In the Heat of Valley of Fire. NV

Monday, June 22nd, 2009
4 miles rd k  
stand alone rock a-2  

Saturday, June 20th, evening. So I found myself this afternoon getting lost while trying to find the BMW dealer for a new fuel and oil  filter. It is very inconvenient when Google picks south instead of north, clear way on the other end of town. I swallowed my losses and instead decided to stop at a Starbuck and post a new chapter of the 
Blog through an e mail I send myself with my I phone. It happens to be time for a major download. A few minutes? How about close to three  hours. Fine it is, in and out to take care of Spirit, the guilt of him waiting is building up, the icing on the cake is realizing that the download for some reason has erased all my books, my easy writer 
application and most likely a few more I will probably look for soon. At the same time posting a new Blog, I realize that the width of the paragraphs is going to be much narrower since written in an e mail format. Not much I can do about it now I am thinking. The amazing fact however are my lost notes throughout a previous download, which had vanished, have now reappeared, the larger keyboard of the “easy writer” application is now incorporated in the regular e mail software. I will be switching to the good old pen and paper soon. I just wanted to get us back to camp. It truly all started with my stove at R.E.I. The biggest mob I had ever seen present for their biggest ever sale… Surprise I thought, I knew there were not here nicely lined up for Spirit. Finding a new pump, the culprit, was not an issue, waiting around the block in the pay out line was the entertainment value. I dare for anyone to find a single soul as cooperative and patient as Spirit. We really don’t do well in big cities.

4 miles rd a 4 miles rd b
4 miles rd c  

Tomorrow is another Day, this has kept my mind off Father’s Day, not off Lance. We shall stay here all day, this is a space of a thousand pictures. I remember us being here a couple years ago or so, looking for the “severe” sight, the rock formations that truly stood out. Today, so much has changed, so much “I” have changed, as every step is a wonder that stands out on it’s own. It is as I don’t even want to know how all this came about. The thousands of eyes, the vertical and oblique drawings which were horizontal at one time or even maybe vice versa, the reds so bright as burning amber acquiring with all due respect it’s title “Valley of Fire”. Tonight is not as quiet, the rock condo has distant neighbors I can hear with loud voices as I wonder why they are here? Spaces such as here are inducive to serenity, an inner meditation even if so into conversations. Maybe they are the city folks which have decided this particular weekend to exercise something new as they forgot to leave behind their vocal software.

4 miles rd m  
4 miles rd o  

Sunday, June 21st, morning. Yesterday’s weight and no book to read was the prescription for an early sleep, a sleep undisturbed by the night quiet herself awaiting the morning prize. My neighbors are leaving, probably missing the urban jungle’s brouhaha. Coffee is hot and strong, if only my great grand mother could see were today her grinder was put to use. If only this grinder could talk. Packed amongst the such few items making it’s route during the onslaught of my country in 1915, arriving in Cairo while later still grinding those thousands of cups, if she could only relate to the so many of conversations heard. Today, her prize, my prize is the awakening amongst these rocks baked already to a bright glow by the sun on her course for this present new day. What was here millions of years ago? Will we really ever know or is it all hypothetical as so much of our past, as of our future also for that matter is. But today, “now”, is my present as it passes by so quickly with it’s thin walls having such a hard time containing us. Sometimes for the right reasons. How can I today delete such past memories as being Father’s Day?

4 miles rd e  
4 miles rd g 4 miles rd q

It is that Day, the Day unlike many I can only relive it’s memories. What jokes will I hear? Where will be going out to eat or are we going to the Market and put together our own feast? This was the Day I always have to admit felt… important. Wrong word, cared for? That extra little special glance, the extra gesture of a couple arms hugging me. It is still that special Day. The hugs are within our hearts that have never strayed too far from each other, the glances are here when I close my eyes, they are warm and embracing. And yet, regardless, the despair never quits, the bottom of it all has become this slippery stage on which Life itself cannot maintain anymore a foundation that once stood we thought so solid. Always “now”, such a hard concept for a wandering mind such as mine.

4 miles rd d  
4 miles rd l 4 miles rd p

Sunday, June 21st, afternoon. We just returned from scouting the area. Surprisingly there is not a single cloud in the sky and the temperature is only a bit on the warm side. Shade is good. My back is turned to the furious bursts of winds as try to avoid grinding my teeth within the sand that makes it’s way into my mouth. There is too much glare and probably the incoming smog from Las Vegas to yet use the camera. I am just resting, thinking also a bit about my Friends from London. We have spoken on the phone yesterday, many e mails of course throughout this past year, but we have never met. It will be interesting. I also spoke to my Mother today, wishing she would acknowledge my pain of missing Lance, specially on this day. I understand her feelings, being myself an only child she does not like me to hurt through my days and nights, her path being on the total avoidance of the subject. Who then shall I talk to? I don’t know. Could this be the reason I write to in turn read such helpful comments themselves written within these chapters.

4 miles rd i  

We will be going back to Wyoming from here. I never thought I would say this, but I am more than ready for some greens, all those shades of greens I feel as I only glanced to while enduring the recent past bad weather.

4 miles rd t 4 miles rd u
4 miles rd h  

Sunday, June 21st, evening. The road here, at Valley of Fire, the 4 miles from the Visitor Center to the White Domes, has to be the most beautiful and unusual road in this country. We have just returned from witnessing the sunset, tomorrow early it will be time to experience the sunrise, the opposite facets of these rocks. Maybe this is how it 
is on the surface of Mars? The oddest shapes coming right out of the Earth as maybe a sample of what could be on some other distant planet. It is unique, there is no doubt about it. Powerful and mysterious all at the same time, and as darkness prevails, the shapes, the faces, all seem to be awaiting our departure to come alive for the night. Surprisingly not many people have visited this Park or are even aware of it existence.

4 miles rd n  
4 miles rd s  

Monday, June 22nd, daytime. It is Library day in Overton, not too far from the Park. The heat is up today, Spirit is in the shade, the logistics become a bit hard, time soon to head back north, higher elevations will keep us cool and interesting. There was a nice article about us in the Las Vegas… It sure does not take too long… With some hope we will be posting from Landers the next time.

4 miles rd r  

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Be well…

Ara & Spirit

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6 Responses to “In the Heat of Valley of Fire. NV”

  1. Jaime Moreland Says:

    Ara, these photos are beautiful. Happy Father’s Day.

  2. Ginny Says:

    It’s amazing to me there are even roads out in this wild country.

    I’m sorry you miss Lance so terribly. I miss my son everyday when I drop him off at school or daycare. I can’t imagine him being gone out of my life. My heart feels your burden as much as it possibly can…


  3. Garry Says:

    Wonderful pictures as usual. You and Spirit be well!

  4. Canajun Says:

    Great photos! The Valley of Fire now has a place on my must-see list. Thanks for sharing.

  5. chessie Says:

    Hi Ara…Spirit…glad you made it through Sunday…Hope your both well…and…well is your stove working properly now? Love the last pic of the bike in the distance….wonderful….

  6. Doug Smith Says:


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