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Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

How to order our Book “Freedom on Both Ends of the Leash” has moved to the end of this page…

Our Photo Coffee Table Book is ready to be printed. The cost of it as a “print on demand” is exorbitant. For that reason I will be starting a Kickstarter to try pre-selling 1000 copies bringing the cost down to $40 [including Tax and Shipping] from $90 + Tax and Shipping! As soon as Spirit and I shoot a video for it it will go live for 30 days. This below is what it will say. Any feedback is much greatly appreciated. I think it makes sense to save $70 per book.

Hues of my Vision xxx

For Kickstarter:

“Our Kickstarter is designed to help "you" purchase our Photo Coffee Table Book "Hues of my Vision" for less than half the price it would be if ordered individually as a single print on demand.
Right here by pre-selling 1000 books or more, meaning a bulk order. It is that simple. The Book is done, uploaded, and ready to be printed as I have received and approved a sample. This is not to raise money for fuel, food, cameras, travel, etc. It is to create more than a 50% saving for you on the normal print on demand cost of the Book.
I struggled heavily trying to find a solution for no one having to pay $90 plus Tax and Shipping as a print on demand Photo Coffee Table Book. I do not have the funds to pre-order 1000 copies or more (1000 being the minimum bulk order) but, by pre-selling them here, the Book can be sold for less than half the price, $40, and this will include Tax and Shipping to you. Of course I do feel the Book is worth $90! Nine years of Photography. Life on the road daily on our motorcycle and sidecar for my buddy Spirit, my faithful Pit-bull, with camera on hand as you can read all about it on "". But… looking at it as an often requested item, it is a lot of money, and I do want to make it affordable unlike many other Photo Coffee Table Books. 
Its size is a large 10 x 13 with sixty-one Photos on Premier Luster Premium paper, sixty-one maps highlighting where the photo was taken, and sixty-one quotes that are close to my Heart. If one counts the covers,  there are actually sixty-three photos.
This was my winter project, a project meant to complement our Book written last year "Freedom on Both Ends of the Leash". I can honestly say that I am impressed with the  quality and service that Blurb is providing. The company will offset print it (giving it a more beautiful finish than digital printing), store it and directly mail it to you wrapped in cellophane paper and a cardboard box.  It will not be available on Amazon as they tag 15% and $1.35 on such an item.
Unlike most other Kickstarter campaigns, ours has only one pledge level and one "reward": a $40 pledge which will reward you with our Photo Coffee Table Book [including Tax and Shipping] and save you more than 50% [$70] from the regular price. Of course you can order more than one as gifts for your Family and Friends.
This campaign will  last 30 days and upon its completion if successful, will take three months for the printing and shipping to you.
Thank You”

I am posting this for feedback purposes only for now…

Hues of my Vision-3 xxx 

In the meantime… my rambling in this beautiful and serene Desert has not stopped!

Hues of my Vision-4 xxx

Hues of my Vision-12 xxx

Each day passing by is bringing me closer to the present moments I want to live through. I feel as more and more I am able to stay in the now as much as I do think of the future, the ones near and distant, as one has to. If not, the present moments would not materialize being here or there. Maybe none of this [as usual! some would say…] makes any sense and then again our path is not of the common one. I have this fantasy always in my mind that the fabric of Life is chronologically upside down! Its rules were just not laid out properly and so much has to do with the mighty dollar, meaning we have to work all our lives, personally having in the past often more than 100 hours a week, to only have that ability of a car payment, a mortgage, utilities, insurance, medical, food, clothing, outings and so much more including supporting our families.

Hues of my Vision-5 xxx

Some as myself always had, are filled with the passion of their work. Some do not and with robotic motions go through the nine to five schedule dictated by who knows who as that aspect by now is lost in its roots. That invention. Yet, even with passion towards one’s profession, Life is left with such little time, sometimes if any, to truly enjoy the dreams and true needs one might have. There is no bartering, there is no free rides [unless born with a silver spoon!], there are only moments of work, times spend trying to make ends meet and there goes those moments which contain, contained, the core of our true wants, those dreams, the ones we always say about, the ones I myself always hear from others "some day I will…".

Hues of my Vision-6 xxx

Why could Life [and there is my fantasy!] not have been a free ride? My thoughts toward it is not out of laziness as I am a doer, it is only because up there lodged in our head, this brain of ours has so much to offer towards ourselves versus towards a sometimes grind called "work" which takes away our inner wealth only giving an outer wealth to fatten a wallet if any bills are leftover after disbursing for the above expenses to just be able to… live and survive. How wonderful it would have been if Life was free giving us the ability and time to instead fatten our senses, feelings, principles and love towards each other to its fullest instead of being robbed of time not devoted towards those aspects.

Hues of my Vision-11 xxx


Hues of my Vision-10 xxx

Of course it is not and it is way too late… Maybe on a different planet, galaxy, civilization, times, maybe some day? It is a wealth to be able to live in such a "now" as we do, Spirit and I. We are shielded from politics, greed, what I call "Life’s malware", we try. I love my good Friends, I love my Love towards them as they enrich us instead of so many peripherals that could instead drain us. I turn around and walk away from the negativism often too prevalent. The years have passed by as I was telling some Friends last night over for dinner. What happened? Almost 67 years as instead of feeling old even if this body is at time rebelling with aches and pains, the mind is getting younger by the day. Not a teenage or toddler young, but a wise young. As much as it can be while in and out through the doors of this School of Life which never close. It is like a book where the ending is at the beginning before the story unfolds when all is so simple while dodging the darts of Life, Life being the story we all carry.

Hues of my Vision-8 xxx

Hues of my Vision-13 xxx

As the time approaches of my Mother’s second year passing away Anniversary, I look at her as now in this little urn and so much comes to Life thinking about her own past, a past which also some day will be mine, Spirit’s, everyone’s. It is emotional to think of all the labor, sacrifices, work and so much more that has been comprised within her years all contained in this little final chapter resting by our fire ring. It puts so much in perspective. It engraves the present moments from what is important and so much non important. Priorities, thoughts, aspects we thought were right but ended being wrong because we knew so little in our youth. Those tumultuous past years. The ones we battled with the only notion to win! Win what?

Hues of my Vision-17 xxx

We are still lingering at The Oasis planning to leave and head North at the end of the month. For the first time in years I am being lazy! A doer being lazy… Kind of an oxymoron. At the same time I don’t feel lazy. The mind is continuing on its path, maybe it is just the body resting for now and taking it all in as the landscape with lately the daily rains we have had only seems to gain beauty and contain us here. Maybe it would be different if as in past years all was just a brown landscape but these yellows and whites topping so much green, well, I just cannot turn my back on all of this.

Hues of my Vision-18 xxx

Hues of my Vision-14 xxx

Freedom is found only when pulling yourself out of the past and living with the good memories as dwelling on what was wrong since we have found hopefully the answers by now is so useless. Freedom is to take it all in out of this time we all have left to be alive with conscientiousness while deflecting any hurt that could reach us, also useless. 

Hues of my Vision-2 xxx

How to order our Book… [not the Photo Coffee Table Book yet].

“Freedom on Both Ends of the Leash”, our Book, is now available autographed through us for $24.99 [$19.99 + $5 S&H, Continental 48 States] by clicking the photo links on top of this page. [PayPal accepting all cards]. It is also available through Amazon in paperback or as a Kindle download. All other electronic formats are also available.
You can also order from any Bookstore and Beemerboneyard.
If ordering more than one copy through us you will need to place each order separately or e-mail me.
Please read below about rates for International Shipping and outside the 48 States
The flat shipping rate for outside the 48 States or International is $15. Please e-mail me [“e-mail me” link above] for those orders as you will have to get directly into our PayPal account bypassing the normal procedure.

Stay well,
               Ara and Spirit

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5 Responses to “Is it only a matter of choice? TX”

  1. Randy Says:

    Thanks Ara. Life’s ebbs and flows. Not understood when young or mature. Just more accepted with experience.

  2. joe Says:

    I’m in for 3 of the table books. Need before Xmas please. Kickstarter is a great way to handle this

  3. Ara & Spirit Says:

    Waiting for Kickstarter’s approval… A couple days. It will run for a month. Thanks. Have a great day. Ara and Spirit

  4. Sandyleeisme Says:

    Yes please, I would order two

  5. Steve Davis Says:

    Looks awesome Ara. I will anxiously await the Kickstarter! So glad to have met you and Spirit….hope you are in Colorado the last week of June as I am planning a backroads trip the 21st-26th and would love to meet up somewhere in the wild.

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