In transit, Wilcox, AZ.

Thursday, January 11th, 2007

    Yes… this is what I have to put up with, all day, when moving!… you get the picture?… Maybe he can start writing his own Blog and post his own feelings in it! What a dog!!! Last night, Jerry, Nalda and I had a little Good Bye dinner… so yes, again it was Pizza… This time at Michael’s in Fort Davis… and I know that yesterday I wrote that it was the best… this one was even better… Why?… Well of course “white pizza”… but I did ask them to brush the dough first with olive oil and garlic and cook it an extra 8 minutes… Excellent! If you remember Jerry and Nalda own the local Bookstore, “Bookfeller” on the main street… well, the only street. How can you tell that they are open… the obvious red truck will be parked in front!… You have seen it before when I rode in it… yes… it is very very red… You need a book, you don’t need a book… you will buy a book or more when you stop there… They specialize in books depicting the area but have everything else… and why will you buy a book?… because they are just not categorized… you just look through… and suddenly your hands are full! Try it… For the last time I walked back to camp passing in front of the Harvard Hotel, a landmark in Fort Davis. They do have quite a few stores… eating establishments… with great lighting through the windows… not a soul on the street after 9 o’clock… the quiet night life only interrupted by the coyotes howling and dogs barking… So we left this morning around 8:30am, no rush. Through Marfa first and on 90 to Highway 10. The balloon is a radar, most likely to watch the borders… The scenery matched the ones from the past weeks, all the way to the Highway, more pleasant than I thought to be in transit! Suddenly I felt being in the real world merging with Highway # 10, the main artery with the semis running at top speeds, I had forgotten what it was like!… But it was fine, a much nicer crossing than in other parts of the country that I have done so many times… like the 1000 miles from Kansas City to Denver… where there is nothing, nothing at all to look at! We crossed New Mexico, a State which will definitely need a visit in warmer weather, and crossed finally the Arizona border. Having lived in the Chiricahua Mountains two years ago for 16 weeks I was very familiar with the area… right and left I was remembering the sights… finally even stopping at the exit that I always used when taking off for my weekly excursions. The only bike I saw all day and had, of course, passed me… had also stopped to refuel at the same exit… Have to talk!… find out from where… to where! Turns out to be, I am reading his card… “The Man”, Dominic Tucci… Musician with an All Star Trio… going home to Newport Beach from Dallas where he had flown to purchase the bike… Nice ride… quick round trip. I might go and listen to them when… if… I can handle the Big City. And were going… and going… the seat starts feeling uncomfortable, my thoughts were to arrive in Tucson a day early… but the little town of Wilcox seemed a better place to stop as I will still be a day early tomorrow for my tires, only 80 more miles to go, we covered about 450 today. For the first time I feel now on the West Coast… Big Bend is about 600 miles behind us… no turning back… passed Tucson and into Southern California will be pretty much new territory as I have not set foot there in about, over 20 years I think… maybe more. The rain has started… just as we are done setting up… the timing was perfect and I do recommend the Lifestyle Resort we are in!… The Host and Hostess are ex sailors… live aboard as I was… The conversation of course… was filled with regrets… and past great memories spend on the waters. Incredibly clean… large office with many books… restaurant… and the funny part… my little Bronco parked next to the giant RV’s… hysterical… They will probably feel sorry for me… and Spirit. But it is only for one night… it was a lucky find, for sure. Tomorrow is another day… we hope… we are tired tonight… Till then… you all be well. Ara and Spirit…

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