could be, came to me and warned me a couple times to restrain Spirit as some members had a bit of a concern about him specially being a Pit. I understood! But yet at that time, the good did still outweighed the bad. A couple riders, amazed at the "demand" and fond of our web site went on to find out the source of it all! A group about 500 feet away… sitting in a circle and commenting out loud that dogs should not be allowed… It was not the fact that Spirit is a Pit… it was only as I found out a bit later that this individual "David Friese", seemingly I was told, the leader of the group… is a "dog hater". Strong words… indeed. I never use the word "hate" as it should not be part of the human vocabulary… but that is the word used later on by the organizers of the Rally themselves to describe this individual…

road 3  

red canyon 7

My mood of course became somber, Spirit is my "Life"… he is who I have left through my nights and days, throughout this Journey, he is a generous well behaved and kind Soul. We have learned from each other, we are both survivors and have grown together for the best of it all.

 Penguitch downtown

As time went on, as small crowds gathered around us to check out the rig and play some more with Spirit, and some more conversations going on regarding the Rally Master’s comments and warnings, more where surprised as other dogs where also present. A couple more riders went on again toward the gathered group and came back telling me that they could only hear out loud the non stop comments about Spirit! They were shocked themselves. Nothing else to do maybe?

motorcycle trailer mechanical problems

At one point I had to use the facilities, Spirit was tied to the rig and I could hear his barking at times while away. That is what he does when we are camping as we do mostly in desolate areas. He becomes the guardian of the rig! No growling, no teeth showing, just barking as suddenly at that moment alone with much crowd around him specially if one nearing the rig a bit too close. A friend of mine, Jim, the owner of Mountain Sun Touring products from who I had bought a few items years ago was only about 40 feet away with some friends of his, a few barks did not bother anyone, it only lasted a very short time off and on.

red canyon 2 

Returning a few minutes later, walking myself by the group, I decided to meet them, introduce myself and maybe shed some light that Pit Bulls are as other dogs as one would raise them! Asking very politely "what the complains where all about?", this individual, David Friese, definitely the leader of his own pack, "told me" to shut my dog up… already not such kind words with an insulting tone, it bothered him even though 500 feet or more away from him. And as I replied that I was on my way, trying my hardest to stay undisturbed after introducing myself, something he would not do, suddenly, unprovoked, the profanities and foul language started flying in my direction.

red canyon 3

Belligerent… insulting… loud… profanities. Yes, I stayed very calm, but for the first time in this Journey, a sudden heat formed and took birth within me. My Family, my Dog and myself will not be insulted… I do not accept and will not accept such outburst… Keeping my composure I calmly asked him to watch his language… three times, as his obviously well trained mouth would not stop and the depth of his profanities escalated to the point that, could have been his wife next to him till then very agreeable, finally asked him to no avail to tone it down. We had many witnesses. With the fear of escalating the situation, I turned around and walked away toward the registration desk to find the person in charge, turning out to be the same Rally Master I had met earlier. Ah! Valley of the Gods! How sweet our time was there! California Lost Coast… how serene the moments lingered throughout our stay… How could this happen?

red canyon 8  

As above, the same facts of the incident were related to the Rally Master… adding the question after only a shoulder shrug on his part, "are you going to allow one of your members to unleash toward a visitor with such foul language and profanities"… and the answer was with an empty and unconcerned look… "I am so sorry!". He was not. I asked again, as by that time others were listening on to the conversation. I asked again if anyone was going to talk to him… It was like talking to a wall with many faces! Everyone sitting behind the registration desk only trying to pass on the issue. They all seemed to fear this individual, the only answer I got was "I don’t want to talk to him"… "Oh! him, I don’t want to deal with him.." he is a "dog hater" and "he was under the assumption that there would not be any dogs at the Rally".

  red canyon 9

I could not believe that lack of concern… and it just made the matters worse realizing by then that I truly was on my own in this situation! Who was this individual everyone seemed to fear so much and themselves dislike so much?… but would not have the "courage" to go talk to him? Maybe a big contributor to the Club? I openly communicated my thought that if I would have been the Rally Master I would have asked "him" to leave as such behavior is shameful, or at least reprimanded him following a public apology. No one moved… no one backed me up… only empty faces looking at me… The Rally Master? Well, it did not seem to be his problem at all, barely moving his figure to express his indifference. A disgrace for this Chartered BMW Club and as I realized that we are not welcome, I packed and went on with much thinking, back on the road, my hands shaking gripping the handlebar and my mind in a turmoil as never before since we had left. I could not put a cap on my emotions, having just experienced a facet of society I was hoping to never see again!

red canyon 6

What an irony it was I was thinking, as we finally stopped at a rest area, a shaded area, wanting to give Spirit a big hug. If his kind heart only knew the ugliness of such fellow riders… and maybe he did as he lovingly put his head against my chest with a big sigh, seemingly happy to be out of there. What an irony to have been featured in "BMW WORLD Magazine" from Africa to Europe to the USA… to have been invited so many numerous times at events we could not attend… even today finding this Article on SpeedTV… and there was, suddenly, this disgraceful little BMW Motorcycle Club with such a lack of any sort of humanity and a coward attitude toward an incident that should have never been allowed. So disgraceful that BMW MOA should uncharter such organization.

red canyon 5

We are doing better today, I have much thinking to do about another Rally I wanted to attend next month in Paionia, Colorado, to finally meet a Friend of mine that has been of much support toward us, and I hope vice versa, but I just don’t know anymore! We cannot avoid to be in parallel at times with the society surrounding us. The good outweighs the bad by far as I have found out these past two years, as I have also found out through all our readers supporting us in more ways than one.


The President of the Club, Bob Mabey, has send us an apology. I was however surprised to find out that he himself is a dog breeder, Malamutes, as his biography however reads and I quote…

"Bob currently rides his favorite BMW, a ‘84 R100RS, and his other favorite BMW – and the world’s greatest motorcycle – a ’06 R1200GS After 24 years and 250,000 miles of being Beemer mounted he has come to appreciate the fact that they are both loyal and spirited, don’t need to be fed and watered twice a day, don’t crap in the garage, and don’t have unexpected vet bills once or twice a year."

I don’t know about that statement, but I still would choose Spirit over any motorcycle or other vehicles even having to "feed him and water him twice a day, clean up after him if I had to and pay for his unexpected vet bills as many times a year it takes!" A strange biography for a breeder I find!

road 6

I have demanded a written apology from their member "David Friese" and from the "Rally Master’ and if it is any consolation ready to take this up with the parent organization "BMW MOA". For everyone else, I thank you all for your conversations, you playfulness with Spirit and all the kind words you have expressed, even if we were there only for a few hours. Life goes on… Mother Nature is waiting, speechless maybe, but beautiful as ever, she has never had a prejudice toward Spirit… of toward myself for that matter!


road 8  

Till next time, as always, you be well…

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Ara & Spirit

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23 Responses to “It only takes a couple Bees to sting us at the "Beehive Beemer" Rally…”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Ara, I am so sad (okay, very pissed) about what happened to you and Spirit at that rally. Just takes one asshole to ruins things sometimes. What a colossal jerk!!! Can’t believe the organizers of this event didn’t do something. Ugh…okay, nuff said!

    I hope you do go to Paonia!! I used to live in Hotchkiss and you will go right through it on your way to Paonia. My husband used to work at the Hotchkiss National Fish Hatchery which is just before you go into Hotchkiss. Couple years ago my brother took his first cross country bike trip from New Orleans, LA., to the Pacific Northwest. About 50 miles east of Montrose on HWY 50 he had a terrible accident. I flew in to be with him as he isn’t married and no family. Luckily for me I knew the area so well and still had good friends in the area. He was on a vent when I first got there. Let’s see…6 broken ribs, a broken clavical, badly sprained ankle and a dislocated thumb. Everyone agreed that the only reason he survived was that he was wearing all the appropraite clothing, gloves, helmet, etc. He was in the hospital 10 days and then came home with me to recup for another week or so. His body was one big bruise!! He was looking on eBay for a new bike while at me house!! Think he had one bought in a month!!! Dam, I sure hated to have to tell my mother about that! LOL!

    Ara I remember reading on your blog that you lost a son. Today is the ten year anniversary of my son’s death. He was 13 when he died. His death day and his birthday are the worst days of the year for me. Anyway, I just wanted to check on you and Spirit. My Sage and I are headed to Idaho in the AM in one of those claustraphioc tin cans with 4 wheels! LOL!

    Peace and ((((hugs)) Ara.


  2. Jo Says:

    Hi Ara,

    I’m sorry about your experience at the rally. I want to tell you how happy you and Spirit made me today. Maybe it will cheer you up some.

    I ordered a t-shirt from your site earlier this week to give to my husband on his birthday. His birthday isn’t for 2 more weeks but I ordered it early, thinking it might take a while for you to get to the post office and for the shirt to get to me. I was so surprised and delighted when I opened my door today and saw the package. That was so fast!

    My husband loves Spirit and is always asking me if there are any new pictures posted. He keeps asking me to print out the photo of Spirit in Monument Valley. I didn’t tell him that you sold t-shirts and I was going to surprise him on his birthday but when I saw the box I knew I couldn’t wait. I let him open it and he was so surprised. He had no idea what was in the box and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him as happy with a present as he was with this shirt. He just loves it! I’ve given him some pretty nice presents before but nothing has ever made him smile as much as this Spirit t-shirt.

    So anyway, thank you so much for sending it so quickly and, most of all, thank you for sharing Spirit and your journey with all of us.

  3. Michael Keller Says:

    HI Ara and Spirit,

    I’m sorry to hear about your experience, you both are always welcome up here in Montana!



  4. Darren S. Says:


    So sorry to hear about your troubles at the rally. Unfortunately, the world is full of buttholes and it only takes one to stink up a whole lot of space. You did the right thing by simply packing up and leaving. I wouldn’t let it sway you away from attending the next rally, though it may pay to check on the dog friendliness of the event first. 🙂


  5. Jerome Says:


    Sad that this is my first comment to you, Spirit and your blog… which have given me many hours of adventure, beautiful photographs, and wonderful heart-warming stories. And above all, ideas for where I’d like to ride.

    Your strength of character in the face of such poor behavior, and the complete lack of management on the part of the event staff, is commendable. I don’t know that I could have kept my cool in the face of such belligerence, let alone the subsequent indifference.

    Peace to you and Spirit.

  6. Starla Myers Says:

    What a shame You & Spirit were treated so badly at a Rally which was intended for Good Fellowship among Fellow Bikers. Some People are just Toxic & this man sounds like he is just that. Some people are so miserable inside, that they have to seep their misery onto others to make themselves feel better, somehow. I’m so sorry You Both had to encounter such a tormented little man as this man. I would not be surprised if Mr Spirit could smell the evil vibes coming from this individual, when he was barking, while you were away momentarily. I don’t blame you for leaving. I would not trust a “Dog Hater” around my dogs & would have done the same as you did. It’s a shame the Rally Master & Staff did not do their jobs and ask the man to leave. He was clearly the one with the problem. Hope you get your mind & heart cleared of his hate. I bet that hug from Spirit was a good start. You guys be safe & look ahead to Brighter Days & Nicer People! 🙂 the GreenEyedBully

  7. Froggi Donna Says:

    Egad….what a group of rude, self-centered idiots. I’m glad Spirit couldn’t fully understand the hostility in the air but I’m sure he felt the tension. Sending you both hugs!!!

  8. Linda Hunter Says:

    I cried when I read this. I’m so sorry that you was treated that way. I understand about people being afraid of pit bulls, till they get to know the dog. But I don’t understand them treating you that way and no one standing up for you.

    I also understand about Spirit being your family. I feel the same way about my dogs.

    I’m glad you got out of there without you or Spirit being hurt. Just remember that so many people from this site do care about you and Spirit.


  9. Jeff Meloy Says:

    The creator is found everywhere….peace seems only to be disturbed by man. As you, we have been on the road full time since Nov. 2007 and have experienced the glory of God found in nature. As time moves on, we are more and more in search of the serenity of the wilderness…farther and farther away from most humans. We, you see, have experienced some of our worst “pain” in life due to actions and words delivered by our fellow human beings, and, especially, from our own family. If you have read “Ishmael” by Daniel Quinn, you may realize folks such as us are of the “leaver” variety and folks such as some you met at the rally are of the “taker” variety. Once the different varieties were thought about and understood, life has made a whole lot more sense to us. You, my friend, have been absorbed by the peace found along nature’s trail, and, the recent jolt of civilization, I use the term lightly, is just a reminder of why you are doing what you are doing. Take the ugly as a sign to continue to look for the beautiful. Your spirit is now soaring far above the “takers” below…..and, hence, don’t sink to their level, but instead, embrace what has happened, forgive those involved, and continue toward enlightenment. Warmest regards, Jeff & Sandra

  10. dianna Says:

    Hello ara and spirit!
    We read your blog daily and love it! We are sorry to hear about the things that were said to you both at the rally, some people are too rude and ignorant. If you are coming by colorado springs colorado hit us up, we’ll make you and spirit dinner!

  11. James NomadRip Says:

    Don’t be too bothered by the “dog hater”. The biggest “haters” are the ones who are so afraid of dogs they can’t help being total buffoons like that in public. The worst ones have never even been bitten, they are too cowardly to ever have approached a dog. They are afraid of a bark, and in turn they believe everyone else is afraid of a bark, so that is all they are capable of doing…barking. It makes him somehow feel powerful, I’m sure. He will go to his grave knowing he is this kind of coward. What I hope he realizes is that everyone else already sees through it, and knows what he truly is, despite his fear of it being discovered.

    Be glad you aren’t him and enjoy your ride…he’s not worth the thought process 🙂

  12. James NomadRip Says:

    Oh and aside from that, you keep adding to places we put on our “must-see” list. My ladyfriend so enjoyed the Petrified Forest in Arizona last year, sending her a link to your blog has added yet another place on our trip list!

  13. Debbie in Florida Says:

    Ara – how tragic that an individual cannot understand the depth of a canine’s loyalty, love, and companionship. Spirit has more soul and compassion than this man will ever possess. I’m sorry you had such a negative experience at the Rally, but understand there are MANY MANY riders (myself included) who enjoy meeting other riders with their companions on the road.

    Keep the Spirits up!!!


  14. Zelda Says:

    Ara and Spirit,
    Please take some consolation from someone who has been in a very similar situation, dog and all, in which a socially handicapped person displayed his low class for everyone around to see. You see, it’s not about you, but about HIM. Yes, it hurts when we are on the receiving end, but I’m assured by friends and family that these people eventually meet up with bigger heavies than they are and end up paying their idiot tax. Not many of these pains-in-the-butt, fortunately. Hhhmm, I was thinking seriously about a BMW motorcycle, too.
    All the best,

  15. Rick B. Says:

    Ara and Sprit,

    I always liked the bumper sticker “Mean People Suck”.

    Short story:
    I belonged to a boat club once,, my first day on site to have a nice picnic with friends and family “jerry” started yelling at us that we were in the wrong spot, that he a select few had built the picnic shelter, that who were we,, etc,, etc.. Guy was a long time member of the club,, people just said ‘ Yeah, thats just Jerry!’ ,, unbelievable….. sounds like a similar encounter.

    In looking at the beehive site, I would bet its the same there.

    Last word: these kind of guys are everywhere,, don’t let their behavior define your mood,,, if you do,, they ‘ve won. Give Spirit a hug, take some more pics for us.

    but then, if any of you dog lovers reading this would like to correspond with the guy, I think he can be reached at :

  16. Scott Sand Says:

    Hi Ara and spirit,
    I was reading the “Pashnit” forum today and I always check to see your posts. I clicked on your web link and eagerly read your blog. I’m always waiting to see the next installment of your and Spirit’s journey. I was deeply hurt by the rude and thoughtless comments and actions you and Spirit received at the Beehive Bimmer rally. A “dog hater” eh? I can only imagine that this person “hates” many things in life, not just dogs. What a sorry existence this man must lead. I feel sorry for you that you were hurt; I feel sorry for the “dog hater” in that he must be missing out on many wonderful experiences in life. I can only imagine what a miserable life this man must live. I’m not sure where this is going, just to say it was a painful bump in the road. I feel the need to go home and hug and kiss my little dog “Clarabelle” the loving way she looks at me with her penny colored brown eyes. If we could only be the people our dogs think we are, this world would truly be a better place.

  17. Fellow Rider and ABPT guardian Says:

    At times like these I find it hard to listen, but if I can quiet my mind, dogs always show us a better way.

    My favorite things are …………live in the now, forgive…every time, be happy…always, and sleep is good. : )

    You made the right choice to leave, proctect your dog,……….always !

    Keep the rubber side down !

    San Francisco, CA

  18. Tim Presley Says:


    Walking away from a situation like the one you experienced isn’t very satisfying but it is the right action. I don’t know if this will help but I don’t hear profanity or swearing the same since I listened to this lecture by Steven Pinker. Here is the link to a particular lecture. The part about swearing starts about 26:21 into it. It contains the swear words but they are used in an academic sense. When I hear someone now, I can’t help but be amused.

    Your photography is great. I think you could publish a travel guide using your knowledge of those “roads less traveled”.

    Thanks, Tim

  19. Tim Presley Says:

    I checked the link on the comment and found it takes you to the page of videos. This is the link to the specific lecture. 26:21 minutes into it!

  20. PJCNLV Says:

    Ara, I have a saying.

    * We know there is a God because he gave us Dogs”.

    It is clear that that creep at the ralley and the Smug ralley master do not know God.

  21. Bill Wood Says:

    Have put his name in the Utah section of my Anonymous book JIC I need help while there. Been there a few times and it is the best state for riding there is.
    Keep the pictures and stories coming. Regards to Spirit. Bill

  22. Jim Says:

    Ara, I think you did the right thing by just moving on down the rode. Life is too short to deal with the asses!
    The older I get the more I tend to ride more by my self or just with the wife. Hang in there and give the puppy
    a hug!

  23. Mark Says:

    Ara and Spirit, How well you handled the situation at the rally with the two meetheads you had to deal with. Maybe I should say not only Dave F. and Bob M. but all of those who were witnessing the situation and didn’t come to your defence. I want you to know if I was at that rally I would have left right behind you and Spirit but not sure if I could have contained my emotions as well as you did. Ride on…….

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